Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys

Bethany had never felt as innocent and pure as the night she sat in a circle with her girlfriends taking the Are YOU a Good Bad Girl? quiz. Allison Sweets had found the quiz online and read the questions and multiple choice answers out loud. The quartet of girls howled with laughter as they worked through the quiz.

“Question #3: You’re on a first date with that cute guy you’ve lusted over for months. You know the one, the guy with the big package inside the front of his pants. You have one chance before he’s gone forever. Do you A) Unwrap that package the first chance you get. Christmas is CUMMING! B) Wait until he makes the first move before mounting that horse hung stud? Hi-yo Silver! C) Keep your legs crossed. There’s big and then there’s too big. Or, D) Time to grab the wide-angled lens because this needs to be documented and shared with everyone!”

“I’m not putting any pictures online,” Tina Greggs said. “But I’d ride the hell out of it!” Her answer was shared by Wendy.

“Fuck it, if he’s that hot and leaving town? Christmas is cumming early for me and HIM!” Allison squealed and laughed.

Last again to answer, Bethany shrugged. “I guess I’d wait for him to make the first move,” she offered.

“That’s the one you always choose,” Tina challenged.

Bethany blushed, hoping the next question would be better. It was.

“Question #4: It’s a rainy Saturday night and you ain’t got nobody. Do you A) Pop some popcorn, raid the freezer for some Ben & Jerry’s and plop down in front of Netflix for an Orange is the New Black marathon? Or B) Curl up with a good book and your favorite stuffed animal. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a night off from the constant party of your life? Or C) Time to exfoliate your face, deep condition your hair and shave down there so you’re ready for tomorrow night! Or D) Time to change the batteries in your vibrating buddies. They’re getting a work-out tonight!” Allison finished reading the question, looked at Bethany and asked, “A or B?”

“D,” Bethany replied with a relieved smile. Finally a question that didn’t make her sound like prude.

“Bullshit!” Wendy Wilson cried before she started laughing at Bethany. “Do you even know what they mean by vibrating buddies?”

“Yes,” Bethany said with an exasperated sigh and an eye roll. She was tired of her good girl persona. “And for your information, my favorite one doesn’t buzz.”

“Oh really?” Wendy’s eyes went wide as she smiled. She grabbed a handful of her curly blonde hair, tossed it over her shoulder and asked, “How many vibrating buddies do you have?”

“How many do YOU have?” Bethany asked, turning the question back around without an answer.

“One, but I never need to use it,” Wendy said, putting her pointy little nose in the air as if she was too good for a vibrator.

“If I had one, I’d used it,” Tina said.

“You should get one,” Allison told her. She received a surprised look from Wendy. “What? It’s fun and sometimes it feels good to do it yourself. Right Bethany?”

“I think so,” she replied, unsure if she was being set-up to be the butt of another joke.

“I have two and they both buzz,” Allison confessed. “One is really big and the other is a little pocket rocket that feels really good back there, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh yeah,” Bethany giggled. “That feels really good!” Most of all, Bethany loved the shocked look on Wendy’s face. Who was the good girl now?

“Have you ever allowed a guy, you know . . . back there?” Tina asked them.

“Wait, I have a question for that!” Allison said, flipping the page. How many questions did she have? “Okay, Question #22: Your backdoor, is it A) An exit only? B) Open only for love? C) A great way to avoid getting pregnant? Or, D) There’s a reason why it’s called the Hershey Highway?”

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