Turning Shy Wife For Swapping

Hello dear reader .This is Jai. I want to share my true story which I planned for my shy wife .firstly I introduce myself that I m from Ajmer .I have an arrange marriage with Reena a sexy and educated girl from Jaipur she is slim with big boobs and huge curved ass . Now I am working and living in Mumbai with my wife Reena. We are staying here from last2 year. I am highly interested in group Sex.

But we are from Hindu family, so we did not want to do it with anybody in Public. After 2 years of my marriage life I m bored with my sex life One day I plan to do group sex but my wife Reena refuses she is total Hindu lady so she promise me not to talk about this in the life otherwise she left me I ignore him and say I am just joking but my heart is sad so I remove the plan from my heart after few months one day my cousin Arvind comes to Mumbai for a training of 6 months period he comes and stay with us.

I get the plan I know that my wife enjoy the sex very much and she is interesting in watching sex movies also so I thought that I should make Arvind and Reena close to each other and make my wife shy less for group sex .so I start leaving away from my wife not giving proper time on bed also I now she need penis once in a week but I stop giving him sex now after 3-4 weeks she is hungry for penis one night on bed she come closer to me and take my penis in her hand and start kissing me on my body

I am also getting hot I start pressing her breast and start removing her clothes but when I put my hand inside her saree I found that she is too hungry that she did not wear the panty nor bra this is the first time after marriage I found him to horny for sex now she himself take of my underwear and take my penis inside her mouth and enjoying very much now I am thinking that what happen to my shy wife where her shyness gone

I suddenly woke up and gone out of bedroom in the morning she is very much angry and not talking to me in the breakfast table Arvind understand that there is a fight between husband and wife he start talking to Reena say bhabhi want happen are u angry she replay smile to Arvind I m watching this then she say nothing happen enjoy your breakfast Arvind finish the breakfast and gone for his training my wife comes closer to me and say are u in love with someone else

I say no so why r u not making sex with me I say that I have I problem in my smooch so I woke up .Then I give hug to her and say that ready for tonight I will fuck u to night and give some new bf cd s for enjoy day time .I now that after watching is she is hornier for sex. Now I know that Arvind is also interest in looking my wife body parts, I notice many times that when my wife washing clothes or doing some house hold activities he noticing her ass boobs deeply now the right time comes it’s the time to set for the encounter.

I rich office and make a mobile call to Arvind and my wife say that I will late tonight not wait for me on dinner I plan for late night party and rich the house at 11:30 p.m. I ring the door bell and behave that I have drunk lot when my wife opens the door I sleep and laid on the sofa then my wife called Arvind to help him and they put me on the bed room when my wife putting me her pallu go down she is not wearing any bra so her boobs are very clear to

Arvind when he looking her boobs my wife read his eyes she took her pallu up Arvind come out my wife is horny she is hungry for sex she come out and set in the sofa in the living room Arvind finding this he also come there and set there he start chatting her after some time he notice that my wife is hungry and she need sex he start coming close to her I m looking his from my bed room with half open eyes Arvind now close to my wife and my wife is chatting him suddenly

Arvind push his hand to my wife thighs and press while laughing now my wife understand the signal from Arvind my wife look at bed room and find that I m sleeping or not then she woke up and say good night to Arvind she come to the bed room and start the DVD player and watching blue films she is horny after watching two three shorts she start seducing me but I show him that I am in a deep sleep

I neglected her and turn the face and sleep she is hungry she also sleep but she woke up after some time and remember the signal of Arvind she come out and sit there on the sofa she now that I m in deep breath of sleep she turn-on the TV so that Arvind should again come out from the room she now how to seduce Arvind after few min. Arvind come out he come and sit near my wife now I m clear watching two hungry eyes for sex suddenly

Arvind start chatting and again getting closer to my wife my wife no this time that why he is coming closer to her my wife sit silently and give him the chance to come closer and touch her .Arvind put his hand to my wife shoulder and start seduce her now she did not say anything to him now Arvind start his hand slowly to her boobs and start pressing she close the eye now Arvind getting bonus he come more closer to her and kissing her she also enjoying this she also start kissing him then suddenly my wife stand up and call

Arvind to his room I woke up and slowly move to Arvind’s room I look inside that my shy wife is now playing a role of Randi she start removing clothes from Arvind’s body and set on knee and take his penis to her mouth Arvind cannot believe that a shy lady do this type of things in bed room now Arvind start removing her clothes after removing her clothes Arvind eye are open after seeing her boobs and nude body now both standing and kissing each other on lips my wife is to horny now she press Arvind for bed she laid down on bed and say

Arvind to come up now Arvind put his 8inch penis to my wife vagina and start fucking her after few jerk my wife wants some different position now she turn back and show her tight ass to him he look the ass and start kissing them she say Arvind come on this not for kissing this for hard shot after earring this word Arvind take some cream and put on her ass hole she turn and say no what r u doing Arvind say I want to enter my penis to u r small ass hole

She says no I never try this my husband is also not try please fuck my vagina in Rockygy style he say ok. but he now that my wife vagina is not so tight for his penis after jerking some good shot he request my wife for ass fucking she says no then Arvind say pl. for several time then my wife agree then he puts some cream and some oil on her ass hole and some on his penis also suddenly he put his penis mouth to ass hole and say

Reena that in entering there is some pain after that its feel better so pl. take care she say ok now he start entering her penis face to her ass when she put the first push she shout and say loudly take out you bustard Arvind now that if he put out she did not give another chance to him for ass fuck because it is painful then Arvind say ok and give a hard push and jerking fastly in a second his 8 inch. Penis enter to whole to her ass she start shouting loudly and give mother promise

To take out but it is to tight that he feel very hot and start pushing faster she is now crying and saying u r a good guy u r a animal and crying loudly after 5min. jerking he pour all cum to her ass when he put out his penis my wife laid down and crying a lot after few min. she stand up and slaps 2-3times on his face after that she put all the clothes and run naked to my bed room

I myself also run and sleep in same position she gone to toilet and dress and come out and sleep close to me it’s really very hot moments of my life then I sleep ,in the morning when I open my eyes I found that someone is crying in my toilet I gone close to the door it’s my wife crying and talking to her lady doctor friend that she is not bed properly and blood is coming from her ass hole

I come and sleep there after some time my wife come out she cannot walk properly she gone slowly to kitchen and star preparing breakfast after 2 3 days she start chatting Arvind happily and when where they get chance they fucked to gather after some time Arvind gone to his place now I start our sex life properly with all steps after few day later I again offer her for swapping this time she agree and now we r happily doing sex when we like to swap Please send your suggestions

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