Training a Young Slave

Master Jim was 30-years-old, stood 5’10”, and weighed a fit 190 pounds. His wife, Mistress Dora was 28-years-old, 5’7″, 125 pounds, with dark brown shoulder length hair, and a nice C-cup rack of tits she enjoyed showing off. All and all they were a typical appearing young couple. A couple who happened to enjoyed training and keeping young slaves.

As their titles implied, Jim and Dora enjoyed a lifestyle of training and dominating slaves. They prefered young ladies. Young ladies whom they took into their home on the pretext of helping them over a rough period in the girls’ lives. Once in their home, the girls left only when they were sold, or died.

Jim and Dora lived in a large rural home which had three levels, including a basement. Due to their life style as Master and Mistress, their home hand been designed and built with an extensive CC TV system, electronically activated magnetic locks on all the doors, and various other security measures. There were also several hidden rooms. The most used of which was a sound proof jail cell like basement accessed by a stairwell hidden behind a sliding panel in the den. The basement had been divided into many small rooms that ranged from a simple cell to a comfortable bed room.

On one particular summer evening, Jim and Dora were bored. They had no one to play with. Another master had made them an offer too good to turn down. So, their most recent slave, an 18-year-old redhead, had been sold.

With their rural home so quiet, and no one to play with, Jim and Dora decided to treat themselves to a nice dinner out. They selected an upscale restaurant in the heart of a nearby mid-sized city.

It was still early evening as Jim and Dora were led to their requested seats near the restaurant’s front window. From these seats, there was a beautiful view of the nearby river and adjoining park. As the sun set, a full moon bathed the entire scene in a soft glow. That moon glow allowed continued good visibility of the park.

After ordering drinks, they began quietly chatting about where they were going to find their next ‘playmate.’ ‘Playmate’ was a term they used in place of ‘slave’ when they were in public. It was so expensive to buy a trained slave. Plus, previously owned slaves always required time and effort to retrain them. They reasoned that if they were going to go to all the trouble to train another slave, it may as well be a new one.

Finally, Jim said. “I guess we’ll just have to find a fresh girl to train, Dora. I know their sometimes tough to find, but the training of a fresh girl is always so much fun.”

“You’re right as usual, Jim. I just wish we had someone to play with tonight.” Dora sighed.

“I know, dear. Be patient. Some one will come along soon enough. They always do. It may take a while, but don’t we always find a girl to train?” Jim consoled his wife as they finished their first drink.

“I know, but I would really like to have someone to play with tonight.” Dora complained.

The waiter returned and they ordered steaks for dinner along with another drink. As the waiter left to get the drinks, Jim and Dora held hands and gazed out the window at the nearby park.

After several minutes of looking toward the park, Dora excitedly exclaimed in a strained whisper. “Jim, did you see that?”

“See what, dear?” He asked.

“Over there. Near that small stand of trees at the edge of the park. There! There she is again. There’s a girl in those trees, and she seems to be watching us.”

“Yes! I see her. She does seem to be watching us, or at least she’s looking at this restaurant. Do you think she’s hungry?” Jim asked.

“I hope so. Jim, why don’t you go see if she would like to join us for dinner. We can decide it she fits our needs during dinner.”

Jim smiled at Dora, kissed her hand, and slipped out the restaurant’s side door. He quietly approached the stand of trees from the side. Before the girl even knew he was there, Jim stood close behind her. Her clothes were filthy, and so was she. The girl was in serious need of a bath. Though she wasn’t rank, she did smell a little ripe. Her face smudged with dirt, her honey blond hair matted, and her clothing seemed to have been worn for several days.

He softly spoke. “Hi! My name is Jim.”

With a startled gasp, the girl jumped and turned to face a smiling Jim. “I…I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll be going now.”

“Are you hungry? Would you like to join my wife and me for dinner?” Jim asked.

Hanging her head, she replied. “No. I’ll be going now.”

“Nonsense! You look hungry. When was the last time you had something to eat? Never mind! You will join us for dinner, won’t you?” Jim insisted.

The girl replied. “I am hungry, but I’m not dressed to go into such a nice place.”

Holding his hand out to the bedraggled young lady, he told her. “You let me worry about that young lady. Now, come with me.”

