Training a Young Slave, Connie Becomes Entertaining

Over the next few months, slave Connie became a very good slave for Master Jim and Mistress Dora. She was becoming a good cook, kept the house neat and clean, and performed all of her other duties well. She had even come to enjoy her subservient situation as a sexual slave. She happily submitted to the many ways her masters used her body. Slave Connie loved being fucked in her pussy, ass, and even her mouth. She could take Master Jim’s cock deep into her throat and swallow his scum without spilling a drop. She could rapidly bring Mistress Dora to orgasm by eating her pussy. She even learned to lick Master Jim’s and Mistress Dora’s ass upon request.

A new provocative painting hung in Master Jim’s den. Slave Connie was proud to have her picture prominently displayed over Master Jim’s desk.

One afternoon Master Jim called her to his den. She hurriedly entered the den and bowed to her Master.

“Master Jim, how may your slave serve you?” She said as she bowed to him.

Slave Connie, Mistress Dora and I will be having guests this evening. You will be expected to prepare the dinner and then be desert for our guests. You will find all the supplies needed in the kitchen. You will also find a new outfit waiting for you there as well. Do you have any questions, slave?”

“No, Master Jim. Your slave will get right on it.”

Connie’s first duty was to clean herself. She stopped in the kitchen to pick up a box containing her new outfit. She took a quick shower taking care to clean her pussy and ass well. She then touched up her shaved pussy to be certain no stray hairs or stubble could be found.

She found a new very skimpy French maid’s outfit awaiting her in the box she had brought from the kitchen. It was black with white lace trim. When she put it on it left her tits fully exposed through well placed holes meant for that purpose. Her ass was barely covered and her pussy covered with a nearly see-through material. Looking in the mirror, slave Connie smiled. She knew she was one hell of a sexy teen. She also knew Master’s guests would like and make extensive use of her.

Slave Connie then returned to the kitchen and began preparing the steaks for dinner. Mistress Dora had left her a list of how the guests like their steaks cooked. The list included seat numbers that matched with a particular guest. A tossed salad and fresh peas and carrots were to be prepared as well.

When slave Connie entered the dinning room, she was greeted with her Master and Mistress and a dozen guests all seated at the table. Master Jim sat at the head of the table with Mistress Dora along the side of the table to his right. The guests were seated along both sides of the table, men to the left and women to the right. All were formally dressed.

“Master Jim, dinner is ready to be served.” Slave Connie announced.

“Very well slave, you may begin serving.”

“Yes Master.” She started serving the dinner. Wine glasses were filled the the salad was served. Then the main course of steak and peas and carrots were served. As she served the meal, many of the men patted her ass. Some were even so bold to slide a finger over her practically exposed pussy. A few of the women fondled a tit or pinched a nipple. Some commented about its firmness or shape, and the youthfulness of the slave they were attached to.

Slave Connie would only smile and nod. She then disappeared into the kitchen to eat her own meal.

About an hour later, Master Jim called out. “Slave Connie, you may serve desert now. Start at the far end of the table.”

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