Unfortunate husband has to foot the bill for the numerous pairs of panties his wanton wife loses

Tom and his wife Sharon were shopping and Tom was
wishing he could die. He was the only man in the
lingerie department of the department store. Sharon was
buying panties to replenish her dwindling supply. She
mumbled to herself as she browsed rack after rack,
dropping the names of various men at the warehouse
where she was a shipping clerk. Such-and-such a guy
liked yellow, such-and-such liked lacy panties. Tom
noticed other women looking at Sharon and at him. He
sidled over and murmured, “Honey, do you have to talk?
People can hear!”

Sharon glanced at him in disgust. “Oh, just go and wait
by the cashier, will you? Honestly! What a fuss you
make every time I buy some panties!” Tom opened his
mouth to argue, but thought better of it, and did as he
was told. Sharon would not hesitate to take the paddle
to his bottom at home if she was angry enough. It had
been a year since the last time but the memory was
fresh in Tom’s mind.

As he drove home, Tom wondered if he should try to
convince her to change her ways. He knew he had to
approach the subject diplomatically, as she tended to
get defensive. He decided he would try and present it
as a financial topic, rather than as an attempt to
salvage the shreds of his manhood. “Honey,” he said,
“those panties came to over $300.” She looked over at
him. “Yes, so what?”

“Sharon darling, you know I want you to have nice
things, but we’re spending that amount almost every
month now.”

“Well, Tom, unless you want me to go to work every day
with NO panties…”

“Oh no, no, sweetheart… but maybe you could tell the
guys not to take them after… you know…” Tom
stopped, embarrassed and red-faced.

“That’s a real bright idea, Tom”, said his wife. “I’ll
just tell Big Mike, all 220 lbs. of him, that he can’t
keep my panties after he takes them off and fucks me.
What should I do, wrestle him to the ground and take
them back?”

“No, I guess not, dear,” said Tom.

“No, I guess not indeed, you dummy. Just drive.”

Tom had intended to follow up with a suggestion to
maybe not have sex with everyone and anyone at work,
but he realized that such a proposal was not going to

Sharon had landed the job at the warehouse about 3
years previously. She had gone to the interview in a
skirt that Tom thought was much too short. She had come
home late that evening, drunk and dishevelled, with the
news that she was starting the following Monday. Tom
was pleased to find out that the boss had interviewed
and hired her within a half hour, but a little
disturbed that he had immediately taken her for a
celebration lunch and cocktails, a celebration that
lasted some 6 hours. It didn’t sound like normal Human
Resources Department procedure to Tom.

As she stumbled upstairs Tom followed behind with the
shoes she had kicked off. He looked up as she reached
the top of the stairs and realized in horror that she
was wearing no panties. He stopped in shock, but Sharon
proceeded into the bathroom and locked the door. His
mind was racing and his stomach was in knots. Had she
allowed her new boss to have sex with her already?

Sharon had indulged her taste for extra-marital flings
within a year of their wedding day. She met a good-
looking stranger while grocery shopping and agreed to
go for a drink at a nearby bar. Drinks were followed by
a two hour bout of lusty lovemaking at his apartment.
She made no attempt to conceal her adultery from Tom.
His angry outburst was met with indifference.

He packed a suitcase and booked into a nearby motel,
calling only to let her know where he was. Then he sat
back and waited for her to beg him to come home. He
would go home, he thought, but only after laying down
some stiff rules about her conduct. She would know who
was boss when he was finished! A week went by without
any contact, then another. He began to drive by the
house each day, hoping for a glimpse of her.

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