She hesitated briefly then tentatively placed her trembling hand in Jim’s strong grasp. She didn’t realize it, but Jim did. She had just obeyed her first command from him.

As Jim led her through the restaurant’s front door, they were approached by the head waiter. “Sir, I’m sorry, but we have a dress code here. The young lady doesn’t meet it. I’m afraid she’ll have to leave.”

The girl started to turn, but Jim held her hand firmly. Reaching into his pocket, he produced a $50.00 bill. Handing it to the waiter, Jim said. “I think the young lady’s clothing is quite sufficient for tonight. Don’t you?”

The waiter looked at the fifty, pocketed it, and, with a smile, said to the girl. “Enjoy your dinner ma’am.”

The young lady smiled at Jim and held his hand just a little tighter.

Jim escorted the girl to the window table where Dora was seated. Dora stood and indicated the girl was to sit next to the window. “Sit here, my dear.” That placed her between Jim and Dora. “I hope you don’t mind, but when I saw you coming with Jim, I ordered you a steak for dinner. What’s your name, my dear?”

“Connie, Ma’am. Thank you for asking me to dinner.”

“Well Connie, what brought you to be hiding in those trees tonight? You were hiding weren’t you? Are you hiding from an irate husband or boyfriend, or maybe the law?” Dora asked.

“Oh no, Ma’am. It’s nothing like that. I don’t have a boyfriend, and I’m too young to have a husband.” Connie giggled.

“What about the law? Are you running from the law?” Jim inquired.

Dora noted that Jim’s last question seemed to have struck a nerve with Connie. She put her arm around the girl, and with a grin asked. “So, you’re running from the law, huh? What did you do. Rob a bank, kill someone, get involved in dealing drugs? It’s OK. You can tell me. Jim and I would never turn you in. By the way, just how old are you, Connie?”

Connie hesitated.

Dora hugged Connie and used a voice that oozed authority. “Well? What did you do?”

“I’m sorry Ma’am. It’s nothing like that. Two days ago I ran away from a group home. I’m only 16-years-old, and I’m afraid they may have called the cops on me.”

“Group home? What kind of group home, Connie?” Jim asked.

Connie hung her head but said nothing.

Firmly, Dora asked. “Connie, how can we help you if you clam up? Answer me, please!

Connie swallowed a bite of steak and responded. “Yes Ma’am. It was a home for troubled teens. Mom said she couldn’t handle me or my arguing any more. She didn’t like my friends and yelled at me when I hung out with them. She said they were trouble. Some of my friends did get in trouble, but I never did anything wrong to be put in that jail. She said she’d come and get me when I learned to quit arguing with her.” Tears had started to flow down Connie’s cheeks as she told her story.

“So, your mother simply threw you away like so much trash! Dora emphasized the word ‘trash.’

Connie continued to hang her head and said. “I guess so.”

Jim grinned and winked at Dora who almost imperceptibly nodded. They had silently agreed that Connie met their needs and would be their next slave.

With a smile, Dora told Connie. “Finish your steak, dear. You’ll come home with us for a while. You can shower and I’ll take you shopping for some new and cleaner clothes.”

“I don’t know if I….”

“It’s settled!” Connie was interrupted by Dora. With a sharp stare, Dora firmly told Connie. “You will stay with us for a while. Agreed?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Connie was quickly learning not to argue with Jim and Dora.

“That’s much better. We don’t like arguing either, but we won’t throw you away like your mother did. We’ll teach you why it is best for you to not argue with us.”

What Dora meant was they’d train Connie to obey all their commands without question or discussion. Obstinate or argumentative behavior would soon result in painful disciplinary measures.

Jim interrupted. “If you girls are done gabbing, let’s get going. I want to get home in time to watch the game on TV. You two can go shopping while the game is on.”

“Yes, Sir. Are you ready Connie?” Dora responded with a smile on her lips.

“Yes Ma’am.” Connie replied. Connie was smiling as well.

“OK then, let’s go!” Jim firmly said. Leaving the money on the table to pay the check and a nice tip, he rose and led Dora and the teenaged girl to his car.

The drive to Jim and Dora’s home was uneventful. Connie was highly impressed by their large stone country home. Being a city girl, she was especially awed by all the acreage and large trees surrounding the house.

