Tracy and I continue our misadventures

After obtaining a prescription for a miracle of modern medicine, Tracy and I started finding reasons to see each other two or three times a week. Sometimes it would be just for company while shopping for everyday items, other times it would be a “date” for dinner or a movie. On one of our shopping trips, she insisted we stop in Victoria’s Secret and she brought a couple of sheer negligee’s and two pair of sexy panties. Needless to say, when we got back to her house I demanded a fashion show to show off her new purchases and neither the negligee or panties stayed on for long. One night she popped in as I was cooking dinner for the express purpose of giving me a blow job before she went to a work related meeting.

The next night, I decided to return the favor before I went to volunteer at the local movie theater re-purposed into a concert venue. I had decided after my wife passed that I needed to find something to occupy my time in the evenings and volunteering there was a good way to occasionally hear some good music, meet new people and generally pass the time I would have otherwise wasted watching TV or surfing the net. Some nights I’d sell or take tickets, other nights tend bar and even got to be the emcee once or twice.

After knocking, I let myself in and found Tracy in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Moving behind her, I slipped my arms around her waist and leaned down to nuzzle her neck. My right hand moved lower and worked between her thighs to cup her mound. “MMMmmmm…” she cooed as my hand worked back and forth. Quickly I unbuttoned her jeans and worked the zipper down before

pushing her jeans down to her knees. Turning her around I pressed my lips hard to hers as I lifted her up and set her on the kitchen counter. Tracy kicked off her jeans as I leaned down and caught the waistband of her panties between my teeth. Stretching the elastic I hooked my fingers beneath it and, as she lifted her ass off the counter, I worked her panties down her legs and off her ankles. I started biting her inner thighs, turning my head to alternate sides with each bite a little higher. When I reached the top, I spread her legs wide and bit the tendon connecting her hip to her thigh. My fingers spread her labia exposing her clit which was swollen to almost twice it’s normal size. I blew a couple of puffs of air on it which caused her to shudder excitedly before slipping my tongue into her tunnel and letting my mustache tickle her clit. After probing her for a couple of minutes, I slid my tongue out and flicked her clit repeatedly. Her breathing and groaning told me she was close to her release so I caught her clit between my teeth and rubbed the tip of my tongue rapidly back and forth across her sensitive nub. Her thighs squeezed my head as I felt her body spasm and I quickly released her clit to lap up as much of her flow as possible. Straightening up, I smiled and bent down to kiss her quickly. As I turned to go she pleaded “Aren’t you going to stay and fuck me properly?”

“I can’t tonight…gotta go or I’ll be late”

“You bastard, you get me all worked up and you’re just going to leave me like this?”

I smiled “Yep. Next time I’ll ravish you in ways you’ve only ever dreamed about but I just needed a bite to eat before I go to collect tickets.”

“You’ll be lucky if there ever is a next time” she snapped in feigned indignation before I blew her a kiss and quickly retreated out the kitchen door.

That night the music was good, the crowd a good mix of young and old and my spirits high after teasing Tracy enough to get her off, but not enough to satisfy her. My phone buzzed with a text just before the band took a set break “Hav ur ass at my house at 7 tomorrow. Make sure ur Rocky is set 4 d night becuz u gonna b l8…and maybe you’d better take 2 of them pills.” I grinned as I put my phone away.

By :Kozmic Kowboy

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