Two older brothers take their younger sisters on a two day trip to a theme park

“Hey, we got a chance to get the girls somewhere this weekend where we can be alone with them.”


“We can get them alone, then let’s fuck them, I get your sister, you get mine. It’s time they experience more life, they’re old enough.”

“Salli barely turned fifteen, Ria is what, fifteen this week?

“Like I said, old enough. I bet you’d like a shot at Ria’s pussy; your eyes are glued to her ass all the time.”

“She does have a nice one.”

“Yeah, it looks even better in the flesh.”

“You’ve seen her ass?”

“Every once in a while, I’ll kind of forget she’s taking a bath and barge in when she’s out of the water and using a towel on her naked body. She screeches and tries to push me out, when she does, Ria invariably drops the towel which allows me to accidentally touch some part of her. It’s almost a game between us, I’ve been watching her grow since way back when, and she’s beginning to look tasty.”

“Ever screw her, she looks fuckable?”

“Not yet, but I saw Presley screwing her last month, she may be young, but she looked like she was having fun.”

“Your little brother? He’s sixteen, her fifteen?”

“Yeah, but he didn’t look so little, and they looked like they knew what they were doing.”

“They know you watched?”

“Nah, since then, I’ve been kind of hitting on her, prepping her, I’m pretty sure Ria is ready to get some experienced cock, but don’t want to scare her off by exposing I know what she’s doing with our brother, the time wasn’t right.”

“Yeah, Salli is getting ripe too, I’m sure she hasn’t flopped yet, but Melba told me she caught the girl riding her fingers, she may be ready to be persuaded. So, what are you talking about, you want to sneak our sisters to a motel for the weekend?

“No sneaking, it’s my mother’s suggestion, it’s Ria’s fifteenth birthday and mom asked that we brothers take the girls to Adventure Country for a weekend-long celebration, it’s a big park, we’ll need two days — and two nights.”

“Your mom suggested we screw your baby sister?”

“Fuck no, just that we take them to the park, she’s gonna fork over the funds, but the rest is my idea; I mean, ‘when opportunity knocks’…”

“Yeah, open the fucking door. If we do this, let’s take the bikes. It’s not too far for a day’s ride and the girls are always thrilled to ride with us. A hundred miles with a big twin between their legs should help loosen them up. Have Ria call Salli and invite her, then I can clear this with mom.”

“I’m gonna check Airbnb, we’ll find somewhere with a tall fence around a big hot tub. We’ll let the girls drink some booze, then get into the spa. If we treat them as women, not girls, they will respond like women who are drunk, daring and having fun. They’ll shed their swimsuits quick enough, then giggle like shy little girls when we toss ours; after a couple more shots of something, we’ll get a shot at them; if that’s the game you want to play.”

“What if they don’t want to drink?”

“I scored some Ryphonal.”

“Date rape drug?”

“Yeah, works every time.”

No, let’s not, but I’ll bring my stash, we can get them stoned, I’m not ready to drug and rape my little sister, they may be more pliable when they are high.”

“What’s more pliable than a drugged woman?”

“One that is awake and high, you know damned well, stoned girls fuck like they want a kid, it’s a major turn-on for me.”

“Good plan, don’t forget to load up on protection, I doubt any kiosk in a children’s park sells them.”

“Okay, I’m good to go, but one condition, I fuck both girls, you can too.”

“Of course.” With that short affirmation, Joe agreed that he and I would screw our younger sisters.

By :Mystic47

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