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i orginally wrote this is the 2nd person for a friend so any changes in tense as a result, i apologize. Just a side project i played with for like a week so be nice in the comments. I know it’s not my best work. I should have something up in First Time or even in the main story sections in a couple of weeks: month or so tops.

“Hup Hup Hup,” I shouted, tossing the bumper high in the air. Molly took off after it, waiting for it to land. It hit the ground a little to her right and she corrected her course, still running at full speed. She saw the bumper in front of her and looked down to grab it. But she was moving far too fast and over shot it, missing the grab. My close friend, Courtney, giggled next to me as Molly scooped it up and ran it back to us. “Good girl Molly! Yes ma’am,” I say, petting and rubbing her as I took the bumper out of her mouth. “Alright, Molly. Heel. Sit. Steady,” I order. She sits obediently just behind my left foot and watches as I toss the bumper into the air again. She doesn’t move a muscle, waiting for the command. “Molly!” I shout. The Yellow Labrador took off after the bumper.

“Wow, stud,” she remarked. “You’ve done such a good job training her!” She looked up smiling at me. I felt one hand resting on my abs and the other around my waist. I leaned in and kissed her softly as the lips as Molly troted up proudly, holding the bumper in her jaw. I took the tool out and place it in the bag.

I went into the truck and pulled out her bowls. The first large one I filled with bottled water from the ice chest and the second smaller one I filled with a bag of her food. Courtney watched while petting and loving on Molly as the Rocky kept trying to jump onto her. “Molly!” I bark, sharply. She instantly stoped and looked at me. She noticed her bowls of food and water had been set out and walked over. As she dug into her food bowl, I took out the long red check cord and tied it around her collar and part of the truck. We sat ourselves up on the lowered tailgate of the truck and watched her eat and drink, our arms around each other’s waists.

When she finished her food and drink, she trotted into the brush of the hunting grounds, sniffing the dirt. After a few feet, she found a spot, paused, and relieved herself. Then she came back and settled down for a nap under the truck in the shade. We sat there talking a little and kissing a lot. I let the hand not around her waist creep across and settle on her thigh. I began rubbing it up and down and noticed Courtney’s legs open a little. As I moved my hand slightly higher, I noticed her legs open a little more. My hand crept higher and higher until my finger was just barely brushing between her legs. She smiled at me, place her hand over mine, and moved it fully between her legs.

I slid my hand up her back and held the back of her head as I began leaning her back, rubbing between her legs. As we fell back, I pulled her into a deep kiss. I kept rubbing between her legs as she moaned into my mouth. I began to move my hand in circles and applying pressure in different areas. She moaned again deep into my mouth, making me shudder in pleasure. Her hips thrust up into my hand as I rubbed her, feeling it get hot beneath my hands. After a few more seconds, I felt her jeans getting wet.

As our tongues continued to play, I pinched her zipper and slid it down, opening her jeans. I carefully slipped one finger inside the opening and felt her soaking wet panties. I tickled her slit beneath the fabric, making her gasp as I rubbed the sensitive flesh. Her hand moved and grabbed the large bulge in my pants, squeezing it and pulling it beneath the denim. I sighed into her and broke apart the kiss.

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