Uncle Bob’s Gas Station

Lana Masters approached her brother’s service station with some trepidation.

This was her first job, in actuality. She’d married young, when her boyfriend had knocked her up at age seventeen. The following ten years had been good, but then he’d been killed by a drunk driver leaving a bar. The life insurance had carried her and their daughter Mindy through for another four years, but then things began to get tight.

Lana and her brother had been close when they were younger… closer than most brothers and sisters. Growing up in a rural environment, they had only each other to experiment with. In fact, it was Bob who had gotten her pregnant, in one sense.

They had practiced kissing, then they got into petting sessions and finally he had slipped his adolescent penis into her teen pussy, at which time she decided she wanted to do this a LOT.

Bob always pulled out of her and spurted on her stomach, but when she went to visit her grandmother in the city and met a handsome young Marine named David… well… he didn’t pull out like her brother did.

She never would have spread her legs for that Marine if it hadn’t been for the hunger she developed in her pussy because her brother fucked her regularly. Of course when she got married, it wasn’t right to continue her sessions with Bob, so she quit doing that.

So when it became obvious she was going to have to become employed, she felt comfortable approaching her brother Bob to ask if he knew of anyone who might hire her. She didn’t really have any formal skills, though she was good with people and intelligent. To her surprise her bachelor brother had insisted that she come to work for him. The salary he offered would work for her, and while she didn’t understand a lot of what he said she’d be doing, she knew she could learn. Today was her first day.

She was still a young woman, and she looked even younger than her age. She was in good shape, having regained her figure after delivering Mindy. Except for her breasts, anyway. She’d breast fed Mindy, who was a lusty, hungry baby. Her demands had swollen Lana’s breasts, and they had never really gone back to their pre-birth size. They were heavy, and while they didn’t sag too much, they didn’t jut out unsupported like they had in her youth. She had grown up hating bras, and didn’t wear them unless she was forced to. She’d had to wear bras when she was breast feeding, but when she weaned Mindy and her breasts went dry she quit wearing them again.

Now that her boobs were beginning to pull down a little, she thought about starting up with the bras again, but hadn’t taken that step yet. She owned bras for special occasions, but rarely wore one. She found that, like today, a good halter top gave her plenty of support and left her mams free to wobble and move comfortably. It didn’t occur to her that this drove the men around her wild, as they watched her orbs jiggle and shake, or her nipples pop out through whatever she was wearing. Her slim waist swelled out into hips that had delivered one baby and were ready for another any time. She had let her long dark hair grow and she usually just gathered it in a long pony tail, or French braid. Her green eyes made her look like some wood nymph that had left her tree to join the human race. She left raging erections everywhere she went, and didn’t have the faintest idea what was happening.

She remembered sex, but had more or less put that away after her husband died. She was trying to raise a daughter in a rough world, and gave that her full attention.

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