Two encounters of Christen and her rich cousin

I had a lunch date with my cousin Christen. Well, I almost
forgot the meeting – sure, I had written it down, but it seemed so
inconclusive with the large events that now occupied my head. So when
I finally arrived downtown at Sherlock Holmes, I was out of breath and
worried that I had missed her. I was almost thirty minutes late! But
as soon as I turned the corner into the restaurant, I saw her sitting
there. When I came up she stood and gave me a hug and a kiss on the

I wondered what was up – she had never hugged me except on
Christmas. Also, she looked stunning, dressed in a black skirt and
blouse, with her shapely legs encased in black nylons and black high
heels. Her sandy blond hair and pale skin was highlighted with the
black clothing, and she radiated. Her face was what caught my
attention right away – she was usually the same joking, laughing
cousin that was always teasing me, but instead of that, she now looked
serene and a little nervous.

I was about to ask her what was wrong, and to apologize for
being late, when the waiter came over and took my order. I hadn’t
looked at the menu, but already knew what I wanted. Thankfully, he
left seconds latter.

Chris spoke for the first time, flashing me her smile and
asking about my day. I noticed her hands kept clenching and
unclenching as we spoke about boring everyday matters. Only when she
saw that I noticed did she stop her nervous movements with her hands
with an embarrassed look upon her face. The meal came, both of ours,
as did her drink. I noticed she gulped down the tall glass of alcohol
very quickly.

The talk dwindled away into embarrassing silence as we ate.
It gave me time to wonder what the hell was going on. This was not
the cousin I had known all my life. Then I came upon a hypothesis and
figured she was in trouble and needed money. It was, after all, my
money that everyone seemed to act weird about. Finally the lunch was
finished and the excellent waiter came over and whisked off our dirty
plates, then returned to ask about desert, neither of us choosing to
have any. But I did order some tea to finish off with.

I spoke up first. “Is everything okay, Chris?” I was
genuinely worried, and would help any way I could. She seemed to need
an incentive to begin talking, and if I didn’t speak up, perhaps she
wouldn’t even begin.

After a huge intake of breath she asked, “Are you attracted
to me?” Of course I was attracted to her – she was in many of my
fantasies. I nodded, unsure of what exactly she meant. “I have a
proposal for you…” She paused, and I saw one of her hands that held
her water glass quivering. “I would like to be your mistress!” She
stared at the table top, and was unable to see my reaction. She
quickly followed up with, “But if you don’t want to I would

The fact that Christen was bitten by the bug too was
overwhelming. att the party the other night she had acted like
nothing was different, and now this. I knew she had to have planned
this since she asked me to lunch. I realized I had to say something,
“Are you still going out with that fireman…?” I was unable to
remember his name.

Without looking up she said, “Yes, but I would give him up
in a second if you asked me too.”

Again, silence!

“What brought this on?” I was trying to act calm, but was
sure everyone in the restaurant noticed that my attractive cousin had
just proposed an illicit affair with me.

She swallowed then spoke. “I just want to be taken care of,
not having to worry about anything. And when I learned you had won
the lottery, I wondered if I could give you something in return for an
easy life.”

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