“You know Margie, that hot new woman in my
department?” said Bert.

“The one who’s your boss?” said Winnie.

“Not exactly,” said Bert. “She reports to my boss,
too, but at a higher level, and sometimes I have to
work for her on a project. But that’s the one. I have
been lusting for her for six months, and I found out
yesterday she was a lesbian.”

If Winnie didn’t already know, she could have told
from the tone of his voice that this excited him much
more than if Margie had actually come on to him.

His crude observation didn’t bother her at all. When
it came to other women, he was all talk but no action.
After they started going out together, she was
dismayed the first time he started talking about one
of her girlfriends in lurid detail. She was amazed at
how he could describe every body part and fill in what
he didn’t see with his imagination. And then he’d go
into detail about what he’d like to do with all those
glands and openings. She was too shocked to say
anything, although she knew she should have slapped
him. And when she told her friend, the friend soon
became an ex-friend, because not only was she
flattered, but she tried to steal Bert away.

That’s when Winnie found out about Bert. He told her
how her friend had approached him and how upset he had
been. “But you told me what you wanted to do with
her?” said Winnie. “Why didn’t you jump her right

“Oh, that was just my testosterone talking,” he said.
“When I’m with you, I feel I can say whatever is on my
mind, no matter how stupid. That’s one of the reasons
I love you. I’d never say anything like that to her or
any other woman. You know, you’re so far above all of
them in looks and everything else. By the way, I ran
across something today that I thought you might like.
I had them gift wrap it in this little box. If you
don’t like it, just exchange it.” It was an engagement

She managed to tone Bert down a little while they were
engaged by telling him that even if he didn’t have any
inclinations to cheat, just hearing his ravings made
her uncomfortable and got her wondering if she was
doing the right thing in marrying him. But she knew it
was an idle threat. She loved him as much as he loved
her, and he was so perfect in almost every other way
that she realized she would have been stupid to dump
him over this.

Since he never brought up his animal lusts except when
they were alone, she tried to shut her ears when he’d
start one of his depraved streams of consciousness,
but he was so primal and brutally honest that she
somehow always got sucked into his lust and felt
uncomfortable and demeaned. Sometimes it got so bad
that she began crying and ran out of the room. Then
Bert was all apologies and tried hard to control
himself for a few weeks.

After a while, she heard familiar themes. One of them
was anal sex, which really excited Bert. She had tried
it with him a couple of times, but it was extremely
uncomfortable for her, if not downright painful, so
she told him it was out. To make up for his
disappointment, she gave him lots of oral, even though
that also turned her off, especially when he came in
her mouth, which he tried not to do. But at least it
was only uncomfortable, not painful, and he really
appreciated it.

It also confirmed for her that his ravings had nothing
to do with him not being happy with their sex life,
because oral sex was another of his constant themes,
even though he was getting all he wanted.

His biggest turn-on was lesbians. He loved to think
about what they did to each other, and sometimes he’d
even tell her about what he imagined when he saw two
good-looking women talking, even if he didn’t know
whether they were straight or gay. If he actually came
across a beautiful lesbian, he was in heaven. He
imagined her participating in some of the videos he
watched on the Internet.

He loved the ones where they were tender and teasing
and drove each other to ecstatic multiple orgasms. But
even more, he liked the ones where one was dominant,
and her partner was a little reluctant. And if it got
a little extreme, with some bondage or fake forced
analingus, that was even better. He didn’t go for
torture, but if the lesbian video ended up in vaginal
fisting or, best of all, anal fisting, he liked those
the best.

One time, she agreed to watch one of the extreme
lesbian videos. “Can’t you see the little one is very
unhappy,” she said to Bert. “Look how her makeup is
starting to get smeared. She was obviously crying when
her friend started fisting her, but they stopped the
shooting to wipe away her tears. And did you see those
horrible looks on her face when her friend stuck her
hand in her anus. She doesn’t enjoy it. She’s in
agony. Probably, she and her friend just need the
money for drugs.”

