Time alone made for a perfect evening – Tanning to Entertain

With Mike still working at night, I decided to wait until Sunday, the first day of his workweek, to proceed further.

Mike and Kent were at the house that afternoon so I fixed steaks on the grill for all of us. I wore cutoff jean shorts, cut snuggly into my crotch, to the point my labia lips were almost showing. I had on a bikini top, which showed way too much to be worn in public. But not on the deck for my guys.

After we finished our steaks Mike went up to shower and get ready for work. I took the occasion to tell Kent I wanted him to take Mike to work and pick him up at 4 in the morning. Smiling, I said he should consider staying over so I could get him up early. He smiled and said he thought that would be a good idea.

They left a little before 7:30. Taking time to clean up the dishes, I was sitting on the couch with a drink when Kent got back. I asked him if he wanted a beer or something stronger. He chose a bourbon and coke.

I returned to the couch and asked him to join me. He did and surprisingly he didn’t scoot to the end. We were in arm’s reach. I placed my hand on his thigh and sipped my drink. I think he opened his legs a little.

I knew it was going to happen. And we had the time, with no interruptions. I didn’t want to ‘jump his bones’ but knowing he was going to make the first move, it was time to set the mood.

His answered, ‘no’.

When I stood, and commented on how the cutoffs were too tight to be comfortable. I unbuttoned them and began working them down my thighs. Kent watches closely. As I removed my top, his eyes were glued to my breasts. I tweaked my nipples to make them hard.

I told him I wanted to see him and his wonderful cock. I thought about undressing him but decided to watch him.

His cock was already at hand and in need of attention. I asked if he knew what was going to happen. He said he did. I went further, telling him it was a big jump from what we had done previously. He said he wanted it.

We sat on the couch with our bodies touching. I played with him for a couple of minutes and then positioned myself so I could lick him. He leaned back and closed his eyes. I looked up and thought if this was a mistake or the beginning of a wonderful happening for both of us.

I took my time in pleasuring him. I moved close so he could massage my breast. His touch was firm and not a caress at all. I enjoyed it all to hell.

When I finished several minutes later I had a throat and mouth fun of his sperm. I slowly swallowed it, making sure he watched.

I knew I was in forbidden territory. A thirty-eight old woman was taking an 18-year-old young man for her pleasure. I wanted him more than life itself.

He smiled when I knelt between his legs and began to clean his cock. Jokingly, I said I think I might have done it before.

Later, after showering together, we walked out on the deck and sat in the chairs. Both of us nude, due to the total darkness, we were at ease with the moment.

With my hand on his thigh, I told him we both knew we had to keep our ‘situation’ secret. Adding I didn’t want Mike or anyone else to discover our relationship. Kent said he understood. I revealed I was going to divorce Jimmy and not to think about what we did had anything to do with my decision. He nodded he understood.

The warmth of the evening called for us to decide another drink was appropriate.

I went into the house and fixed us both a bourbon and coke. When I returned, I asked him what he found so sexy about me. Almost in an adult tone, he said my way of showing my body without worrying about being embarrassed.

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