Unfinished Business

My wife Karen recently had an opportunity to take care of some unfinished business that has been hanging out there since she was a junior in high school. An old boyfriend, Robert, had returned to town on business and through Karen’s friend Julie had reached out, hoping to maybe finish what they had started so long ago. That something was sex. Apparently, while they dated, they were interrupted on several occasions as they were about to have sex and ended up parting ways shortly thereafter.
After some discussion between Karen and I, we thought this would be a good opportunity to fulfill our fantasies; mine to watch her with another guy or going out and telling the details upon her return; and hers; fucking Robert. Apparently she has thought about those missed opportunities from time to time. Specifically, his cock; apparently, he was rather large and uncut; something she has never experienced.

With that, she called Robert and they made a date for dinner that evening since it was his last night in town. Karen and I agreed that while out, if the opportunity presented itself, would see if Robert would be game to having me watch them. Shortly after they had met for dinner, I received a call from Karen. Robert was ok with the idea with me watching. I was instructed to meet them at the restaurant where I was given a key to Robert’s room. Karen and I also briefly discussed the rest of the evening’s agenda.
I was to give them about an hour or so alone before coming to the room. Then there was the door. Robert’s room was a suite that had a separate sleeping area. While Karen was game, she wasn’t sure she could go through with it with me watching, so, if the door the sleeping area was closed, I was to leave them alone till it opened.

A little about my wife; Karen is 43, stands 5’5 and weighs about 135. She had done a good job of keeping her girly figure through the years. Karen sports a pair of 36D’s; has brown hair and what many of my friends have called a “cute little ass.” Lastly, a neatly trimmed brown fur that covers her pussy.

They left the restaurant, heading to his room while I stopped in at a nearby sports bar to kill time. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, I made my way to Robert’s room, hoping to find an open door yet thinking about what I was going to do if the door was closed. As I opened the door to the room, I was greeted by darkness with a glow emanating from the bed room; the door was open!
Quietly, I walked toward the door and peered inside. They were lying on the bed, him behind her; his arm draped across her, caressing her from her bush to her tits. I pulled up a nearby chair and sat down, staying out of sight. As I watched, Robert began kissing Karen’s neck which is one of her weak spots as he brought his hand up and began caressing her tits resulting in a moan from Karen. This continued for a bit; Karen getting hotter and hotter; then finally, Karen opened her legs revealing her pussy, partially obstructed by Robert’s cock as it was nestled against her pussy.

Slowly, Robert began sawing his cock back and forth across Karen’s pussy; as he did, his cock grew to what appeared to be close to 10” and thick as a small Red Bull can. The action had Karen moaning; turning to kiss Robert as she relaxed, ready to fuck.
Karen reached down, pressing Robert’s cock into her pussy as he continued to move it back and forth. Finally, she began adjusting her hips and Robert his; lining things up for Robert to enter her pussy. Once lined up, a push by Robert was followed by a gasp from Karen as Robert’s cock began its journey into Karen’s pussy. Slow and steady, Robert pushed his cock in Karen’s pussy; Karen moaning more and more until she was stuffed full of Roberts cock. Once in, they just lay there; cock in pussy; Robert’s hand caressing Karen’s tits; kissing softly.

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