Tom helps his neighbour out a second time – Caught Panty Sniffing

I slept in the next morning, probably due to the demands of the previous day. If it hadn’t been for a knock on my door I’m not sure when I would have stirred.

“Tom…Tom you OK?” called one of the twins from outside the closed door.

“Err, yeah,” I said not quite awake.

The door opened and she stepped in.

“It’s nearly eleven, we were starting to wonder,” I could now see it was Emily as she came into focus.

“Oh God is it really! I was dead to the world,” I said shocked to learn the time.

“It was only when Janice from next door asked us where you was that we realised we hadn’t seen you,” she said.

“Oh yeah, Janice, I promised I’d go round and finish a job for her,” I suddenly remembered.

“She did seem a bit worried that she’d be asking to much of you. I told her I was sure you was happy to help her out,” she said.

Now I was more awake I realised Emily was wearing a pink bikini. I couldn’t help looking her up and down admiring her neat little body as she now stood next to my bed.

“Perhaps, if you see her, you can tell her that I’ll be round a bit later when I’ve had a shower and breakfast, or should that be lunch! Can’t believe I’ve slept so late!” I said wiping she sleep from my eye’s.

“Will do, I’ll give her a shout over the fence and see if she’s still about,” Emily said and turned to leave.

“Thanks Em, oh and tell her I’m happy to help her out with anything she needs,” I said knowing exactly what her needs were.

“OK, see you later,” she said walking out and closing the door behind her…

When I eventually made it downstairs it was getting on for midday. I made myself some toast and a cuppa. I could hear the twins outside in the garden, still working on their tans I guessed.

“Hi,” I said as I strolled outside to see if they’d spoken to Janice.

The twins where both laying face down and had both undone their bikini tops to avoid white lines while they tanned no doubt. If it wasn’t for the different coloured bikini’s I wouldn’t have known who was who.

“You managed to get up then,” Emily said when she’d raised herself up onto her elbows and turned to face me.

She made no attempt to hide her breasts, her nipple was just visible. I smiled at her comment.

“Did you manage to speak to Janice?” I asked.

“Yeah she said to go round the back when you’re ready,” Emily replied.

“OK, thanks, I’ll see you later,” I said.

Wearing just a white vest top and blue shorts (I hadn’t bothered with underwear) I slipped on some canvas deck shoes and made my way next door…

“HELLO!” I called standing outside Janice’s open back door, poking my head inside.

“COME IN TOM,” Janice called from somewhere inside.

I stepped inside and waited. It wasn’t long before I was greeted by the sight of Janice wearing a short red silky dressing gown.

“Sorry I didn’t come sooner I overslept,” I said.

“Don’t apologise I’m just glad you’re here now,” she said.

“Let me sort that curtain pole out for you,” I said although I was sure she wasn’t really bothered about it.

“Yes lets go up shall we,” she said with a cheeky grin.

Following Janice upstairs I kept getting the odd glimpse under her gown. She was wearing a pair of black panties. She certainly had a shapely pair of legs. Walking into the spare bedroom I could see the step ladders were still by the window. I walked towards them.

“Come on Tom we both know why you’re here,” she said.

“I’ve been thinking about you ever since you left yesterday. I even dreamt about your big cock. I kept waking up and my panties were soaked every time,” she said taking a step towards me.

By : storyfella

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