Training Jaime

I finally got some inspiration to start some new material. My other story is still being worked on, but I found this one a bit more fun. Enjoy!

Sam was withering away at his pitiful age of 52. He owned a strip mall in downtown which had kept him going his whole life. Obsessed with greed, Sam naturally fell to money and never got married. His size spoke for himself, weighing in at 250 lbs and being 5’7, Sam was not the most eligible bachelor, but one thing he always had was his money. Of course he used hookers and strippers whenever he felt lonely, but recently all of life’s promises seemed to be empty. He found little joy in counting his bills and no joy in fucking the same whore’s that were so long ago turned into useless sex slaves. Eventually, he came to the decision to sell his strip mall and retire, searching for what would make him happy. After selling his estate, Sam’s net worth would prove to be impossible to diminish, even after 100 lifetimes. He sighed, wondering what the world had to offer him, he even thought of taking his life once or twice. But alas a letter came in the mail. It was from his only niece, Jaime. She was getting married and had invited Sam. He didn’t know much about her and vaguely remember her cute little face. Nevertheless, Sam didn’t have anything better to do so he decided to show up.

When Sam showed up at the church he was more than disappointed. It was a flat one story level building as the white paint peeled off the sides of the wood. Was this really where his niece was getting married? He entered the church taking off his hat and exposing his more than half bald head. He looked up the aisle and spotted the groom, he was a young man with an honest look, and a tall build with a strong body. As the organ began playing all 12 of the attendants, whom Sam could not recognize, turned their heads toward the entrance doors. A lavishly beautiful looking young girl walked down the aisle smiling with her eyes closed. Her breasts were enormous, so much so that her dress didn’t do anything to conceal her size. Although her ass wasn’t as impressive as her tits, they were a force to be reckoned with as they swayed side to side, tempting any man in the building.

After the ceremony the newlyweds had began thanking all the people that had come, and since Sam saw that it was over he picked up his hat and started walking out the door when an innocent voice called to him. “Uncle Sammy!” shivers ran down his spine and his blood popped and his skin froze over. His body responded to her voice as he felt alive once more. Jaime ran toward her uncle hugging him by the waist, she was only a couple of inches shorter than he was.

“I can’t believe you recognized me. The last time I saw you was at.” Sam paused thinking that it wasn’t a good idea to bring up her father’s death.

“Yea, when dad died.” She looked a bit sad remembering that day.

“Congratulations.” He smiled kissing her on top of the head.
“Say, won’t you come and have dinner with us?”

He was unsure, but realized that he was no longer held down by his business, wasn’t this the reason he retired? To find his happiness? “I can’t reject an offer from a bride, now can i?”

She smiled as she held him tightly. Sam couldn’t help but take a peek down her blouse. It was mind blowing just how big her breasts were, we wanted to touch the so badly. They were tightly clamped together by a white bra that mushed the breasts together, trying desperately to conceal their size. Who could blame the bra size though? No bra was large enough for her breasts. “I brought a limo. Would you guys like to ride?”

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