Third chance around

I know the usual saying is second chance or second time around, this tale though actually proved it could so easily be third or fourth time around. I should like to point out this was not my first missed opportunity as it turned out, there have been two others that got away but hey I am only human… but this the basis of the story.

Chapter 1…

The story I am about to relate to you is one of missed opportunities coming good and one which would not have taken place if Rob, a father of two boys John and Jim not been divorced. The story is one, in which you need to know a little about the history before the good stuff starts.

The tale involves Rob’s eldest Son, John and his son’s ex-girlfriend Carol. Carol was, believe it or not, nearer Rob’s age than John’s; there was 12 years difference between Carol and John but only 7 years difference between Carol and Rob. You see Rob had met John’s mother at the age of seventeen and married at eighteen, with John arriving when Rob was Eighteen and a half. Which in later years meant that John and Rob were more like buddies than father and son.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted 4 years and both parties put this down to marrying too young, but apart from a few access visits; Rob did not see his son for 21 years. John’s girlfriend at that time, as a parting gift so to speak, managed to trace Rob and phoned him saying, that his son John wanted to get to know him better. Incidentally, at this stage rob had been married for 19 years and had a sixteen-year-old son, Jim. I should point out that Rob’s ex-wife had also remarried and had a son of her own.

As it turned out, when John and his girlfriend, Chrissy, split up, John decided to move in with his dad and stepmother and half-brother. There he remained until he got engaged and moved to a home of his own. However, the facts of the story occurred whilst he was living with Rob and before he met his Fiancé. Before he met Carol, his Dad and stepmother ended up divorcing and his 18-year-old half-brother went to live with his own mother. So now you can see the house dynamics had changed with only Rob and John living in the home. Rob and Carol got along very well having a laugh and a joke whenever they met.

So now let’s get to the nugget of the story. John was going out with a woman called Carol, having met her through his job. Occasionally Carol would stay over and there was no problem with this, until one day when both John and Carol had had too much to drink; during the night Carol got up to use the bathroom and after coming out the bathroom she turned left instead of right. She entered the bedroom where Rob had been awakened but the door opening and she stood there totally naked, in full view before beating a hasty retreat when he told her she was in the wrong room.

Everything was fine next morning and both John and Carol treat the incident as a joke, but Rob was not so sure. You see, she entered the bedroom with the hall landing light on and stood side on to the light streaming through the open door. This allowed Rob the opportunity to see her fine 36DD breasts and the fact she had bare minimum of pussy hair. Also, she seemed to take too long to realise she was in the wrong bedroom because she did not start to leave until he had finished telling her she was in the wrong room, surely, she would recognise their different voices. However, he decided to let it pass as a simple mistake.

Then three months later, once more both John and Carol were the worse for drink, when in the early hours; she again entered Rob’s bedroom again, naked but this time she climbed on the bed as if to pass over him and get in the other side. Once more she did not retreat until he had told her she was once more in the wrong room. Next morning, she was gone before Rob came down to breakfast, he joked with his son, John that next time his naked bird got into Rob’s bedroom, he would make her stay and He would take full care of her needs. John laughed but not in a way you would normally expect a laugh, no it was more like the idea appealed to him.

By :Niteowluk2003.

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