Training Jake

I knew the moment I saw the big white Lincoln parked in the driveway outside our 2 story red brick house that it was going to be a long night. I held tight to my little sister’s hand and looked down at her smiling face and sparkly blue eyes, she had seen the car too.

“Nana’s here!” my sister said.

I could only groan at her enthusiasm. Don’t get me wrong, I loved our Godmother. That was sort of the problem. I loved her so much that I obeyed her every command without question, often to aching knees, a sore back, bloody hands, and well- you get the idea. Patti Mae, or Nana as Nikki calls her, is just shy of 60 and could still make the cover of Playboy magazine with her pixie cut platinum blonde hair, huge boobs, and wide pear shaped hips. Since Mom and Dad’s divorce Pattie Mae has been coming around a lot more, often with some task for me to perform. I hope this time it isn’t cleaning the gutters.

“Come on,” I trudged Nikki across the street.

“You think she’ll bake us cookies?” Nikki asked, licking her lips.

We stepped through the door and Nikki broke free of my hold with a running leap. Pattie Mae stood in the center of a very empty, very dirty hardwood floor. I recognized the look on her face, the one that said a thousand different things and none of them nice. My eyes roamed the floor, counting stains and trying to guess at what the globs of goo had once been. I could see outlines where all the furniture had been.

Pattie Mae caught Nikki and twirled her around, but her eyes never left mine. The message was clear and the task had been given. I hung my head in shame and headed to get the warm soapy water, a sponge, and something to scrape up the goo.

I knew from past experience not to scrub the floor in my school clothes. I had a pair of old jeans that were splattered with paint, but I couldn’t get the them to zip up. That left me with just one option.

Nudity wasn’t really an issue in our house. My only concerns were that I was fourteen and prone to spontaneous erections. I wasn’t so much embarrassed by the erections as I was the size of my package. Since hitting the 9th grade, and sharing a locker room with 27 other guys, I’ve realized that I’m not exactly “normal” in that area. I never thought having a “big one” could be a bad thing; until I realized just how big it actually was.

But this was my sister and Godmother, both of whom have seen me naked on multiple occasions. (Just not recently.)

I stepped out of the bathroom, with a pail of water and a big mesh covered sponge floating in suds that smelled like wildflowers, completely naked with my Johnson swinging between my legs. My balls felt like they were made out of lead after having been pinned up for so long. I heard sounds in the kitchen and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing Nikki would have Pattie Mae occupied for the next couple of hours. I set to work, scrubbing and scraping.

My father would have called me all kinds of names, having seen me on my hands and knees doing “women’s work”, but if my father taught me anything, it was that I didn’t want to be like him. I couldn’t help but hear his voice in the back of my head though. He’d been gone for over two years now, and I could still hear his bullying voice and that sickening laugh.

I don’t know how long I spent scrubbing, scraping, and drying the floor. Two hours or three it didn’t matter, the job was done now. I found the furniture, and my next task, when I went to my bedroom to get dressed. I sighed and started lugging everything back to the living room.

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