“But look how they’re kissing and hugging at the end,”
he said. “Maybe it was hard for her, but I don’t think
her partner would have done it to her if they didn’t
get off on it.”

“I think you’re wrong,” said Winnie, and that was the
last time she watched a video with him. Even though
she was disgusted by what he watched on the Internet,
she didn’t discourage him, because she had made a
connection. When he came to bed, she knew right away
whether he had looked at some porn on his computer
earlier. When he did, he would do anything she wanted
just to have sex with her.

Winnie took advantage of him those nights and
sometimes used him for things he didn’t care for. But
she wasn’t selfish. After she had so many orgasms that
she was worn out, she always mustered the energy to
give him a really great one that exhausted him and
sent him quickly to sleep.


“Margie asked about you today?” he said one night.

“Why?” said Winnie.

“Well, I’m working for her for the next few weeks on
an important project,” he said, “and we had lunch
together, so we talked a little about ourselves,” he
said. “You know me. I raved about your beauty and your

“She came out and told me about her orientation for
the first time. I know you won’t believe me, but I
didn’t bring up sex or ask her anything about being a
lesbian. But she went into detail on what she does
with her girlfriends and the kinds of girls she

“Are you sure you’re not imagining things now,” said

“No,” said Bert. “I couldn’t make this stuff up.” And
she believed him after he told her how Margie liked to
seduce straight women, some of the tricks she used to
get to them, how she would stop at nothing once she
had set her sights on someone, how she had never
failed, how she made love to them, how she enjoyed
humiliating them and making them submit to some of the
extreme things that Bert watched on the videos. This
woman sounded scary, Winnie decided, when he was

“Wow!” she said. “She sounds like a monster. I’ll bet
she liked that you were eating up every word.”

“I’m going up to bed,” he said. “Are you coming?” She
saw he was so excited, he could barely stand still.

For some reason, that night, she made him do all the
things he hated the most, including licking her anus
and sticking his tongue deep inside it and making love
to her colon. This always made him gag, and when she
heard him, it excited her into multiple orgasms.

There was no special treat for Bert this night after
she had finished using him. She brought him off
quickly by using a trick she had learned. He came
almost instantly whenever she put a finger into his
anus and massaged his prostate. She could tell he was
frustrated after he came so fast, and it made her feel
good. As she fell asleep, she realized she had taken
out her anger on him because of his story about
Margie. She felt guilty and resolved to make it up to
him the next day.


“What were you talking about with Margie,” Bert asked
Winnie when they got in the car. “You were at the
other end of the table, and it seemed like the two of
you were in a world of your own.”

“I didn’t say much,” said Winnie. “She kept asking me
questions, but I kept the answers polite and brief.
You didn’t tell me how big she was. I think she’s as
tall as you are. And what a body! She sure knew how to
display it, too. Every guy in the room was sneaking
glances at her. I wonder how many of them know which
way she goes.

“She made me feel like her little sister the way she
was talking to me. And don’t ask me for any sex
stories. She was smart enough to not bring stuff like
that up at a company dinner. But she did seem to take
every opportunity to touch me on a hand, on an arm and
once on a leg.”

“Uh-oh,” said Bert, and he laughed. “I hope you aren’t
her next conquest. I can see myself coming home one
night and hearing strange sounds coming from the
bedroom. I walk up the stairs and…”

“Stop right there, Bertram,” Winnie said. “If you want
to fantasize about watching me and Margie making
lesbian love, keep it to yourself. This is one that I
can’t handle. She spooks me.”

“Spoilsport!” he said. “If you look down, you’ll see
that what I’m thinking about is so hot that I’m about
to bust my pants.”

“Then hold that thought until we get home,” she said.
“Just don’t say it.”


The next day when Bert came home from work, the first
thing he said to Winnie was, “You’re it.”

“What?” she said.