As soon as they were in the house, Jim disappeared into his den. The den was a large room that exuded overtly male tastes. The floor was covered with a deep pile carpet that seemed to ooze between one’s toes when walked on while barefoot. Several erotic paintings of nude women in various provocative poses hung on the walls of the den. As one walked into the den, a large dark cherry desk sat in the far right corner. Behind the desk was a floor to ceiling, four foot wide bookcase. It was filled with books that delved into various forms of sexual activities and the histories of each. In the far left corner was a dark leather couch that was over six feet long. Between the desk and couch was a locked cabinet containing the electronic components that controlled the TV, house-wide stereo system, audio and video recording equipment, and internal and external security controls. On the wall opposite the desk and couch was a huge plasma TV. All the electronics could be fed to the TV for a larger than life view of any room in the house or area on the property.

As Jim ducked into his den, Dora took Connie upstairs to the bathroom. After pointing out the linen closet and the supply of various shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes to Connie, Dora told her. “Feel free to use as much of the things here as you like. I’ll loan you some clothes to wear when we go shopping. We’re only going to Walmart, so if they’re a little baggy, that’ll be OK. Many of you kids today are wearing your clothes baggy anyway. Too bad. They’d look much cuter if their clothes fit a little snugger.”

Dora disappeared and quickly returned with a pair of slacks, a blouse, sports bra, and the only pair of plain white panties she owned. She then told Connie. “Take your time. When your done, come down to the den.”

With a tear in her eye and a quivering voice, Connie told Dora. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you and Jim for your kindness.”

“Don’t worry about it for now. Now, hop in the shower and clean up. Your really do need it, you know. We’ll go shopping as soon as you’re done in here.” Then, as she left the bathroom, Dora giggled and whispered under her breath. “I’m sure we can think of some interesting ways for you to repay us.”

Dora then left Connie and joined Jim in the den. The big screen TV was on, but it wasn’t a ball game he was watching. The huge screen was lit up with a CC TV feed. Their internal camera and taping system had been activated, and Connie was the star attraction.

Dora entered the den just as Jim watched Connie toss her bra into the hamper. Connie had revealed a firm set of orange sized tits with small pink nipples. The teen then slid her dingy panties off her hips and down her slender legs. As she bent to push her panties off her feet, she pointed her tight round butt directly at a camera hidden in the bathroom wall’s trim.

“Oh my!” Dora exclaimed. “She has such a nice ass. And look how firm her tits are. I’m going to love sucking on those lovely teen tits.”

Jim already had a hard on. As he rubbed it through his pants, he remarked. “And I’m going enjoy fucking the shit out of that pussy and ass. You don’t suppose she’s cherry?”

As Connie stepped into the shower and Jim switched cameras, Dora said. “I don’t know, Jim. I wonder if she’s ever sucked a cock or eaten pussy. No matter! She soon will.”

“I’m glad you like her, Dora. Now shut up and enjoy the show.” Jim said.

Connie unknowingly put on a real good show for her hosts. She washed her hair twice before sudsing up a soft wash cloth. She scrubbed her face vigorously with her lathered up wash cloth. She then slowly worked her way down her nubile young body until she reached her tits. She hung her wash cloth on the shower head and, using both hands, she sensually massaged soap over her tits. Her small nipples grew erect, and she trapped them between the first two fingers of her hands. With a firm squeeze to her tits and nipples, Connie moved on. She grabbed the soapy wash cloth and began scrubbing her smooth flat belly. Her hands caressed it clean. She carefully washed her butt making sure to get well into the crevice between the pale globes of her ass. When Connie tended to her crotch and its bush, she used the same floral scented shampoo and conditioner she had used on her head. She then worked directly on her pussy with the soapy cloth. She slowly rubbed the soft cloth over and over her nether lips. It was obvious Connie was arousing herself.

Connie abruptly left her pussy and quickly scrubbed her legs and feet. She then returned to her slightly swollen pussy. Widely spreading her feet and legs, she carefully stroked the cloth up and down her slit again. In a short time, the horny teen dropped her wash cloth, cupped her pussy with both hands, and squeezed her legs together.

