Two girls go for a ride out to a lake in the woods, and sex with a horsy

Andrea, called Andy, drove on the highway through the
woods with Sandra, or Sandy how she called her. It was a
beautiful and warm day in the mid of august. She had
something special in her mind for her, so far Sandy
already knew. Andrea was a beautiful woman in her 26th

She had long dark brown hair, which today she had tied
together in two ponytails on the sides with cute pink
ribbons. “With this hairstyle she looks insanely cute –
like a teenager,” Sandra thought looking at her. “I would
like to love her now here in the car. But I have to be
patient. In these things she’s strict. What a pity.”
Indeed Andrea looked younger than Sandra today, though
she was 7 years older than Sandra.

This impression was even intensified, when you looked at
her current outfit: she wore a school uniform, which
often appears in certain Japanese Animes. That was a blue
(very short) miniskirt and a white blouse, which was too
small for her breasts, because she couldn’t button it
above her breasts. To the uniform also belonged a red
tie, which she had tied directly on her neck. Of course
she wore no underwear, she never does. Her breasts are
not as gigantic as Sandy’s, but they are wonderfully firm
and round.

The second noticeable characteristic of Sandra (besides
her gigantic breasts) is her long waving blond hair,
which today she had tight together in a ponytail. Today
Sandy wore her favourite jeans. She had cut off the whole
left leg of it. Furthermore she wore a red T-Shirt, which
was tied together in a knot above her bellybutton;
otherwise you couldn’t see her nice piercing. Today she
also didn’t wear underwear. Andy preferred that.

They had almost left the woods, when Sandy felt her
bladder again. She rather would have held it back until
later, but it was impossible.

“Andrea, please stop, I have to pee urgently!”

“Is that really necessary just now? Later we could take
advantage of your champagne much better!” asked Andy.

“Yes, I’m holding it back quite a bit; I myself would
rather have waited longer. I already thought a full
bladder would be useful today.” They smiled at each
other. “Obviously I drank a little bit too much, but
surely you have more in stock, I assume?”

Andy drove a little bit into the forest and stopped. “Of
course I have. Have I ever not had supply?”

Both got off Andy’s red Cabriole. Sandy squatted down and
put aside the rest of the cloth on the crotch of her
jeans, so her smoothly shaven cunt could be seen. Because
she was able to do that so easily was the reason that
these were her favourite jeans.

“Stop, wait a moment!” she heard Andrea shout at the last
second. “Since you have to piss here, we’re gonna make
the best out of it. We cannot waste a single drop of it.”

Sandy began to hope having her cunny licked now. And
perhaps she could even have some of her girlfriend’s

“And off with your fingers on your pussy,” Andy said in a
commanding voice.

“But then I’m gonna pee all over my pants!” Sandra
complained, but she obeyed and thought: “Who cares out

“Well done, and now lean on the tree, so you can relax
and see everything.”

So Sandy leaned back on the tree, spread her legs and
Andy laid down under her pussy. In the next moment Sandy
pissed through the cloth of her jeans in Andrea’s wide
opened mouth in an infinite flood. Andy could swallow
only the least of it, so her hair, as well as a part of
her blouse got soaking wet. Of course Sandy’s jeans were
really wet, too (Thank god it has only one leg).

“Waste no single drop”, hm? And, did you like it? In
return you could lick my pussy a little, couldn’t you?”

“No, I won’t. You’ll have to be patient, even when your
cunt is itching. But because you drenched me with your
golden juice, I’m gonna pay my bills with the same.
Please sit down.”

“So I presume I’m not allowed to lick your pussy? OK, if
I don’t get Cuntjuice, at least I’ll have Champagne,
that’s an identical pleasure. Besides, there’s no better
way to refill a bladder.”

With a smile in her face she sat down, closed her eyes
and waited for her friend’s yellow stream. Andy remained
standing and lifted her skirt. She opened her slit with
both hands, so she could piss in Sandy’s face in an
almost vertical stream.

She made sure, that Sandra’s red shirt was well drenched
in piss, so she could see her tits and her nipples
through the now transparent cloth. After emptying her
whole bladder, for a moment she thought about allowing
Sandy to eat her cunt, but she was able to resist. This
should take place later with an additional “Team-mate”.
Sandy opened her eyes and licked over her lips, which
made Andrea even hornier.

“That tasted fabulously as always, thank you very much.
But look, what you’ve done to my shirt. Have you
forgotten how to aim? Now I have no dry clothes left,
even my shoes are wet. They were filled up by my own pee.
I should have taken them off.”

