Uncle Don takes his nephew’s hot young wife

I had left work early and headed for my aunt.s house where my wife and I shared a small bedroom together. We had left our Midwestern home and moved nearer to my aunt in Oregon for purely career reasons.

When the transfer came it was sudden and shocking and we were completely unprepared. So when I spoke to my mom’s sister she had immediately offered us a place to stay until we could locate suitable housing of our own.

When I arrived home and walked up to the door I found it locked, which I considered peculiar. So I simply used the house key my aunt had provided me with soon after we arrived.

When I stepped inside I found the kitchen and living room area empty, but heard the sound of my wife’s voice down the corridor leading to our bedroom.

I headed for our room and as I got closer my wife’s voice grew louder, and it sounded almost as if she might be masturbating with lots of low sultry moans and groans.

When I neared the bedroom door I paused leaning forward to peek through the crack, as the door was standing ajar. To my dismay, there was my wife her legs splayed wide open and my uncle Don on top of her fucking the hell out of my beautiful young wife.

It was evident that this was no forced event, as she was panting while telling him how much she loved the feel of his big hard cock.

Even at this distance, and in this light I could see Don’s cock saturated with my wife’s love juice when he backstroked out of her hungry cunt.

“Oh Don, fuck me faster baby and make me come hard,” I heard her plead with some urgency!

I was angry, I was hurt, and betrayed, but my cock was also harder than it had ever been in my life. Having only been married three years now, I had never even thought of my wife with another man.

Yet here she was enjoying what was evidently the fuck of her life. I was fascinated by the action of his cock in her as I watched them.

How the lips of her pussy clung to the sides of his cock when he withdrew and then rolled inside when he plunged his oversized monster inside her hungry-weeping slit.

Andrea was certainly enjoying the action as well, and uncle Don was working the hell out of her tight young passage with gusto.

“You’re one hot slut Andrea,” I heard him tell her. “You’d fuck anything that came through that door right now, black yellow, or four legged, wouldn’t you baby?” He asked her.

“Oh yes baby, I’d do it right in front of you,” she replied, obviously delirious with the intensity of her desire.

“I may want to bring a couple of friends around later for a go at a piece of this hot pussy Andrea, I know you wont refuse,” I heard him say.

Just who the hell did he think he was, I thought to myself!

“Oh no baby, I’ll do all of you and make you feel good!” she told him.

He was obviously someone who knew my wife better than I did, answering my own thought.

I stood there until she came screaming, “Pussy loves you baby, c-u-m-m-I-n-g!!”

I watched as my uncle dumped his hot load into her wet convulsing cunt. The stuff oozed out of Andrea’s slit and quickly ran down into the crack of her tight little ass.

It was here that I turned and left the house heading for the nearest bar to bolster my deflated ego. I sat and drank until very late unable to reconcile what I had seen with what I had believed my wife to be.

When I returned to the house later that evening, I drug my wayward whore of a wife into our bedroom for a little evening chat.

“I came home early and stood out in the hallway watching you and Don this afternoon whore,” I started.

Andrea’s eyes immediately slid to the floor and she started crying.

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