Two Sisters and Cousin

This is Johan in Kristiansand, Norway, telling Kari, his girlfriend, one summer morning why he is no longer as shy as he had been in the spring. If he seems to have been a little too naïve, that is because the incident takes place some forty years. They are supposed to be going to the library and then having a lunch of Sunday leftovers in his house, since his parents both work. Kari, who is a couple of months older than now 18 year-old Johan, already has some experience with her brother and is delighted when Johan suggests that they immediately go to his family’s house, where they end up naked in bed together, kissing and masturbating each other.

She is surprised that he obviously is not as shy as he had been and has more experience than she had expected after his three weeks visiting relatives. She also has more experience than she can admit to, not just with her brother, but also with Esther. Relaxing in bed together, she ventures to ask him about his trip to Bergen.

The cover photo of the little Swedish magazine mentioned in the story is something the author saw displayed in the window of newsstand in Stockholm back then. Just the story in the magazine is speculation.

And finally, this story is background to the series “Daughters and Fathers.”

Johan’s story to Kari and the immediate consequences:

My mother’s sister and her husband had invited my parents and me to visit them and their two daughters on the West Coast, agreeing that we would stay in their flat in Bergen for a week, while they went to their cabin, since the flat was too small for all of us. Then we would join them at their cabin, my parents returning home after a week, while I stayed for two weeks more.

When we got there on the train, they were all there to show us the flat. The girls were just girls, nice, but we hardly talked – shy me. Then they drove to the cabin, and we spent the week sightseeing in Bergen.

I was sleeping in one of the beds in the girls’ room, don’t know which one’s. Yeah, well, the first night – this is kind of embarrassing – I decided to see what size bras they wore. Oh, I found the right drawer quickly enough, but never checked the sizes of the bras; under them I found a pamphlet-like magazine in Swedish. Wow! On the cover – it had been turned back – was a naked girl, not just naked, showing all she had, legs spread. Wow! I’d never seen anything like that before, didn’t know such pictures were published. So, of course, I started to read it in bed that night – and every other night, a couple of times through, and the best parts more often.

It was a sort of short novel – appropriate to the cover photo – about a French girl in a chateau, and her fiancé, and then with her visiting cousin. Eventually, there wasn’t anything the three of them didn’t do together, things I didn’t know couples or girls could do with each other. Of course, I didn’t just learn a lot, but since it had been hidden under the bras, I assumed they had read it too. It looked well thumbed. That got me think differently about them.

So after the week in Bergen, the parents came and picked us up and did some shopping for food, and we joined them at their cabin, really two cabins, we discovered, one with just one bedroom and a larger living area, for the girls’ parents, and the other one with two bedrooms, one with a double bed for my parents and the other with bunk beds for the girls. The first week, I slept on a folding cot in the small living area of that cabin. We spent most of the time in the larger living room in the other cabin.

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