Andy grinned at her, bent down to her and kissed her.
When she put her tongue in her friend’s mouth, she could
taste a scent of her own piss. “They’re going to be dry
like this,” she said when they got back in the car.

Both of them have become even hornier as they had been

“Why didn’t we bring Max along with us? However, that
would have been horny with him here in the woods. And
can’t you finally tell me, what we’re gonna do and where
we’re going? That must be something special, as you were
just resisting so much. Your pussy was begging for my
tongue,” Sandy said with a meaningful smile.

“You noticed that? You know me better than I thought,”
Andrea answered and added: “But know stop asking. It’s a
surprise, which makes it even better. Max will be with us
next time again. Besides, we’re almost there. At least
our first stop.” Max is Andreas Doberman and they already
had some pleasures with him.

At this moment they left the woods and Andrea turned onto
a small path. They drove towards a farm, which could
already be seen in the distance. When they came closer,
Sandra saw it was some kind of a riding-farm, because
there were large grasslands with many horsys and ponies.
Andrea parked the car on the parking lot.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back at once!” , before Sandra
could answer, Andy lovingly placed a finger on Sandy’s
lips. Immediately Sandy took it into her mouth and sucked

“Hey, you horny slut, stop that and wait here. And leave
your cunt alone, otherwise we’ll return home” joked
Andrea, went to the main building, rang the doorbell and
entered it.

“What shall we do on a riding-farm? She knows I can’t
ride, at least not on a horsy!” She thought about some
things Andrea and herself did with Max and got horny

“Are you sleeping or what? We’re going to have a ride.”

Andy’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Oh, finally you’re back, it’s about time.”

Then she noticed the dark brown muscular stallion Andy
had on a bridle. “Hu, what do you have in mind? You know
I can’t ride and that’s only one horsy anyway.”

“Don’t panic, Lucifer carries both of us. Perhaps later
we even have enough time to teach you riding so we can
ride out with two horsys next time.”

“But I thought we…”, but Andy disrupted her: “Come on,
mount the saddle, I help you. It’s constructed to carry
two people, at least when the two are two slim ladies
like we are, hihi.”

Andrea was so cute, when she giggled, that fitted to her
present outlook. “You’re sitting behind me; hold on my

“OK, but I’m still expecting something today. Apropos,
what about the “supply”?” she asked while mounting the

“The beverages and the other stuff are already packed in
these big saddlebags.” Then they set off.

Sandra felt quite a bit uncomfortable on the horsy behind
Andy, because she had never really sat on a horsyback.
But Andy gave her a feeling of security. As time went by
she weakened her grip more and more. They rode slowly
towards the woods, but they left the road. Sandy cuddled
on Andreas back.

“Obviously you already became accustomed to riding, so
I’m gonna increase speed, …that way we’ll be there
earlier,” Andrea said.

Sandy wasn’t able to see Andrea’s joy-expecting smile,
but she felt Andy’s growing tension. And that made her
hot again. At gallop they arrived at a small crystal-
clear forest-lake and demounted the horsy.

“That is beautiful, I guess it’s your secret place?”
asked Sandra. After all they had left all paths quite
some time ago.

“Yes, I often came here in the past with Lucifer.”

Andy took the saddle off the stallion and saw with joy
that he went to the water to drink.

“If the old farmer knew, what I did here with his horsys
in the past… he surely would have followed us to peep,”
she thought and stripped naked.

Sandy smiled and got off her clothes, too.

“Puh, now I’m really thirsty, first we gonna use the
beverages we brought,” Andrea said and gave Sandy a big
bottle of ice tea.

They were indeed very thirsty, “like Lucifer” Andrea
thought. She was looking forward to what she had planned
for today. Of course she had “prepared” the animal. She
had given him a medicine, which strengthens the urge to
pee. It had a side effect, which was in this case very
good: it increases thirst. She had it from Tina, a friend
of her who was a veterinary. Tina had helped her before
with her bestial passion, because she liked sex with
animals herself. In fact she was even more experienced in
it than Andy, and that is not easy.

“Now I’m gonna show you something new. I had the pleasure
when I was 21, but I wanna give you this joy just now.”

Andy called the stallion that also had quenched his
thirst now.

At that moment Sandra understood.

“You already fucked a horsy? Isn’t that dangerous, he’s
so big.

I don’t know. He certainly has a really large cock!”

