Uncle and niece give into taboo temptation when are left alone

Laying in his hotel bed with her in his arms, after having made love for the second time that night, Rob started reminiscing about the first time they made love three years ago. How he had been admiring her sweet ass and little breasts for some time, wondering how they would feel in his mouth while he slowly suckled on them. She loved wearing those short cotton shorts with the white trim. Those little short shorts that allowed the bottom of her butt cheeks to show while walking around his house, drove him nuts. The itsy-bistsy-teenie-weenie red bikini that she wore when swimming in his pool always caused a surplus amount of blood to surge to his penis. She was five feet tall, weighing perhaps 105 pounds with a beautiful face with full red lips that he always fantasized sucking his cock while on her knees, looking up at him.

The memory of the first time he was allowed to enter her, to take her virginity, would never be forgotten. The picture in his head of the first time he saw his big, thick cock slowly enter her while she cried out both in pain and pleasure is something he likes to recall. That first night his thick cock completely stretched her tight little cunt to its limit. She begged him not to stop, but to go harder. She was feeling her little cunt getting filled and stretched for the first time and she could not get enough of his cock in her. The repetitive in and out motion was giving her pleasure that she had never known. It was the tightest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking. After he had taken her innocence, he only wanted to go slow and make sweet love to her. The memory of his thick cock sliding slowly in and out of her impossibly tight small hole, as her pussy lips stretched open to take in his cock, played over and over in his head. She was completely naked on her back on the edge of the bed, both looking into each others eyes as he moved his hips forward and backwards. Her tight cunt felt amazing on his cock, His thick cock felt like heaven in her tight little cunt.

Rob was a single dad at 6′ tall with a body of a former football player that he kept in shape way past college. He was 34 and shared custody of his daughter Sarah with his ex-girlfriend. They were on very friendly terms, which, of course, benefited everyone. Sarah was also very close to Marie, her cousin. They had always been close, almost like sisters, with Marie only a month older. Marie’s father, Mark, was Rob’s older brother. Growing up, they had always been close, so when a house several blocks from his brother was put up for sale, Rob was quick to put in an offer. The idea was that they would continue to be close and their daughter’s would grow up to be close, as well. They were family and always hung out at every opportunity.

Mark had called his brother on a Monday, asking if he was able to watch Marie that coming weekend, knowing that it was his weekend with Sarah. Rob right away agreed, explaining he was getting ready to call him because Sarah had asked if she could invite her ‘sister’ over for the weekend. They liked referring to each other as sisters, not cousins. Since Mark and his wife were looking to get their romantic weekend started early, they would be leaving on Friday morning. Rob would pick up Marie from summer school and bring her to his house for the weekend; certainly not the first time this sort of arrangement was coordinated. For Marie, Rob was her favorite uncle and Sarah was her ‘sister’.

That Friday afternoon on the way to picking up Marie from school, he heard a text come in but did not check it until he got got to Marie’s school. It was from his daughter’s mother, explaining that Sarah had come down with the stomach flu and with his permission, she wanted to keep her home. He knew it was best for her to stay and so he texted back that he was in agreement. He informed Marie of the situation, telling her that it would only be the two of them for the weekend. With a big smile on her face she told him she was happy to be spending some alone time with her favorite Uncle. He told her he too was happy to be spending some alone time with his favorite niece. He told her that he had promised them pizza and so she could order whatever pizza she wanted. They would keep to the plans she and his daughter had made.

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