Uncle Fucks His 22 Year Old Niece Hannah

I will preface this story by saying my niece who has always been a hot little piece of ass was 22 and I was 38 when the events I am about to describe took place.

Hannah has always worn tight little outfits and flirted with me and my friends and often spoke about her past sexual conquests with both guys and girls to all of us, for the thrill of just turning us all on, I guess. My wife and I even joked with her about if she keeps that up, me or one of my friends is going to just jump her one day. But nothing ever came of it until that day.

The story begins at my friend’s 4th of July party who lives next door. All day we are drinking and hitting the pool. We did some pool volleyball along with Hannah in her sexy little bikini, looking super hot. At the end of the night after the fireworks when it got down to just a few of us, we were playing Beer pong. My niece was on the opposite side of me on the other team, and would flash her tits to get me and my friend to miss, and it worked many times.

Eventually we all got too tired and me and my wife and niece and other friends who were staying at my house for the party, walked back to my place to go to sleep.

The next morning, or early afternoon, I got up and decided to help my friend clean up next door. I was in the process of bringing some chairs and tables that he borrowed back to my place when I saw my niece at the back door of the garage smoking a cigarette wearing just a long t-shirt. As I walked by she said, “hey sexy, where have you been all my life?”

I stopped and looked at her, and said, “you know, I didn’t have my phone out when you kept flashing your tits at us, do it again, and let me get a good pic.”

She said, “no, I only have panties on!”

I said, “just lift your shirt over your head.”

She did and I grabbed my phone and took a pic and said, “oh, sweet thanks.”

I then went back to moving the chairs. She yelled after me, “Is that it?”

I kept moving without looking back or saying anything I just went about my business of putting the chairs away. As I walked past her back to my neighbors again, I stopped and looked at the picture and said, “you know, I don’t like how this came out.”

She asked, “let me see?”

So I showed her the picture and she said, there is nothing wrong with it. I said, “There is no real definition here, your nipples need to be at least hard, here let’s do another shot.” without hesitation she lifted her shirt again and I took her tits in my hands and gently pulled and pinched her nipples in my fingers. She jumped slightly, her knees buckled a bit this and she let out a little gasp .

I then said, “there, that should do it, hold still.” as I backed away to take a picture, but then said, “wait, I need them to glisten too.”

She just stood there and laughed a little but didn’t move or say anything so I walked up close, took her tits in my hand again and tilted my head down to suck and lick her nipples. Biting so gently. As I was leaning my head down, she was moaning slightly and then whispered in my ear: “omg uncle Tommy, you are making me cum.”

With that, I knew I had her. I pulled her over to the side of the house, where no one could see us. I pulled the shirt a little higher over her head so her mouth was exposed and kissed her as I slid My hand down her panties, and she was soaked.

As we kissed she told me she’s wanted this for so long, I replied with, “me too.” We pulled her shirt back down to normal and continued to kiss with my finger between her drenched lips, as she reached down into my shorts and grabbed my hard cock in her hands. In what seemed like an instant, she dropped to her knees, pulled my cock out of my shorts and sucked it right into her mouth. She sucked my cock nice and slow but with crazed enthusiasm, sucking the head, licking my shaft, trying to deep throat me. I pushed on her head which gagged her, then let her go. At first I was partly listening to the noises around us, making sure no one suddenly came out. But eventually I didn’t care anymore. She was moaning, and sucking, and I had one hand inside her panties.

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