“Yes, that’s the very reason for it is so good,” Andy
answered with a smile. “I’m gonna give you a little show
first, I bet you’ll get super-horny then. The same as it
was with your first Max-time.”

So Sandy sat down on the warm Sand, which built a nice
beach along the lakeshore. “OK, show me, I’m already
fucking horny.”

Andrea caressed the horsy’s cheeks and spoke with a
calming voice: “Do you still know me? Then you know
what’s gonna happen now.” She continued caressing him.
His neck, his back, his chest. So she worked herself down
to where she wanted to be. “I knew you’d still know me,
my dear.”

His penis was already coming out of his shaft. Sandra
closed in a bit, she wanted to see that. Andy touched his
cock carefully and caressed it gently, by that it grew
larger and harder. Now she began to stroke his dick with
both of her hands. Sandy was very interested. This dick
was gigantic. Andy caressed his glans and his huge balls.

Sandra became more and more horny, her cunt was soaking
wet. She started to caress her whole body without taking
away her gaze at them for a single moment. Andy opened
her mouth and licked the tip of his glans like it was a
lollipop. Then she swallowed as much of his dick as she
could into her mouth and started sucking it. The slurping
noises she made almost made Sandra, who had nearly the
whole hand in her hole, cum.

The stallion clearly enjoyed the “treatment”. He began to
fuck her mouth with gentle humping movements. But he was
very careful; it was very obvious that he was well-
trained. Andy took his dick out of her mouth and licked
it again. Then she began playing on his pisshole with the
tip of her tongue. She inserted the tip of her tongue as
far as she could into the little slit. Then she worked
with her tongue her way down to his balls, which she also
sucked with great pleasure. Now she noticed Sandra who
had come very close. She was licking over her lips.

“And now you wanna try, too?” Andy asked her.

“Definitely, I almost came just by the look of it!”
Sandra replied.

“OK, then simply take it in your hand.”

She did and it was hot und it pulsated in her hand.

“That’s horny, isn’t it?”

“Fuck, yes, it’s great. But that will never fit into a
human pussy.”

“I’ll show you, but now enjoy playing with it.”

Sandra started to stroke Lucifer’s cock like Andy did
before, but she couldn’t hold back for long. She had to
taste it now. So she put it in her mouth. It was
wonderful. She started to caress the glans with her
tongue inside her mouth.

Again Lucifer started to hump. Andrea also drew her
attention back to the horsy and continued licking his
balls. But abruptly she stopped and pulled Sandy’s head
off her toy.

“Stop or he will shoot his load too early,” she said
before Sandra could protest. “We have to wait a moment
till he calms down. Otherwise we would have to wait
longer until he’s ready again for a little fuck.”

She kissed her and Sandy still noticed Lucifer’s scent in
Andy’s mouth and said: “I think now I also wanna fuck him
or else I will explode!”

“Do you even wanna do first? After all I did it many
times before.”

“No thanks, first show me, how to do it, but hurry.”

“OK, I think we can proceed now.”

Lucifer’s dick now wasn’t so hard anymore. Sandra could
see the joyful anticipation in her girlfriend’s face.

Andrea guided Lucifer to a big stone on the shore of the
lake and put two blankets on it. The stone had the
perfect width and height to build a seat with the
blankets. When a girl was laying down on it, her cunt was
in a perfect position to fuck the horsys prick.

After Lucifer stood on the right spot Andy laid down and
spread her legs to expose her cunt to Sandy. Because
Lucifer’s dick had been softened, Sandy had to place it
at Andrea’s entrance so she could grab it. But Andy
didn’t take it immediately and so Sandy started to rub
the dick on her clit. While doing that she raised her ass
demandingly towards her.

Andy understood, searched with her left hand to find
Sandy’s cunt and asshole and penetrated the two holes
with her thumb and her middle finger. Sandra moaned out
loudly and rubbed Andy’s clit faster and faster with the
now again hard-as-steel dick. Andrea’s body reared up and
shivered when she came in a giant orgasm. Almost
simultaneously Sandra came, too. Her fluids poured over
Andy’s hand. Andrea wanted to have it inside her now, so
she took her fingers out of her friend’s holes and
grabbed Lucifer’s dick with both hands.

With wide opened eyes Sandy watched every move of her
friend carefully, who slowly shove the tip of the cock
into her cunt until its glans disappeared abruptly in it.
Deeper and deeper Lucifer’s cock glided into her soaking
wet crack. Andy began to rotate with her hips. Lucifer
answered that with hard thrusts. Andrea had to move back
a little to prevent being pierced by this huge cock.

