Uncle forces his young niece, and awakens an unknown passion in her

I had left work early and headed for my aunts house
where my wife and I shared a small bedroom together. We
had left our Midwestern home and moved nearer to my
aunt in Oregon for purely career reasons.

When the transfer came it was sudden and shocking and
we were completely unprepared. So when I spoke to my
mom’s sister she had immediately offered us a place to
stay until we could locate suitable housing of our own.

When I arrived home and walked up to the door I found
it locked, which I considered peculiar. So I simply
used the house key my aunt had provided me with soon
after we arrived.

When I stepped inside I found the kitchen and living
room area empty, but heard the sound of my wife’s voice
down the corridor leading to our bedroom.

I headed for our room and as I got closer my wife’s
voice grew louder, and it sounded almost as if she
might be masturbating with lots of low sultry moans and

When I neared the bedroom door I paused leaning forward
to peek through the crack, as the door was standing
ajar. To my dismay, there was my wife her legs splayed
wide open and my uncle Don on top of her fucking the
hell out of my beautiful young wife.

It was evident that this was no forced event, as she
was panting while telling him how much she loved the
feel of his big hard cock.

Even at this distance, and in this light I could see
Don’s cock saturated with my wife’s love juice when he
backstroked out of her hungry cunt.

“Oh Don, fuck me faster baby and make me come hard,” I
heard her plead with some urgency.

I was angry, I was hurt, and betrayed, but my cock was
also harder than it had ever been in my life. Having
only been married three years now, I had never even
thought of my wife with another man.

Yet here she was enjoying what was evidently the fuck
of her life. I was fascinated by the action of his cock
in her as I watched them.

How the lips of her pussy clung to the sides of his
cock when he withdrew and then rolled inside when he
plunged his oversized monster inside her hungry-weeping

Andrea was certainly enjoying the action as well, and
uncle Don was working the hell out of her tight young
passage with gusto.

“You’re one hot slut Andrea,” I heard him tell her.
“You’d fuck anything that came through that door right
now, black yellow, or four legged, wouldn’t you baby?”
He asked her.

“Oh yes baby, I’d do it right in front of you,” she
replied, obviously delirious with the intensity of her

“I may want to bring a couple of friends around later
for a go at a piece of this hot pussy Andrea, I know
you wont refuse,” I heard him say.

Just who the hell did he think he was, I thought to

“Oh no baby, I’ll do all of you and make you feel
good!” she told him.

He was obviously someone who knew my wife better than I
did, answering my own thought.

I stood there until she came screaming, “Pussy loves
you baby, c-u-m-m-i-n-g!!”

I watched as my uncle dumped his hot load into her wet
convulsing cunt. The stuff oozed out of Andrea’s slit
and quickly ran down into the crack of her tight little

It was here that I turned and left the house heading
for the nearest bar to bolster my deflated ego. I sat
and drank until very late unable to reconcile what I
had seen with what I had believed my wife to be.

When I returned to the house later that evening, I drug
my wayward whore of a wife into our bedroom for a
little evening chat.

“I came home early and stood out in the hallway
watching you and Don this afternoon whore,” I started.

Andrea’s eyes immediately slid to the floor and she
started crying.

“How much did you see?” she asked me sobbing.

“I left when you started to cum the first time,
screaming that you loved him!” I replied angrily.

“Your uncle came into the room while I was sleeping
Bill, and took advantage of me!”

“It didn’t look that way to me Andrea!”

“Before I even woke up he had me on my back with my
legs pinned to my shoulders. My bare pussy was drawn up
right in front of his face. The bastard began to lap my
labia like a Rocky drinking water.”

“I pleaded with him to stop but he didn’t. He was to
strong to fight off and that damn relentless tongue of
his kept driving me toward orgasm!”

“Don’t be angry with me Bill, I love you and always
will, don’t allow my lack of self control to jeopardize
our marriage.”

“I’m so ashamed of it now, sitting here, but I began to
get turned on. I was flowing down there like a river
and your uncle Don was telling me what a whore I was.
He spoke to me as if I were a slut Bill… and I
honestly think at that moment in time, I was! The awful
things he said to me made me even hotter, made me feel
cheap and slutty!”

