Tom discovers he isn’t alone with his fetish – Caught Panty Sniffing

When I woke the next day I heard rain lashing at my bedroom window. No chance I would see the Twins sunbathing today I thought to myself. I made my way down stairs to get some breakfast and was greeted by Rosemary as I entered the kitchen.

“Morning Tom,” she said.

“Morning,” I replied feeling a bit awkward after the previous nights events.

Rosemary came closer and whispered in my ear, “I need to have a chat with you Tom, you know, about last night. The girls are going out soon so I’ll wait till they’re gone and pop up OK?”

“OK,” I quietly replied.

She moved away from me quickly as the twins walked in, “Hello Tom,” one of them said. I still couldn’t tell them apart.

Before I could respond she continued, “We’ll see you later Mum, we’re off now, bye.”

“Bye girls, have fun,” said Rosemary.

“Bye,” I said.

As the girls left Rosemary’s phone rang. I quickly grabbed some cereal and returned to my room glad to have the distraction, worried as I was, about what Rosemary wanted to talk to me about.

Sitting on my bed in my pyjamas I finished my breakfast and was checking my emails with my laptop on my lap when I heard Rosemary coming up the stairs.

A knock at the door, “come in,” I called somewhat reluctantly.

Rosemary entered, closed the door behind her and sat beside me on the bed. I closed my laptop and laid it beside me out of the way.

“Look Tom, I need to explain… about last night,” she started, unsure of how to continue, “It’s… well… the thing is Tom… I love your Dad very much and wouldn’t hurt him for the world, but well…You see your Dad, how can I put it…He’s lost all interest in…well in, sex.”

I didn’t know what to say, embarrassed I kept quiet.

“You see Tom I’ve always been highly sexed so I have my needs. I would never go looking for it elsewhere, I couldn’t do that to your Dad, it’s just that…well… when I found my knickers like that, you know, all wet, well…I have to be honest, it turned me on so much I just couldn’t help myself,” Rosemary tried to explain.

“Do you think I’m really bad?” she asked, dipping her head in shame and looking at her hands on her lap.

“No, I can understand how difficult it must be, it’s, well…I don’t know,” I couldn’t find the words.

“I know Tom, I’ve made it really awkward for you I know…I’m sorry,” she said.

Feeling bad for her I said, “I can’t deny…well I mean…it was really good.”

“It was wasn’t it…you know Tom, perhaps I shouldn’t say this but…well you have such a lovely…well you know…do you realise Tom, your cock is the biggest I’ve ever seen,” she said and patted my thigh with her hand.

I’m sure I blushed. My face felt suddenly hot, “Really!” I said feeling a bit smug.

“It’s huge Tom, not that size really matters but well, the thing is some cocks are quite ugly what ever their size but yours is, oh God I shouldn’t be saying this,” she said.

I had to cover my lap with my hands. Hearing Rosemary talking like this was having an effect.

“Anyway, You wont tell your Father will you!” she said.

“No I wont say anything, don’t worry,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“Our little secret, so glad you understand,” she said, squeezing my thigh she stood up, “I’ll leave you to it, see you later dear.”

. . .

As I stepped out of the shower that evening my eyes where again drawn to the laundry basket. It was empty. I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed but I needn’t of been as things turned out.

Back in my room with just a towel wrapped around my waist, I was sat up in bed playing a game on my laptop when I heard a gentle tap on the door, “Come in,” I called out.

By : storyfella

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