Soon she came again. “Oh, fuck it’s so big. I’m cumming
again, fuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed out. The second
Orgasm was even bigger than the first one. As she came,
the cock slid out of her cunt. She had to remain on the
stone a few moments being so exhausted by this fuck.

But Lucifer tried to penetrate her again so she rolled
off the stone to make room for Sandra, who shivered with
excitement. In an instant Sandy was laying under the
stallion, but Andy calmed him down and he stopped

“Hey, what’s up? I wanna have my pussy stuffed with
horsymeat, too!” she complained, but Andy smiled and
said: “So horny? No more fear of this being a piece of
horsymeat? Let’s slow down a bit. You’re gonna fuck him

She began to rub her girlfriend’s cunny with the cock
just like Sandy did before to her cunt.

“We have to make sure it’s well lubricated again, it all
flowed out before, hihi. – Lay back, close your eyes and
relax, I’ll do the rest.”

Sandy complied and she soon started to moan lustfully.
When the juices started to pour out of her hole again,
Andy set Lucifer’s cock to the entrance of her pussy and
began to shove it in slowly.

“Tell me when it hurts and I’ll stop it.”

“No, not at all. Don’t stop. Deeper, deeper, pleaaase!”
she heard Sandy answer. “That is the horniest dick, I’ve
ever had, Ohhhhhh fuuuuck!”

Lucifer began humping again, but Andy slowed him a bit,
until Sandy get accustomed to his movements. After Sandy
moved back up, too, Andrea let the stallion fuck at his
own pace. She knew he was careful. Andy turned to her
girlfriend again. She kneaded her huge tits and sucked
her nipples.

Sandra screamed out loudly, when she experienced the most
gigantic orgasm she ever had. It even transferred to Andy
so she also came once more. As before the horsy’s cock
slid out of the cunt of his mate, but this time they
wouldn’t try to calm him.

Andy just pulled him away off the stone, kneeled under
him and let him hump in her hand.

“When you’re “alive” again, come to me. We’re gonna let
him cum into our faces. You’ve never seen such an amount
of sperm. And it has a fantastic flavor.”

Hearing that, Sandy hurried over to Andy.

“And now the big surprise. I never did it before myself,
but I’ll let him piss all over us. In the past he mainly
pissed after cumming. And today I even supported that
behavior,” Andy said, hoping for a positive reaction from
her girlfriend. Relieved she saw a happy smile on her

“So today, it’s champagne in all variations. Let’s go!”

Sandy helped Andrea to jerk off the horsy’s prick. They
could feel the stuff rising inside his cock before a huge
torrent of hot horsy sperm flooded all over their faces
and bodies. They could swallow only a little amount of
it, as much as it was. It tasted great. They kissed each
other while another load poured on their fused lips. He
seemed to squirt without end.

When it ended at last, they licked the horsy’s ooze from
each others faces, tits and necks. They didn’t forget to
clean the dripping pisshole of Lucifer’s dick. Now all
they could do was hoping for his yellow juice.

Lucifer didn’t move an inch, while his prick was slowly
sagging. The girls wanted to have his piss desperately.
At the moment when Andy grabbed the cock to aim at their
faces, all floodgates were opened. They were pissed all
over with the pressure of a garden hose. They didn’t stop
drinking. His piss tasted even better than his sperm. The
piss washed all the remaining sperm off their bodies.

Both of them came again just because of the feeling and
tasting of the hot horsypiss, for what they couldn’t hold
back themselves. So they pissed while Lucifer’s urine
drenched them. When it was over they sank back into the
completely soaked sand. Lucifer trotted away and began to

“That was the fucking best experience, I’ve ever had!”
Sandy said wearily.

“Same for me, at last it was my first horsy pissing.”

“You mean your first animal pissing.”

“No, I did it before with Max.”

“You did what? And you kept it secret from me? You are a

“It wasn’t quite often. There was simply no opportunity
to do it with you. Actually the first time was by
accident. But next time with him we’ll try to give you
some of his Rockygy champagne, I promise!”

“OK, but I can hardly wait.”

“Perhaps we can have some more of Lucifer’s urine later.
At least I wanna fuck him once more.”

“Oh yes, me too. By the way, I have a little confession
to do,” Sandra said ashamed, “while he pissed at us, I
came and then I also had to pee.”

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