This wife is a dream, just what you always wanted

Jim had been married to the woman of his dreams for nearly five
years now. She was ten years younger than his 38 years but they were
nicely compatible at just about everything it seemed….. especially sex.
After a great first couple of years things just got more and more
interesting. Those five years, five unbelievable years, have been
punctuated by sexual adventures that make most couples love lives
seem pale by comparison. Beth had always been a free spirit. But
now married to Jim, given Jim’s love of “watching” her heavenly body
and her ability to use it freely, all sorts of “new” things had happened to
them. It was easy for Jim, after that one big doubt and fear passed, to
then take it all in stride and enjoy the adventures with his darling wife.
But I am getting ahead of myself.

For the first two years of their marriage, they tried everything two
people could do together in bed (and everywhere else the urge hit
them). They had both had their share of romances and affairs before
they met each other so none of it was new. But now together they
eagerly explored each other in every sexual way imaginable. They had
found each other extremely open and receptive to new ideas. There
was no opening of hers or his that they had not fully exploited to both of
their delight. It seemed to the two of them that their love life could not
be any richer.

But Jim had learned early in their relationship that he loved it when
other men eyed his young and sexy wife and he encouraged her to
wear brief, very revealing, and sexy clothes to attract that attention from
other men. Beth loved showing off her full charms as much as Jim
loved her doing it. She enjoyed the stares and comments and the
frequent secret touches from other men. It turned them both on when
men ogled and flirted and tried to hit on Beth. After one such evening at
a party at a friends house, as Jim and Beth had fantastic sex, they both
reveled in it as Beth slowly told him all that had happened to her that
night. Men looking down her dress, feeling her up when they danced,
suggesting secret rendezvous, and their sex life seemed to reach a new
height that night.

Not too long after that night at a stag party for a friend getting
married, Jim was kicked back with a beer as the obligatory porn film
began. It was a story about this guy and his wife who both loved for
her to be taken by other men while he watched and sometime joined in.
It matched one of Jim’s favorite fantasies but what really shook him was
how much the female in the video looked like his wife Beth. Several of
the other guys, his best friends, Bob, Charley and Pete commented on
how it looked like Beth, teasing Jim about his wife really liked to fuck
around. That teasing turned Jim on even more. The idea of all of his
buddies with Beth kept running through his head.

At the end of the evening he “acquired” a copy of the video and took
it home with him. When he arrived Beth was waiting up for him and Jim
immediately took her on the living room floor, making love with her with
unusual vigor. As they lay spent afterwards Beth commented about his
ardor appreciatively. Jim without a word got the tape and put it in the

As the action started Beth said, “My God… it looks like me”. As the
scene progressed the couple in the video went to this stag party and
soon all the men were lined up taking turns fucking the Beth-look-a-like
in every orifice while her husband watched.

Jim noticed how turned on Beth was getting and soon she was on
her hands and knees in front of him, still nude, and as she continued to
watch the video she guided Jim’s hard cock into her hot wet oven again.

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