Together At Last

The big car rocketed down the road, its dual pipes purring as it ate up the miles. The top was down, and the rushing wind was playing with her hair, her bangs whipping against the smooth skin of her forehead as the bulk of her mid-back length hair trailed out in the slipstream coming over the windshield. Sandy was seventeen years old and enjoying herself hugely, out from under the thumb of her controlling mother for the afternoon.

Momma had good reason to be worried. Sandy was a ripe little thing, standing five feet, three inches tall. Her long thick hair flowed over her shoulders and framed her face, highlighting her even, regular features. She wasn’t breath-takingly beautiful but she was a good-looking girl, with wide blue eyes, a small, slim nose and a full, pouting mouth. She had lush, full 34C breasts that stood straight out from her chest and were crowned with plump nipples the size of her thumb. Her waist was slim and it flared out into womanly hips. Her ass was taut and firm, beautiful globes that begged to be held. Her legs were long and sleek with firm thighs that framed her sex, her trimmed pubic hair showing off her clit and her tight cunt lips.

She was with her next-door neighbor’s son, the driver and her partner in crime this afternoon. Jerry was eighteen years old, six feet tall and could almost be described as lanky. He was a good-looking boy, with steady, clear brown eyes and curly light brown hair that was already graying at the temples. He was not a jock, but he was fit and trim, and smart as a whip.

Jerry and Sandy were lovers, and had been lovers since Sandy was fourteen years old. She had caught him taking a leak one day in his backyard, behind the tool shed, and had teased him into showing her his cock. They had spend hours together that day, quickly moving from ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ games to masturbating together, Jerry stroking his fat eight inch cock as Sandy watched and jilled herself off.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Sandy had found him whenever she could, taking great delight in baring her developing young body to him and watching his thick cock grow and spit as he beat off for her. They took the small step to mutual masturbation, and she delighted in handling his cock, marveling at the way he could grow in her little hand, his soft skin sliding easily over the rigid meat it covered. She was also delighted to learn exactly how sensitive her breasts were, thoroughly enjoying his hands and mouth on her tits as he teased her nipples until they were tautly swollen, the areolas so erect that they looked like little tits on the growing mounds of her breasts.

She had surprised them both one afternoon, taking his bloated cock into her mouth just as he orgasmed while she masturbated him, her eyes widening comically as he spasmed her mouth full of his steaming hot load. She sucked him off three times that memorable day, her expertise growing by leaps and bounds as she observed the young man’s reactions to her energetic blow jobs. She lost her virginity to his plunging fingers that same day, her slender body writhing and bucking as she orgasmed on his hand, his lips and tongue busy on her erect clit.

They had not gone any farther than that, although he desperately wanted too. She had blossomed into a lushly ripe young woman from the gawky kid she had been at the start of their affair, and he dreamed of making love to her, of helping her take the final step into womanhood. But he had let Sandy set the pace and define the limits, and she was happy with their affair right where it was. She loved sucking his cock and would spend hours at it, nursing on the rigid spear and playing with his balls while he sucked her dripping snatch and turgidly erect clit. So they had never fucked together, but Jerry always carried several condoms with him, just in case.

They didn’t date either. Sandy’s mom didn’t think Jerry was good enough for her daughter and only allowed ‘friendly’ outings together, such as today’s trip to the beach. As far as Sandy’s mother knew, Sandy was only hitching a ride to the beach with him, and would either return with him or take the bus home. They actually had gone to the beach and purchased an entrance ticket, in case momma got suspicious, but they hadn’t stayed, they hadn’t even driven into the parking lot. They were on their way to a place that Jerry had found with his buddies, a pretty little glade off of a nearly impassible road.

She had stripped down to her bikini to catch the noonday sun, she would need to show a reasonable amount of color after spending the day at the beach, and Jerry’s driving was suffering from the distraction. He had stripped off his shirt as well, and he was wearing just his cutoffs and a pair of rather grungy sneakers.

He slowed the big car and made a turn, the car nosing through some overhanging bushes onto a truly bad dirt road, deeply rutted and rocky where the spring rains had eroded it. Fifteen tense minutes later, he turned again, the car bouncing through a shallow ditch and into a lushly overgrown field.