“Humm! Dora, I think your sweet young girl just got her self off. Maybe she’s not so innocent as she claims. I reckon we’ll know soon enough.” Jim commented to his wife.

Jim and Dora continued watching Connie as she dried herself and dressed in the clothes Dora had provided. As she entered the den, Jim and Dora were engrossed in the ball game on TV.

“Wow!” Jim exclaimed. “Connie, you sure look nice all cleaned up. You sure look more relaxed too. That shower must have made you feel a lot better.”

Connie blushed and thought. ‘They couldn’t know. Could they?’

Dora stood and asked. “Connie, are you ready to go pick out a few things at Wally World?”

“Yes Ma’am, but you don’t have to buy me anything. You guys have already been too good to me.” Connie responded.

“Nonsense. We’ll get a few things for you tonight. Then if you stay, we’ll get more in a day or two. Now, get that cute little butt of yours in the car.” Dora ordered.

“Yes Ma’am.” Connie agreed and turned to leave.

As she left the den, Jim yelled after her. “Hurry back so I can see you model your new things for me.”

Dora and Connie chatted about Connie’s recent stay at, and escape from, the home for troubled teens.

Connie filled in a few details as to why her mother had sent her to the home. It seems Connie had begun hanging with a new group of kids. Her mother didn’t approve of most of them. Though Connie denied doing any of it, she admitted several of her friends smoked dope, drank alcohol, and screwed around. The worst arguments between Connie and her mother were always over her hanging out with her friends.

As they pulled into Walmart’s parking lot, Dora spoke to the teen. “Connie, if you stay with Jim and me, I promise you won’t have a problem over your friends.” Dora smiled at the teen and thought to her self. ‘That’s because we’ll be the only ‘friends’ you’ll have or need.’

With a broad smile, Connie said. “Thank you, Ma’am. She then accompanied Dora into the store. As they passed the lingerie section, Dora softly asked. “Connie, what size are your boobs?”

Connie blushed and answered. “I’m a B, a 32 B, but I’ve been getting larger lately0.”

“Here! I think these will fit you nicely.” Dora gently tossed two packages marked ‘Wonderbra’ into Connie’s cart.

Connie smiled and commented. “I’ve never had a bra like that. Mom said they’d make me look like one of my trampy friends.”

“Would that be the same mother that threw you away like so much trash? The mother that left you in that home?” Dora rhetorically asked.

“Yeah.” Connie replied. Her head hung nearly to her chest.

“Cheer up, Honey. If you stay with Jim and me, we will want you to always look your best. That includes making the most of your assets. You seem to have a nice set of boobs and a cute butt. You should learn to show them off a little. Now, let’s go get you a couple of blouses.”

Dora words brought a smile to Connie’s face as they headed to the racks of blouses.

Dora picked out a pair of blouses for Connie. Both would be snug fitting and had low cut necklines. When worn with her new bras, these blouses guaranteed Connie’s tits would be prominently displayed for any who cared to look.

Connie blushed deeply when Dora told her. “Your tits will definitely get the boys attention in these things.” Dora tossed the blouses into the cart and continued. “Now, to find you a couple of skirts to go with the blouses.”

A short time later, Dora had picked out two skirts and added them to the cart.

Connie looked at the skirts and thought to her self. ‘These skirts will be a too short on me. But then, what the heck. I’m not paying for them. If she wants me in short skirts and tight blouses, I’ll wear what she wants to buy me.’

“Connie, lets go try on what we have so far. The dressing rooms are over there.” Dora pointed to the small changing closets. Handing Connie a bra, blouse, and the longer of the two skirts, she said. “Put these on then step out so I can see how they look on you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Connie took the clothes and stepped into the dressing room. A few minutes later, she stepped out. Her face red from blushing. The clothing combination had done it magic. She had never felt so sexy and exposed in public. With a little quiver in the voice, Connie asked. “Do I look OK?”

Surveying the teen in front of her, Dora liked what she saw. A great deal of Connie’s tits and cleavage were exposed by the Wonderbra and low cut blouse. The skirt came to several inches above her knees. “Connie honey, you look delicious. Those clothes bring out the beauty you’ve been hiding. Jim will go nuts when he sees what a beautiful creature you are.”

Connie blushed again then frowned at the thought of Jim seeing so much of her boobs and legs.

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