Unintended Consequences

Amy glanced across the room and gave a little shy smile before averting her eyes from the four men who were watching her. She knew that they had taken an interest in her, and the excitement of it all caused her to take in a deep breath that pushed her large breasts tightly against the thin silky material of her blouse. Wearing no bra, Amy was well aware that her nipples were clearly visible against the harsh lights in this corner of the bar.

Her short flared skirt did little to hide her privates, and the seat she had chosen offered her lower body very little cover. None of this was through sheer carelessness, however. Amy would never have dared to come to this place by herself. She would never have dressed this way in public, for she knew the sort of suitor this would attract.


But on this occasion Amy very much wanted to attract. She would flirt or dance with anyone who solicited her. The reason she acted this daringly was her boyfriend Ralf who sat by himself at the bar, watching her perform for him to satisfy a fetish he’d had for some time.

It had been only six months ago that Ralf had confided in her that he often fantasized about her having sex with other men during their love-making. He confessed that it turned him on when he saw another man checking her out admiringly, and he would later fantasize about her having sex him.

At first Amy was uncomfortable with her boyfriend’s obsession. Eventually however, Ralf managed to get Amy to participate in roll playing during sex where she would pretend to be having sex with another man by calling her boyfriend by another name, and acting out various scenarios.

Occasionally she even agreed to go out in public, a club or pool hall perhaps, to get hit on by other men, while Ralf observed the action from a distance, always without the knowledge of the man or men in question. Like on this night.

Amy noticed that the men across from her had become less discreet, and were watching her almost exclusively now. Keeping in mind that she was doing everything for her boyfriend’s benefit, she daringly parted her thighs, allowing the strangers across from her an exclusive upskirt glimpse at her nearly transparent panties.

Their facial expressions and hand gestures betrayed that her conduct did not go unnoticed, and when she looked in their direction again one of the four men winked at her, letting her know he desired her; she answered his invitation with a quick smile before looking away again.

Careful not to spoil the event, Ralf watched intently through the mirror behind the bar, noting how vulnerable she really was under the lustful scrutiny of the group of men. Ralf knew that it was only a matter of time before one of them would go talk to her, and the anticipation of it filled him with a level of excitement that nothing else in this world could provide him.

He didn’t have to wait long. By the time he had ordered and received his second beer one of the men got up from his table and walked over to Amy, apparently requesting a dance. Obligingly Amy stood up and threw a quick smile in Ralf’s direction before being escorted to the dance floor.

This was what it was all about for Ralf. He could feel his heart beat accelerate, and he was beginning to get aroused. He was already looking forward to going home with Amy for a long love-making session while the memory of this night’s events was still fresh in his mind.

Amy and her partner reached the dance floor and began moving to the music. Watching his girlfriend dance Ralf began to fantasize. He pictured Amy in the arms of the stranger, slow dancing, his hands caressing her shapely figure. Ralf was a lot more tolerant in his fantasies than he was in reality. While he fantasized about that stranger touching Amy’s body and even kissing her, he didn’t really want his fantasies taken to that level. A fact that Amy was well aware of, and more than agreed with.

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