Two high school girls are catured and used in a hidden cabin in the woods

I like to keep fit. Some of my friends do the cheerleader thing, or some other sports. I’m not competitive, but I do like to look good for the guys. And more importantly, for myself. So I took up walking. I could jog but the bouncing is a pain. A sports bra does ok for me, but my exercise partner Vicky has large boobs and running is just no fun for her. So we walk. Mostly through the neighborhoods of our town, sometimes in local parks. We never had any trouble until one day over last summer we decided to go for a hike in the state park about 30 miles from town. Vicky drove to the park. We got our gear together. Just lightweight backpacks with snacks and water. We were dressed similarly in t shirts and khaki shorts that showed off our toned legs. My name is Jenny. Vicky and I are somewhat similar, about 5-4, 120 lbs. We both are brunettes, although mine is shorter and a bit lighter. As noted, the big difference is Vicky’s D cup breasts which are noticeable even with the sports bra. Mine are a B cup. They stand out enough, and I do like how the backpack straps push them together. Still, I feel flat chested next to Vicky. We had just finished our junior year in high school.

We picked a trail from the map and checked the coordinates on our phones. It was 10 am as we wet off for a long hike through the rolling hills. After a couple hours we stopped to rest and get our bearings. I noticed that I wasn’t getting a signal out there in the hills. Vicky checked and reported the same. She suggested,

“Maybe we’ll pick up something when we get to the top of this hill.” She was pointing to a peak on the map. I could see it in the distance.

“Do you think we’ll reach it before we need to turn back?”

“I don’t know. We can turn back now.”

“It’s only about noon, let’s go on for awhile, I’m feeling pretty good.” We had a quick snack, a little more water, then moved on. After following a curving trail and making a decision or two where other trails branched off we found ourselves on a more narrow path through the woods. We crossed over a creek, the cold water splashing lightly on our legs as it rushed by. Vicky laughed at the sudden chill of the water.

“Let’s stop and cool off. My feet could use a break.” I agreed and we sat in a rock, unlaced our boots and let our feet soak in the rolling water.

“Ahh, that feels so good.” I splashed some water on my face, then let some run down my back. Vicky looked at me,

“Damn girl, going for the wet t shirt contest?”

“You’d kick my ass.” We had our rest and pushed on. At a clearing we looked out over a valley. We could not see the mountain peak from this vantage point. Checking the map we couldn’t tell for sure where we were. Vicky looked at me,

“Shit, are we lost?” I looked up.

“The sun’s going that way. Let’s follow it and we should be heading in the right direction. The only problem was, the sun had a clear path and we were on paths twisting and turning through denser woods. Another hour later we stopped again. I admitted,

“We’re lost.” I checked my phone, “No signal.”

“Me either, what now?”

“We can’t sit out here all night. Let’s keep trying to find a landmark.” We walked on, getting more concerned by the minute. On our next stop, the worry was clear on Vicky’s face. I imagine it was on mine too.

“Jen, I’m getting scared. Are there bears or something out here?”

“Maybe. I don’t know.” We both jumped when we heard a sound through the trees to our right.

Whispering, “Vicky, grab your pack, get behind these rocks.” The sound got closer. Then stopped. We heard a voice,

By :NCfan

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