“Margie told me she wants you,” he said, and Winnie
could see his eyes were sparkling with excitement.
“She said you’re her next goal, and she wants me to
help her. We were pretty busy today, but she whispered
that into my ear when we were alone for 30 seconds.
She said she’ll talk to me more as soon as she has the

“What did you tell her?” Winnie said.

“I didn’t have a chance to say anything,” Bert said.

“I hope you know what to say when she brings it up
again,” said Winnie.

“Yes, I’m not taking any chances,” Bert said. “I won’t
joke around. I’ll tell her that you don’t go that way
and to forget it. I hope this isn’t going to interfere
with work.”


It wasn’t until the following week that Bert reported
anything further. In the meantime, he had stopped all
his sex fantasy talk. Winnie appreciated the quiet,
but at the same time she knew that this was not
normal, that something was bothering him.

It was Thursday afternoon, and the minute he walked in
the door, she could tell that something had happened.
He was in a highly agitated state.

“What did she say?” asked Winnie.

“We had a working lunch today,” he said, “and she
picked a place that was nearly deserted and a table in
corner with nobody nearby. She didn’t talk much about

“Tell me everything,” said Winnie.

“Well, she didn’t beat around the bush, so to speak,”
said Bert. “She started by telling me how much she had
been thinking about you, about how you were one of the
most beautiful women she had ever met, how you were so
smart, how you had controlled your conversation with
her and told her very little while reading her like an
open book, how usually it was the opposite with her,
how she imagined you looked under your clothes and how
excited it got her.

“She said she was soaking her panties just talking
about you, and then — you won’t believe this — she
grabbed my hand and pulled it under the table between
her legs and pushed it into her crotch. She said that
now I had to believe her. I did. It was wet.

“The next thing she did is start making plans with me,
the same way she does when we are working on a project
goal. It was like she assumed I wanted her to have you
as much as she did.

“I stopped her then and told her to forget it, that
you would never go for it and that we needed to get
back to talking about work.

“That’s when she really got going. First, she told me
that I wanted it to happen as much as she did, that
she could tell from the first time she talked about
her sex life that I was one of those men who got
aroused by lesbians. She said the reason I would help
her is that she would let me watch.

“She said, she might even agree to a threesome, as
long as I didn’t touch her. But she preferred being
with you alone and me only watching. She said she had
all sorts of cameras and lighting equipment at her
place, and she had lots of experience making videos of
her having sex. She said that when you and she made
love, it would be filmed from different angles, and
she would put together the hottest porn video I had
ever seen and give a copy to us.”

“I’m sure that was what finally convinced you to go
along with her,” said Winnie.

“That’s not fair,” said Bert. “You know me. I was
ready to come into my pants, and I’m sure she saw
that. But I tried my best to calm her down.

“Then she went into detail about what I’d get to see
the two of you do. She’d eat you out, you’d eat her
out, you’d do a lot of kissing and a lot of fingering.
The two of you would rub crotches. There would be anal
play with the fingers. I didn’t realize how much
lesbians can do to each other without a penis. She
said she doesn’t use any dildos or vibrators or
anything artificial. She promised me you would have
more orgasms per minute than you’ve ever had in your

“She finally stopped, and I saw her face was red. I
felt that mine was, too. She looked at me expectantly,
but I took some time to calm down, and then repeated
what I told her before. That was when she began to
worry me.

“She said that even though she wasn’t my supervisor,
she was always talking about me to my boss, and up to
now I had been one of the most cooperative and capable
people she had ever worked with. She enjoyed giving
excellent reports about me, and she was sure that it
was helping my career at the company. She said she
wouldn’t be surprised if I was a candidate for
promotion soon. She said I probably would already have
been promoted if it hadn’t been that the company had
to scale back temporarily. She said that she doubted I
would be part of the next layoffs, which everybody is
guessing will come at the end of the year.