Silence descended onto the field as he turned the key and the engine died. Sandy grabbed the top of the windshield as she stood up, looking at their destination. The field was small, surrounded on two sides by woods. There were the remains of a stone wall bisecting it, and it backed up onto a short cliff face. A tiny stream flowed off the top of the cliff and was caught in an ancient cement trough; it’s sides thick with moss. It was a beautiful scene, still and peaceful, and most importantly, secluded as hell.

Jerry sat on the seatback and reached for the spellbound girl, his arm circling her slim waist and pulling her back to lean against him. “Well?” he said a moment later. “Whatdaya think?”

“It’s beautiful!” Sandy said quietly. “How did you ever find this place?”

“We were looking for a place do some four wheeling in Keith’s truck. We followed the road all the way to the end, but it wasn’t tough enough for a truck.”

“I wouldn’t think so.” she smiled, “Not if you can get in here with a car.”

“Yeah, well, I remembered it, and thought you might like it.” She turned her head and kissed his cheek.

“I do.” she murmured. “It’s so quiet! Listen to all the birds you can hear.”

“Yeah, it is nice.” He watched at her as she looked around, until she became aware of his eyes on her.

“See something you like?” she asked, smiling softly.

“Oh yeah!” he breathed, and turned her until she was facing him. Her eyes searched his face for a moment and her lips parted. “Pretty as a picture!” Jerry whispered and leaned in, claiming her lips with his. Sandy sighed with pleasure, her arms going around him and they kissed, a slow, unhurried kiss. His arms tightened, pulling her closer and she moaned as his hands cupped her tight ass, gently kneading the resilient flesh, and sliding under the bottoms of her bikini after a moment.

Sandy arched her back, pushing her belly into his, savoring the feel of his hands on the soft skin of her ass and his hard cock grinding into the plump mound of her sex. His lips left hers and wandered across her jaw and she sighed as he gently tongued the skin of her neck. “Not now, stud.” she smiled, cupping his face in her hands and pecking him on the lips. “I’m hungry. Lets eat.”

He sighed theatrically and looked up at the sky. “She’s trying to kill me Lord. Do something about it, would ya?”

She giggled and then let out a smothered gasp. Jerry’s head snapped back down and he looked at her, his gaze following her pointing finger. “Jesus!” she whispered, “Would you look at that!”

A doe and two fawns were watering at the trough, about fifty yards from the car. “Don’t move!” Jerry whispered. “They’ll run if they see us move.” The young couple watched until the deer had their fill of the water, and then Jerry clapped his hands. Mother deer and her two fawns, their white tails in the air, bounded away and vanished into the woods.

“Wow!” Sandy said excitedly. “Did you see how fast they ran?”

“They can haul ass when they need to.” Jerry agreed. He looked at Sandy’s smiling face and kissed her upturned nose. “You grab the blanket and I’ll get the cooler.” He let her go, after a swift pat on the ass, and they soon had their picnic lunch spread out on the blanket, next to the wall. They left the soda and beer in the cooler, drinking instead the ice cold water from the mountain stream tumbling down the cliff that Jerry caught in a couple of cups.

Sandy sat against the wall with Jerry’s head pillowed on her thigh, feeding him bites from the sandwich they were sharing. They talked as they ate, discussing anything and everything, agreeing on some things, disagreeing on others, and soon their lunch was gone.

Sandy folded the empty sandwich wrapper and leaned over to put it back in the cooler, her ripe breasts hanging in Jerry’s face. He lifted his head a little and sucked her faintly visible nipple into his mouth, tonguing it through the material of her bikini top. Sandy froze for a few long seconds and then sat back up.

“That,” she said primly, “was rude!”

“Wasn’t it, though?” Jerry agreed. He reached up and hooked his hand around the back of her neck and gently pulled her down, until she was leaning over him again. He lifted his head and his teeth clamped down on the dangling end of the string holding her top on. He tugged it and the knot unraveled, the small triangles of cloth covering her breasts falling away. And then his lips were on her breast, her nipple tingling as his tongue batted at it.