“He drove me to the edge of orgasm and then as I
started to thrust against his mouth in desperation he
stopped. The bastard teased me again and again… and
made me beg him for my orgasm.”

“I love you Bill, but in all honesty I would have done
anything at that time to get relief. Your uncle is hung
like stallion Bill and has the sexual energy of a bull!
When he finally got around to taking me I was almost
out of my head with frustration, and would have done or
said anything to entice him to penetrate me!”

She was crying even harder now as she continued her

“I don’t know now how many times I came at the end
before he shot his cum inside of me it seemed they were
non stop. I have never been fucked like that before
Bill and sitting here telling you about it has made me
hot all over again. Honestly, if the bastard came
through that door right now, I would get down on my
knees and beg him to do it again!”

Andrea’s last statement pushed my emotions over the
edge and rising quickly from the side of our bed I
slapped her hard across the face.

Andrea buried her face in her hands and began to sob
uncontrollably, whispering that she was sorry, over and
over again.

She was not the only one her story had affected I was
as hard as I could ever remember being. I unzipped my
trousers and hauled out the largest boner I’d ever

I grabbed a handful of Andrea’s toffee colored hair and
rudely jerked her head back. Then with a single thrust
I shoved the entire length of my cock into her waiting
mouth and began to throat fuck her.

“If a slut has been born today in my dear wife, I may
as well enjoy myself!” I growled.

“Take it you whore, and from now on you’ll do all the
things you’ve denied me up until now you cheap piece of
poor white trash!”

Her gagging produced no mercy in me I simply forced my
way ahead and enjoyed the heat of her mouth. My
thrusting was vicious, and my stroke was deep, as I
pounded her hot mouth. I stopped before coming and
moved Andrea to her side on the bed.

Holding one leg up a bit, I brutally took her cunt from
behind and directed her to start teasing her clit. I
told her if she was a good girl and pleased me, I just
might arrange for Don to come back for another visit in
a little while.

I was verbally abusive while I hammered at her pussy
and she seemed to love it, responding with, “Yes baby
I’m a dirty slut use me anyway you want to… only
please, please make me come!”

When I twisted her nipples she lost all control and
began to orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs. She
dumped an inordinate amount of juice all over herself,
the bed, and me.

“Give it to me you bastard… give me what I want and
fill me with your hot come!” she hissed almost

It was then that I redoubled my efforts and the
snapping sound of flesh against flesh filled the room.
As her passage began to convulse around my driving
cock, for her second earth shattering orgasm I began to
give the bitch what she had pleaded for.

“Oh God yes… I love it baby,” she cooed thickly.

I had never come quit so hard before, that pleasant
teasing sensation spiraled up into my belly and
threatened to twist my guts loose.

My come was running freely down both sides of Andrea’s
thigh. As she pumped backward against me, attempting to
draw the last hot streams of come from my bag.

I lay there shaking, sweating profusely from every pore
and my respiration exceedingly elevated. My energy was
completely exhausted and spent; the whoring bitch had
taken everything I had, and was still craving it.

“Suck me bitch and make me hard then I’ll give you
another one. Or would you prefer I go get uncle Don for
you whore?

“Do you want to watch me fuck him Bill is that it,
because I will and I’ll probably enjoy it again. Could
you stand to watch me beg another man to impale me with
his cock and bring me to orgasm William?”

“I think I might enjoy that,” I told her in anger.
Arrogant bitch, we’ll just see if I’m suited to observe
her whoring ways he thought.

Bill left the bed and walked to the kitchen where he
called Don on his cell phone and told him he should
return home because they needed to talk, Don said it
would be about ten minutes before he arrived.

Andrea went up the hall when Bill made his call to
attend to her personal hygiene and returned before he
got back.

“Your lover is coming back home slut and we’ll both
have a go at you… how’s that sound bitch,” he asked
her as he walked back into the bedroom.

“Please don’t be uncivilized, it’s not my fault you
couldn’t protect me from your uncles advances Bill.”

She was right of course, but it didn’t matter, she had
enjoyed her rape and wanted more. He was going to make
sure she got it.

