Two Vietnamese’s extreme sexfight and domination

Kim Thi Tran proudly inspected her breasts as she stood before the mirror. Despite her age of 35 and the pear size and shape of these 34C symbols of her womanhood, they were as firm as any teenager’s 32-inch tits. Gently stroking her nipples she watched in approval as they responded to her touch, stiffened and became firm. As she continued to look and touch she saw them expand to their full erect state of an inch in length and the thickness of a man’s little finger. An uncontrolled moan escaped from her as the engorged nipple sent waves of pleasure through her. As her hands lovingly continued to caress her breasts she observed the next stage in her arousal: the perfect circles around her nipples swelled causing a dark symmetrical mound to form as the skin stretched to contain her sexual awakening.

She put on a skin-tight, cream, lacy camisole, satisfied that both the shape and size and also colour of her stimulated areole and rigid nipples were fully visible through the lace. Parting her cunt lips Kim felt the source of the wetness of the love juice that had run down her inner thighs and in the mirror could see the enlarged throbbing pink clitoris that had burst out from under its hood and now stood upright three-quarters of an inch in length. Like a moth drawn to a light her hand was attracted to this huge responsive sex organ and she was soon writhing from the orgasm that racked her body. Recovering she placed on a thong that matched her camisole and allowed her erect clit and the lightning bolt shape she had shaved in her luxurious silk-like pubic hair to show through the lace.

As she sat and applied the make up to her perfect face with its high cheekbones, perfect skin, full butterfly lips and come hither eyes surrounded and framed by her mane of jet black permed hair she thought of what lay ahead that day. She had never met Tu Thoa, but the anticipation of the sexual challenge, risking her money and body against the chance of winning the bet and dominating and completely fucking and destroying another woman after she won, especially one with Tu Thoa’s reputation, had her on heat, and kept her sensitive huge nipples and enormous clit hard.

The thought that Tu Thoa may beat her and earn the right to use her in any way didn’t even cross her mind. For a short time the excitement of what she was going to do took away her continual hatred of the world: the pain she suffered from polio that had afflicted her as a child. That had caused her parents to abandon her at a monastery on her 3rd birthday until she left at the age of 14. The same disease that had left her only half a woman with her short height of less than five feet, withered legs and her gut swollen and sagging from lack of exercise. It made the 5 years of scrimping and saving on her pension and winning smaller bets to achieve the $30,000 stake to bet with Tu Thoa almost acceptable.

All the going without to get enough money to put up the stake for her sexfights. At first $50 bets against desperate single mothers or drug addicts, then later risking all her savings against wealthier Vietnamese in their modern 2 story houses in the newer suburbs of Melbourne, knowing that one loss would set her back to her original starting point. All of this had led her to this fight to become Australia’s number Asian 1 sexfighter.

She limped to the sofa swinging her frail legs from the hip and sat waiting for the arrival of the Chinese Vietnamese Tu Thoa. Tu Thoa had been in Melbourne Australia for about 15 years since arriving as a 30-year-old refugee from the Chinatown Cholon in Saigon, Vietnam. In that time she had become wealthy with an upmarket brothel catering for visiting overseas Vietnamese and Japanese businessmen and wealthy locals. In her private life, she was the most known woman in Australian Vietnamese society. She had started by winning beauty and fashion contests at Vietnamese gambling functions. She then progressed to victories in nude beauty contests, catfights, large dildo taking and Japanese inspired cum eating challenges (i.e. any event the Vietnamese men could bet on), and finally making videos of herself in action including her famous taking of 365 men in 24 hours to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. Nowadays for $20,000, she would allow any man to write, direct and star in their home video with her, and such was her reputation that there was no shortage of takers especially from Japan.

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