She sighed and cradled his head in her arms, holding him to her breast. “You’re still rude.” she sighed, “And I think I like it.” Long minutes later, her nipples were diamond hard and turgidly erect on her breasts, shining with his saliva, and she was laying on him, moaning as they kissed. Her entire body fell prey to his roaming hands, and they wound up on her ass again, squeezing and massaging her firm flesh.

Jerry rolled over, taking her with him, and kissed and licked his way down her ripe young body until he was lying between her spread legs, kissing the soft skin of her inner thighs. He kissed the crease where her leg joined her hip and licked across her pelvis to the base of her belly, nuzzling into her mound, still covered by her bikini panties.

Her hands were resting lightly on his head as he kissed her humid pussy, and she gasped and sighed as he pulled the strings holding her panties on, and uncovered her cunt. Her legs spread and she humped up to his mouth as his tongue speared between her labia, digging for the juices that were beginning to bubble out of her. He lapped at her relentlessly, her hands tightening in his hair and moving his eagerly working mouth to her clit.

She cried out as he sucked the swollen bud into his mouth, his tongue circling it, teasing her unmercifully. “Oh, you stinker!” she groaned as his tongue continued to dodge her erect clit. She sat up suddenly and pulled on his shoulder, rolling him over to his back, and then her hands were at his waist, unbuttoning his cutoffs. The rasp of the zipper was loud in his ears and he lifted his ass as she tugged on his shorts, kicking them off along with his shoes.

Sandy murmured, “Hello, you big bastard.” as his cock came into view, and Jerry moaned softly as her hands wrapped around his thick eight-inch spike. And then her pussy was grinding on his lips as she straddled his face, and he groaned as her hot mouth engulfed his cock, her lips sliding slowly right to the base of it, her nose buried in his pubic hair as she expertly deep throated him.

He stiffened his tongue and plunged it into her drooling cunt, eagerly lapping up her juices as fast as she made them while she blew him, her tongue scrubbing the top of his rampantly erect cock as she bobbed her head on it. All to soon, he could feel his cum rising, his balls drawing up against his body as his orgasm neared. He abandoned her pussy and concentrated on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and batting it with his tongue.

She wailed around his cock and her body tensed, and then she came, taking his cock in her mouth to the root and screaming around it as she writhed on him. Jerry groaned and orgasmed only moments after she did, his cock spewing it’s hot load down her throat. Sandy rolled off of Jerry as his orgasm ended, one hand going between her legs to her quivering pussy while she slowly masturbated his softening cock with the other. Jerry sat up and changed positions, lying back down, now face to face with her. They kissed and she moaned as she tasted herself on his lips, breaking the kiss and licking his face clean of her sweet juices.

“Mmm, I taste good.” Sandy said, licking her lips to get all of her nectar off them.

“Oh yeah, you certainly do.” Jerry laughed; watching her as her soft hands slowly resurrected his half-hard cock. They necked for a little while, each of them using their intimate knowledge of the other’s body to arouse their partner. Jerry’s cock was achingly hard, as were Sandy’s nipples and clit, when Jerry made a move to try and make love to her.

They were on their sides on the blanket, slowly teasing each other towards orgasm when Jerry kissed her and rolled on top of her, settling in between her legs, his steel hard cock laying along the length of her swollen labia. It was a move he had made only three times during their three-year affair, and Sandy had never allowed him to stay there. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust him, she did. She was fully aware of the fact that if he really wanted to fuck her, he could. She would only resist so much, and then she would let him have her. But he had never pressed her that hard. He respected her decision concerning having vaginal sex, and always settled for what they had.

But she also realized that he had let her define the limits of their affair, and lately, she had been wondering what it would feel like to have his wonderfully hard cock buried in her weeping snatch, to let him make love to her. She knew it would be good, Jerry had developed an impressive control of himself during the years of their love-making, and could pretty much last as long as he wanted to.

And she was curious. His fingers felt divine in her and she was sure that his cock, his beautiful eight-inch cock that was thicker than her wrist, would feel even better. So this time, when he had rolled onto her, she had spread her legs and welcomed him, kissing him passionately as she undulated under the weight of him, her cunt juicing heavily as his cock rode the length of it.

Jerry’s eyes popped open in surprise as she kissed him and he savored the feeling of her hot pussy lips against his rampantly erect cock, moaning as her hot oils painted the bottom of it. She ended their kiss and opened her eyes, laughing softly at the comical look of surprise on his face.

