Ugly Dating – Nicolette and Karl

She leaned against the cold brick wall, trying to defend herself from the three hoodlums. ‘Leave me alone!’ she yelled, covering her breasts with her left arm, while slapping away the many hands that were trying to go under her short shirt.

‘All we want is some of that sexy ass, baby,’ one of the punks said, trying his best to get a feel between her legs. ‘Come on honey; give up some of this hot, little thing,’ he laughed, reaching under her skirt and felt her smooth panties. ‘Oh please give us some!’ he added, shoving his hand to her throat and knew it was time to get serious.

‘No!’ she tried screaming but the boys hand was beginning to choke her and now she was really getting scared. There was no was she wanted to be raped and it was about to happen. ‘Please let me go,’ she begged, but these young boys were after one thing and nothing would change their minds.

The leader of the three held her throat as tight as he could, while the other two tried ripping off her skirt. ‘Come on, you dumb ass mother fuckers! I’d like some of this sweet pussy before I’m too old to enjoy it!’ he said squeezing her throat as harder, not caring if she could breath or not. She looked so hot in the white blouse, short skirt and the matching black nylons on her long, slender legs.

‘We trying our best,’ a short boy said, trying to jerk down the skirt, but she was kicking him. ‘This fuckin’ bitch don’t even want to give it up!’ he laughed pulling at her skirt, but her long legs and high heels kept them away.

‘Knock the fuckin’ bitch out or something!’ the last boy said trying his best to grab the short skirt and pull it down. ‘I need some damn pussy!’ he said as his cock grew out of control, thinking of how good this long legged woman was going to be.

‘You fuckin’ do it,’ the leader said trying to hold the squirming woman against the wall, but she was putting up a good fight and his arms were getting tired. ‘We need to do something and fast!’ he added as she continued to fight like nothing he’d ever been up against.

‘Let me go!’ she screamed and noticed the boy had turned towards her. She drew back her left leg, thrust it up and hit him right between his legs. He quickly let go of her throat as he doubled over in pain, grabbing himself.

‘You fuckin’ cunt!’ he groaned, holding his balls, hoping that she hadn’t hurt his most prized object. ‘I’m goin’ kill you!’ he drew back his fist and started to swing, but didn’t see the baseball bat swinging towards his back.

‘THUMP!’ The hard wooden bat sent him to the ground screaming out in pain.

‘You mother fucker!’ one of the other boys yelled rushing towards the young guy that had sent their ring leader to the ground. ‘You’re goin’ to die, bitch!’ he yelled as they tackled him and began beating him with no mercy.

The woman grabbed the bat and started swinging it down to the boys as hard as she could, until they ran away. ‘Are ok?’ she asked dropping to her knees, seeing that the kid was bleeding from his mouth and above his right eye.

He just looked up in a daze and couldn’t believe who she was. It was Nora, the beautiful woman that lived across the courtyard from him. ‘I’m fine, did they hurt you?’ he moaned trying to sit up.

‘I’m ok, but you’re bleeding pretty bad,’ she said rooting through her purse for something to wipe the blood from his eye, noticing a pair of smashed, black glasses lying next to him and that’s when she recognized him. He was the sweet guy, Ben, that was always trying to flirt with her, but she’d constantly ignored him. He was just a kid; she was nearing forty-five and thought that he has no business flirting with her like he did. ‘We need to get you home, so I can clean this up,’ she added, feeling so bad for him and now wished that she would have a little nicer to him.

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