Unexpected interracial attraction sizzles at the office

Shakira is a hard workin’ thing, in constant motion at our workplace. She’s a young, black woman with a sweet voice, a pleasing smile and well, there’s no other way to put this, she’s built like a brick shit house! Cute, short, but stacked and packed in all the right places. She’s the color of dark chocolate and as I was soon to learn, just as delicious. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice her, even as we each went our own ways, except to meet in the common areas or at parties for someone or another.

She was so young, and sweet I almost overlooked her, but for that devil’s body with an angel’s smile! Finally, I began to notice the lilt and honey sweet greeting from her as she kept up an undercurrent of discreet interest that eventually got through to me. Nothing obvious, but she was relentless with her constant hellos, so kind and sexy.

Among some of her girlfriends, something seemed afoot. When she would greet me or spend time in a common area, I would hear giggles and teasing.

During an office party, on the blackboard was a left over from a team building workshop with the words Desert Island written and all the items you would want to have with you. Well, as we all got to talking about being on a desert island, telling jokes and laughing, an idea came to me and I just blurted out. “Hey, who would you like to be marooned with on a desert island Shakira?” Ooh, now her sisters raised some serious sand, intimating she should fess up and say my name, but no, she just said in a very practical way, “probably a guy like, maybe a navy seal who could get us off the island.” This got some disappointed looks from her friends.

As Shakira smiled and sidled a look at me, one of her more outspoken friends said, “Well, John, you started this, just who would you like to be on that island with, huh now?”

“Well, so may possibilities” and without really thinking, “I wouldn’t mind that sexy Halley Berry!” Now this got hoots of laughter from Shakira’s friends as I made a more obvious sign that I must like brown sugar. “You hear that Shakira?” said her friends. Softly, Shakira whispered, “I heard.”

From then on her interest gradually picked up speed. She would stop by my office to show me a new trick she had learned on the computer. Of course, I began to seek out her ‘help’ even more. When she reached for the keyboard or mouse to show me a technique, I had to restrain myself from nibbling on her gorgeous breasts that loomed in my face. I backed up to give them more room and we’d lock gazes. Along with her smile and flash of perfect teeth her loving eyes seem to say, “Come on and get you some of this fine woman!”

One day she was flying around the office, putting up charts, getting supplies, doing her job so well. We just happened to be the last two fools still at the office working. I spoke up, “Shakira, slow down for a second and come over here.”

“Oh, hey, John.” She said flashing that megawatt smile hiding beneath her luscious dark lips. “Slow down, me, you must be kidding?”

“No, I worry about you, girl. You work too hard. Slow up a little, pace yourself.” I offered. “You need to take better care of yourself. I’ve got an idea or two.”

“Well, go on, I’m all ears, so to speak.” I laughed and then she giggled at her little joke on herself, knowing she was anything but all ears. I gazed at her breasts and then her ears from side to side. This brought more giggles and laughs and she patted me on the hand.

As I moved in closer, I whispered “If you’ll step into my office, I have something in mind.”

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