When Don finally got home Bill met him in the kitchen
and spoke with him there. After Bill explained things
to him they both headed down the hall to Andrea’s room.

The first thing Don said when he entered the room was,
“Down on your knees whore, I want my cock sucked!”

“Yes sir… anything you want from me sir if you’ll
just make me come again,” Andrea replied.

Don walked over to where she knelt and unceremoniously
shoved his stallion-sized cock far enough into her
mouth to gage her. He continued throat-fucking Andrea
as Bill looked on his cock now a raging mass of
untamed, blood engorged tissue.

Bill noticed that Andrea hadn’t lied about the size of
his uncle’s organ it was gargantuan. He couldn’t
believe Andrea could handle as much of it as she was
presently taking down her throat.

Don pulled his cock from the clutching lips of his
niece and ordered her to get up on the bed. Don then
took hold of her legs raising them high and moving them
toward her face. In this position her cuntal mound was
nicely drawn up and in position to be eaten.

“What do want me to do bitch?” Don asked her rudely.

“I want you to eat me and make me come again sir,” she
replied meekly.

Don’s thick long tongue went into action and began
lapping the cunt of his lovely niece. He didn’t stop
until she was shaking and on the verge of coming.

Turning his head toward Bill as he paused he said, “You
gotta make em’ want it, don’t ask em’ make em’,” he

Bill sat there and watched his uncle orally abuse his
lovely wife until she was begging shamelessly to be

“What do you want from me Andrea,” Don asked her point

“I want you to fuck me with that huge horsy cock of
yours and make me come with my husband watching baby,”
she told him.

Don teased her with the head of it, in and out slowly
and very shallow. When he finally slid that woman
killer home deep into her drenched cunt Andrea
shivered, moaned, and said he was the best fuck of her

Don began to jack hammer her pussy after that and it
wasn’t long until she was singing sweetly, but when she
began to shake again he stopped cold.

“I hate you… fucking bastard!” she screamed at him.

“You love my ass baby and you’re wild for my cock,” he

Don laughed out loud as he began to fuck her tight
pussy in earnest again.

“You like your cock, don’t you baby girl?” he asked

“I like your cock uncle Don,” she mewled.

He stopped again when she came close to closure
frustrating her even more deeply.

“Please give it to me Don, I’ll do anything for you,
fuck anyone you want anytime, just please make me

Bill’s cock was harder than it had ever been in his
life watching his wife beg to be fucked was a bigger
turn on than he’d ever imagined. Don had turned her
into a helpless cock slut that would do anything for
him just to get his cock inside her, and Bill was
loving it.

“I want you to do something for me Andrea, will you be
a good girl for uncle Don?” he asked her.

“Oh yes uncle, I’ll be very good for you,” she
responded quickly.

“When your aunt Sandy comes home, I want to watch you
eat her to orgasm. Will you do that for me baby?”

“Yes lover I’ll do anything you want please just fuck
me Don,” she begged again.

“Good, you’re a wonderful little slut Andrea! Bill come
over hear,” calling his nephew closer.

“Do you want your husbands cock in your mouth Andrea?”
Don asked her.

“Yes uncle, please watch me suck the come from
William’s cock,” she begged.

With a big smile Don watched as William slid his rock
hard cock past those pouting lips and deep down the
throat of his slut wife. He paused a moment when he was
fully inserted to enjoy the tightness of her warm

When Don finally began to work that enormous organ into
Andrea’s cunt again she was in paradise. Every time he
withdrew and slammed that overgrown salami home, his
pelvis impacted her tiny clit with exceptional force,
sending multiple explosions of pleasure through her
brain and body.

So there they were filling both ends of Bill’s good
little girl when in walked Sandy, Bill’s aunt. She
wasn’t supposed to be back until later that evening and
Bill could plainly see the shocked look on her face as
she surveyed the scene in front of her.

Sandy was a gorgeous woman for her age large breasts,
shapely ass, and well-formed legs. She had a pleasant
disposition and lovely smile and Bill had wanted to
fuck her since his thirteenth birthday when he first
caught a glimpse of her panty clad crotch.

“What the hell is going on here!” Sandy demanded

There was a look of complete astonishment on his
uncle’s face when he caught site of his wife standing
just inside the doorway.