“Then she said that she looked forward to working
closely with me on many future projects, and that she
was sure that we would continue to work together well
and she could continue giving me good reviews and
there would be no problems to report. Then she stopped
and looked at me and didn’t say another word. That’s
when my stomach told me I better get to the bathroom

“When I cleaned up and came back to the table, I said
that I had no appetite, and I would like to get back
to the office. She said that was fine, but she’d stay
there a while. She was still pretty rosy looking when
I looked back at her as I walked out the door, and she
was staring in my direction. That’s all there is to

“Bert,” said Winnie, as she pulled him to her, “you
did a lot better than I expected. For that, you get a
big kiss, and there’s another reward waiting for you
at bedtime.

“I’m sure we see this the same way. She knows you’re
excited by the idea of us having sex, so she thinks
that puts you on her side. But she also knows that’s
the last thing I want to do, and so she’s throwing in
the blackmail. Tell me, is she right? Can she ruin
your career at the office?

“I know times are tough, but can you get another job,
even if it pays a little less? I’ll support you a
hundred per cent and promise you I will never complain
about the money. You know I never have.”

“There are too many people I’ve worked with for her to
be able to destroy my reputation,” said Bert. “But if
she started reporting everything I ever did that could
be even slightly misinterpreted, it could affect my
momentum. She’s smart, and she’d know how to do it
without anyone getting suspicious of her motives.

“What I’m most worried about is that when upper
management makes its list for the end of the year,
they’ll be looking at every bad mark on every
evaluation, no matter how small, trying to pick out
the weakest players on the team for the layoffs. A few
bad marks could make the difference.

“Starting tomorrow, I’ll be looking for another job. I
have to do it discreetly, though, because there are a
lot of people on the street and not much hiring. And
if the company thought I was ready to jump ship, I
would definitely go on the layoff list or even get cut
loose sooner.”

“No, Bert,” said Winnie. “I don’t want you to do that
yet. For now, I want you to go to work with Margie
like this never happened. There must be some way to
stop her. We need time to think of one. I want you to
tell me what happens every day.”


For the next couple of weeks, Bert had nothing to
report. It was business as usual, and he had finished
his project with Margie and was now working on
something with another senior executive and often
didn’t even see Margie. But then one day, she came
over to his desk. “I’m getting impatient, Bert,” she
said in a low voice and then in a normal voice said,
“Hi Bert. I just found out we’ve been assigned to work
on a new three-week project together. I’m looking
forward to it. Let’s meet in my office first thing
Monday morning.” Then she walked away.

On the Thursday before the Monday that his project
with Margie would start, Bert walked in the door and
saw that Winnie was about to explode. “Sit down,
Bert,” she said, and after she made them both a drink,
they sat in the living room. He could see she was
trying to calm herself and keep from crying.

“What is it, Winnie?” he finally said. “Is it Margie?”

“Yes,” she said, trying to control her voice. “She
called me today.”

“She what? Why that bitch!”

“Stop, Bert,” said Winnie. “I have some questions to
ask you. First, is there a guy named Jasper who works
at your office?”

“Yes, he’s a senior on the same level as Margie. I’ve
worked with him a lot. He’s a great guy.”

“Do you know he’s leaving?”

“No. Margie told you that? I know his wife doesn’t
like it here, and she’s been pressuring him to move
back to where her parents live, but jobs are tight in
that city.”

“Well, Margie told me he got one. If he leaves, are
you in line for his job?”

“There are several people that they would consider,”
said Bert, “but I’d definitely be one of them.”

“Margie said that she could make sure that you got the
promotion,” said Winnie. “She said that she could use
the project you’re starting on Monday to make some
glowing reports on you and time them for maximum
impact. Is that true?”

“Well, she can’t guarantee I would get the promotion,”
said Bert, “because other people will make that call.
But she’s right that if they get certain input from
her, it would definitely help my chances. Winnie, I
don’t care about this promotion. I know what you’re
thinking, and you’re not going to do it. She’s an evil
bitch, and I wish she’d go straight to hell.”

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