Uncle’s Sextoy

Aime always felt strange during the family gatherings, everyone enquiring about what she was going to do after High School and her life in general. Being the centre of attention was given as she was the only child in the family.

“Tell me Aime, do you have a boyfriend?” Her aunt Brenda asked, sipping on her drink. Her cousin and her other aunt leaning in to get the scoop. Aime twisted uncomfortably. Well no she had not, not more than occasional crushes. Well there was one she was interested in, but she was not planning on sharing that information with her whole family. In the corner of her eye, she saw her uncle Greg looking at her, his eyes focused, as if he was lost in thought.

Greg looked at Aime. Man, she was a sight. She had just turned 17 and she was glowing. Her blonde hair reaching down her shoulder, the rounds breasts, tight against that top she was wearing. Must be at least a C or a D – cup even. Her round peachy ass hugged the jeans she was wearing, he could imagine putting his face between those ass cheeks, licking her from behind. His fingers slowly entering her pussy, her moaning as he fucked his niece with his fingers…

“Greg, hello, do you hear me” Greg looked around and saw his brother Joe, looking at him. “Are you okay” he asked him. “Yes, yes, I just got lost in thought” Greg said, “and in my fantasy” he thought to himself.

“So can you do it?” Joe asked Greg. When he saw Greg looking at him as if he was an alien, he explained again “Can you tutor Aime, she is having problems with the Maths this year, and she is behind. You taught some kids at camp a few year ago. We are going to Atlanta for three weeks during her school holiday, would be great if she could stay with you for that time and catch up”.

This is perfect thought Greg. Just perfect. “Sure Joe, you can drop her of at my place, she can stay with me until you come back from Atlanta, no worries” Joe gave him thanks and ave him a pat on the shoulder. “When I come back, how about we go work out a bit, I’ve put on too much weight” Joe laughed as he rubbed his big belly. Greg laughed too, he too had had too many beers lately, but with the workout he was planning on doing in the common weeks he doubted he needed that gym membership.

Two days later, Joe drove his daughter to her uncles place to stay for two weeks. Greg opened the door and greeted her. She was wearing a black tank top that hugged those tits of hers and a skirt. Her her was flowing like a halo around her shoulder.

“Thank you for the help uncle” she said and put her bag down and looked around the room. This was to be her home for the coming weeks. Aime looked at her uncle, he was over 40 years old, he was a big man, tall, around 188 cm but she was around 172 cm so not much taller than her. He had gained weighed lately, his beer belly was sticking out. He smiled at her and she could see his yellow teeth.

“Aime, I know as a teenager you like to have your phone around, but I need to take if during the time we are studying so you don’t get distracted and I will give it to you once we are finished. ” Greg held out his hand for the phone. Aime looked reluctant to give it up but gave in and handed him the phone.

“You will give it back once we are done?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yes” Greg grabbed the phone from her hand.

“I will come back in an hour to start the lesson. Get settled into your room, have a shower if you like, it’s across the hall. I’ll come in with the materials once you are done” He walked out of the room and went downstairs. He could hear how Aime made her way to the bathroom, the shower water turning on. He sneaked quietly up the stairs, and looked through the keyhole of the bathroom.

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