Taking a lead from his uncle’s recent behavior and
without even thinking about it, young William rushed
his beautiful aunt pinning her against the wall.

Reaching up under her dress William tore the flimsy
panties off that Sandy wore that day. He then proceeded
to place his arms through and behind he legs, reaching
up at the same time and capturing her arms at the

Sandy’s legs had no place to go but across the top of
Bill’s shoulders. He rose to a kneeling position with
his aunt still pinned against the wall her wrists held
firmly against it and her pussy right in front of his

“Are you crazy William, put me down this instant you
baboon,” she cried out in anger. Sandy fully intended
to get to the bottom of this unnatural behavior
occurring in home.

She was pissed as she watched her husbands cock pumping
in and out of her niece’s sopping cunt. Pissed that her
nephew had treated her so rudely upon her entrance. But
then she was pleasantly shocked as she felt William’s
tongue begin its incestuous assault against her

“Stop it William, this instant, for Gods sake man I’m
your aunt,” she cried out with a strained voice.

But William didn’t stop; he kept up that delicious,
warm nibbling, and licking, all around her soft, warm
mound. She had to admit, it indeed felt wonderful…
but this was wrong.

As Sandy watched her husband pound that young pussy
just across the way and her ears were filled with the
pleading whimpers of her young niece she began to lose
her resolve.

She found her pelvis now matching the thrust of her
wicked nephews hot, velvet tongue, inside her; and
recognized that familiar stirring in her belly. She
could plainly see that Don’s cock was saturated with
the fluids of his lover’s cunt and that only served to
complicate the catapulting rise of her passion.

Sandy’s fingers desperately wanted to be laced through
Williams’s thick dark hair aiding him in his oral rape
of her hot, hungry organ. That wicked boy’s tongue and
the exciting lewd language coming from his wife were
too much for poor Sandy who was now on the verge of
exploding in William’s mouth.

William was enjoying immensely the small jerks of his
aunt’s body and her heady scent, as he devoured her
delectable cunt. When she began to thrust and shiver
simultaneously William ceased manipulating her creative

“You bastard, you’re no better than your uncle, leaving
a girl stranded in the middle of the flames,” she cried
out in heated anger.

Sandy watched William’s young wife thrusting furiously
upward on her husband’s huge cock. The area of her
thighs and mound saturated with her wetness. God, how
she wanted that inside of her right now with its wide
girth and endless energy pounding her into submission.

“Please let me go William, I wont resist my darling, I
need to feel you in my mouth dear boy,” she whispered
to him pathetically.

After he let her down, Sandy smiled at him and placed
her arms about his neck then kissed him. Her tongue
entered his mouth by storm and immediately took control
of his oral member.

It’s the small things that trip a man up; her tongue
stirred the live coals of his desire. Until in his mind
they were one creature sharing a mutual sensation of
lust. Sandy knew what she was doing, her warm breasts
pressed to his chest, as her small delicate hands
devoured the smooth skin of his body, her wicked,
sinful tongue, darting to and fro like some devil on
the loose.

She raked her sharp nails down the sides of his neck
lightly as they kissed. She could smell her heat rising
to her own nose as she bit the side of his neck and
suckled his youthful flesh there. She smiled as she
felt her poor nephew shiver beneath the assault of her
tongue and hands.

Her hand circled the hot mass of his cock and lovingly
squeezed as she kissed him again. Inching forward she
ran the hot head of his beast up and down her wet
crevice as she whimpered with the pure thrill of its

“Oh William, what a dirty little bastard rapist you are
dear, and I’m so very glad you are,” she breathed. Then
moving back she lowered her face to his thick cock and
attacked it with her mouth.

She moaned deeply vibrating the mass of his tissue as
her nails raked the swollen sack beneath his cock. Just
as he felt that tight ring at the back of her throat
encircle the head of his cock he knew he was coming.

“Of Fuck… Jesus… Oh God Sandy!” he screamed. His
convulsing cock muscles produced stream after stream of
thick, rich cream, which his aunt greedily drank and
savored. With each jetting squirt of fluid both his
body and mind were shocked with intensely unbearable
waves of incestuous pleasure.

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