Tina demands more and gets it – Blackmail stepdaughter

That evening when Carol came to bed I was so turned on by Tina’s antics from earlier that I tried my luck. Knowing Carol was tired after a long shift I felt a little guilty as I cuddled into her in the way that made it obvious of what I was after. There was no response. She was already asleep and hadn’t even noticed my advances.

Although I was frustrated I couldn’t really blame her. She was working long hours, probably too many. Our love life was suffering I guess but it hadn’t really bothered me before, it was all to do with my new found interest in sex which of course was all down to Tina.

I left Carol to sleep. As I laid there trying to sleep my thoughts soon drifted back to the events earlier. The picture of Tina with Adam invaded my mind. Try as I might I couldn’t think of anything else…

The next day I busied myself in the garden. Carol was at work and Tina was out somewhere. It was early afternoon as I was mowing the lawn that I was suddenly aware that Tina was home, “I’M HOME,” she shouted to be heard over the noise of the lawn mower.

Turning the mower off Tina sidled up to me, “You need to watch your laptop again. It’s all set up on your bed,” she said in almost a whisper.

I was instantly excited as I watched Tina walk back in to the house. She was wearing a short black skirt which showed off her shapely legs, a white top that in the bright light of the day was nearly see-through and nothing on her perfect little feet.

Wondering what she had in store for me today I was soon in my bedroom. Closing the door I felt my excitement grow as as I sat down on my bed and pulled the laptop onto my lap. I wasn’t at all surprised to see Adam standing in front of Tina who sat on her bed. What I hadn’t expected was another boy standing next to him.

This new boy was shorter than Adam and was a heavier build. They both stood quietly in front of Tina awaiting her instruction, “Take all of your clothes off,” she barked out her order.

The boys both stripped off and I could see they were both a little embarrassed to be naked in front of one another. Adam’s penis was already getting hard but the other lad was still soft and shrivelled.

“Oh dear, that’s no good to me is it,” said Tina taunting the boy, “lets see if this helps.”

Tina pulled her top off and released her breasts from her bra, “If you can’t get hard then you may as well go home, no use to me like that,” she said.

Turning her attention to Adam Tina leaned back. Lifting her legs the toes of her left foot gently cradled his balls while her right foot pressed his shaft against his body. While her toes kneaded his huge purple knob she stroked herself through her white cotton panties.

“That’s better Jake, keep wanking,” she said seeing the other boys cock growing.

Now knowing the boys name I watched as his cock grow fully erect with the help of Tina’s praise. It was a bit shorter than Adam’s but much thicker although the knob couldn’t compete with Adam’s oversized specimen.

Tina slipped her knickers off giving the boys a perfect view of her pussy as she resumed position leaning back and raising her feet, but this time placing them on Jake’s cock and balls. The lad was so excited that it only took a few strokes from Tina’s feet and toes before he shot his load.

“Oh Jake you bad boy. I didn’t tell you you could come yet,” Tina scorned but still rubbed her toes up and down his shaft and knob covering them in his spunk.

“Now you’re going to have to clean that mess up,” Tina said, “kneel down and lick my feet clean.”

By : storyfella

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