Together At Last

The big car rocketed down the road, its dual pipes purring as it ate up the miles. The top was down, and the rushing wind was playing with her hair, her bangs whipping against the smooth skin of her forehead as the bulk of her mid-back length hair trailed out in the slipstream coming over the windshield. Sandy was seventeen years old and enjoying herself hugely, out from under the thumb of her controlling mother for the afternoon.

Momma had good reason to be worried. Sandy was a ripe little thing, standing five feet, three inches tall. Her long thick hair flowed over her shoulders and framed her face, highlighting her even, regular features. She wasn’t breath-takingly beautiful but she was a good-looking girl, with wide blue eyes, a small, slim nose and a full, pouting mouth. She had lush, full 34C breasts that stood straight out from her chest and were crowned with plump nipples the size of her thumb. Her waist was slim and it flared out into womanly hips. Her ass was taut and firm, beautiful globes that begged to be held. Her legs were long and sleek with firm thighs that framed her sex, her trimmed pubic hair showing off her clit and her tight cunt lips.

She was with her next-door neighbor’s son, the driver and her partner in crime this afternoon. Jerry was eighteen years old, six feet tall and could almost be described as lanky. He was a good-looking boy, with steady, clear brown eyes and curly light brown hair that was already graying at the temples. He was not a jock, but he was fit and trim, and smart as a whip.

Jerry and Sandy were lovers, and had been lovers since Sandy was fourteen years old. She had caught him taking a leak one day in his backyard, behind the tool shed, and had teased him into showing her his cock. They had spend hours together that day, quickly moving from ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ games to masturbating together, Jerry stroking his fat eight inch cock as Sandy watched and jilled herself off.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Sandy had found him whenever she could, taking great delight in baring her developing young body to him and watching his thick cock grow and spit as he beat off for her. They took the small step to mutual masturbation, and she delighted in handling his cock, marveling at the way he could grow in her little hand, his soft skin sliding easily over the rigid meat it covered. She was also delighted to learn exactly how sensitive her breasts were, thoroughly enjoying his hands and mouth on her tits as he teased her nipples until they were tautly swollen, the areolas so erect that they looked like little tits on the growing mounds of her breasts.

She had surprised them both one afternoon, taking his bloated cock into her mouth just as he orgasmed while she masturbated him, her eyes widening comically as he spasmed her mouth full of his steaming hot load. She sucked him off three times that memorable day, her expertise growing by leaps and bounds as she observed the young man’s reactions to her energetic blow jobs. She lost her virginity to his plunging fingers that same day, her slender body writhing and bucking as she orgasmed on his hand, his lips and tongue busy on her erect clit.

They had not gone any farther than that, although he desperately wanted too. She had blossomed into a lushly ripe young woman from the gawky kid she had been at the start of their affair, and he dreamed of making love to her, of helping her take the final step into womanhood. But he had let Sandy set the pace and define the limits, and she was happy with their affair right where it was. She loved sucking his cock and would spend hours at it, nursing on the rigid spear and playing with his balls while he sucked her dripping snatch and turgidly erect clit. So they had never fucked together, but Jerry always carried several condoms with him, just in case.

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