“Do you have your little stash of condoms with you?” she asked softly.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” he said, blushing slightly. He had thought that she didn’t know about them. She giggled as a look of consternation passed over his face. “How long… Umm, how long have you…”

“I didn’t.” she interrupted. “But it was a reasonable guess.” She stroked his face, her cool hands cupping it. “But I’m glad you have them.” He dipped his head and kissed her, a long, slow kiss that spoke volumes to the seventeen-year-old girl, telling her without words how he felt about her.

“Are you sure?” he asked when their kiss ended. “I don’t want…”

“Yes.” she whispered. “Yes, I’m very sure.” She tipped him a bawdy wink. “Don’t you think you ought’a go get one, stud?” It was her turn to look surprised as he reached under the blanket and brought out three of the little foil wrapped packets. He braced himself up on his elbows and fanned them out before her eyes.

“Would madam like to choose?” he said, smiling at the startled girl.

“How did you kn…”

“I didn’t.” he laughed, “But it was a highly unreasonable guess.”

She laughed as she plucked a ribbed Trojan from his hands. “Get off me, you sneaky bastard, and let’s see if this fits.”

He dipped his head and pecked her on the lips and then kneeled up between her legs, his long, thick quiveringly erect cock drooling precum onto her flat belly. She tore open the packet, her eyes on his dripping cock, and fumbled the condom out of it. Then she moaned and sat up, engulfing his cock in her hot, wet mouth, her tongue probing his piss slit and sucking up his precum.

He gasped at her unexpected move and thrust his hips forward heavily, groaning as his cock slid effortlessly into her throat. She sucked hard on his cock for a moment and then spat him out. “Hadda make sure you were hard.” she said, giggling.

“If I was any harder,” he said dryly, “I wouldn’t have enough skin to blink.”

She giggled as she rolled the condom down the long shaft of his cock, her breasts swaying as she worked. “There.” she said, looking at her handiwork. “You’ve got your raincoat on.” She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his sheathed cock.

“Yuck!” she said, making a face. “It tastes like rubber.”

“Well, Duh!” he laughed. “It is a rubber, you know!”

She stuck her tongue out at him and then looked at his throbbing cock again. “Poor thing!” she said sadly, stroking it tenderly. “Probably can’t even breath in there.”

“I don’t like ’em either.” Jerry said. “I want to feel you on my skin, not through some damn condom.”

“Me too.” Sandy said. She reached up and swiftly stripped the condom off his cock, taking a few of his pubic hairs with it. She looked up at him as he flinched, a smile flowing across her face. “Good thing I started on the pill two months ago, isn’t it?”

She laughed delightedly as his jaw sagged open. “Jesus Christ!” he whispered. “And you call me sneaky?”

She laid back and stretched, a satisfied look on her face. “I had to make sure it would work for me.” she said comfortably. “I didn’t wanna deal with any nasty side effects.” She cupped her breasts and played with her nipples for a moment, her face showing her pleasure from the stimulation of her tits as he watched her hungrily. She spread her legs and humped her pussy up at him. “Make love to me, sweetie.” she said in a low, throaty voice. She humped up at him a second time. “Make me a woman with your big, beautiful cock!”

Jerry’s heart lurched at her lewd, sexually charged words and he slowly sank down onto her lush young body, his cock laying in the smooth slot of her labia as his lips found hers and they kissed. He pulled his head back as their kiss ended and his eyes searched her face. “I love you, you know.” he said quietly. “Not because of this but…”

“I know.” Sandy interrupted, laying a finger across his lips, her eyes shining. “I’ve always known, even when you didn’t.” She smiled radiantly at him. “Only a man in love would wait three years for a girl to make up her mind.” She wiggled under him, scrubbing her vagina against the rigid bar of his cock. She pulled his head down until his lips were on hers. “Make love to me darling!” she whispered hotly. He raised his hips up and gasped as her hand found his cock and seated it at the entrance to her virgin cunt. “Go slow, baby!” she purred, looking at him through heavy-lidded eyes. “I want to feel every fuckin’ inch of your beautiful cock going in me!”

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