Training a Young Slave

Master Jim was 30-years-old, stood 5’10”, and weighed a fit 190 pounds. His wife, Mistress Dora was 28-years-old, 5’7″, 125 pounds, with dark brown shoulder length hair, and a nice C-cup rack of tits she enjoyed showing off. All and all they were a typical appearing young couple. A couple who happened to enjoyed training and keeping young slaves.

As their titles implied, Jim and Dora enjoyed a lifestyle of training and dominating slaves. They prefered young ladies. Young ladies whom they took into their home on the pretext of helping them over a rough period in the girls’ lives. Once in their home, the girls left only when they were sold, or died.

Jim and Dora lived in a large rural home which had three levels, including a basement. Due to their life style as Master and Mistress, their home hand been designed and built with an extensive CC TV system, electronically activated magnetic locks on all the doors, and various other security measures. There were also several hidden rooms. The most used of which was a sound proof jail cell like basement accessed by a stairwell hidden behind a sliding panel in the den. The basement had been divided into many small rooms that ranged from a simple cell to a comfortable bed room.

On one particular summer evening, Jim and Dora were bored. They had no one to play with. Another master had made them an offer too good to turn down. So, their most recent slave, an 18-year-old redhead, had been sold.

With their rural home so quiet, and no one to play with, Jim and Dora decided to treat themselves to a nice dinner out. They selected an upscale restaurant in the heart of a nearby mid-sized city.

It was still early evening as Jim and Dora were led to their requested seats near the restaurant’s front window. From these seats, there was a beautiful view of the nearby river and adjoining park. As the sun set, a full moon bathed the entire scene in a soft glow. That moon glow allowed continued good visibility of the park.

After ordering drinks, they began quietly chatting about where they were going to find their next ‘playmate.’ ‘Playmate’ was a term they used in place of ‘slave’ when they were in public. It was so expensive to buy a trained slave. Plus, previously owned slaves always required time and effort to retrain them. They reasoned that if they were going to go to all the trouble to train another slave, it may as well be a new one.

Finally, Jim said. “I guess we’ll just have to find a fresh girl to train, Dora. I know their sometimes tough to find, but the training of a fresh girl is always so much fun.”

“You’re right as usual, Jim. I just wish we had someone to play with tonight.” Dora sighed.

“I know, dear. Be patient. Some one will come along soon enough. They always do. It may take a while, but don’t we always find a girl to train?” Jim consoled his wife as they finished their first drink.

“I know, but I would really like to have someone to play with tonight.” Dora complained.

The waiter returned and they ordered steaks for dinner along with another drink. As the waiter left to get the drinks, Jim and Dora held hands and gazed out the window at the nearby park.

After several minutes of looking toward the park, Dora excitedly exclaimed in a strained whisper. “Jim, did you see that?”

“See what, dear?” He asked.

“Over there. Near that small stand of trees at the edge of the park. There! There she is again. There’s a girl in those trees, and she seems to be watching us.”

“Yes! I see her. She does seem to be watching us, or at least she’s looking at this restaurant. Do you think she’s hungry?” Jim asked.

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