Things really heat up for her at a Christmas Party

Abbie scratched her ass and then settled deeper into the worn couch. Crumbs from her pretzels irritated her thighs, but she made no move to brush them off. She nursed the dregs of her diet coke and waited for Phyllis to tell Sierra that Phillip was really her half-brother’s cousin, not her twin brother. She snapped up another pretzel and grinned evilly. Phyllis’s revenge would be short-lived. Sierra would have the last laugh because Sierra carried Phillip’s baby.

“I know what you’re going to say, Phyllis, so spit it out.” Sierra’s eyes searched Phyllis’s in the heavy, dramatic pause.

“Phillip isn’t my twin-brother after all, but you knew that didn’t you? He’s John’s cousin and my fiancé.” Phyllis smiled maliciously, obviously relishing the shocked look on Sierra’s face.

“Honey? You in here?” Aaron? What the hell was he doing home?

“I’m in here, babe.” She dove for the remote, cutting Sierra’s protestations off in mid-accusation. She shoved the pretzel crumbs from her pants and picked up the nearest book.

Aaron hid his smile when he came in. “How is old Phillip today, anyway?”

“Phillip? Phillip who?” She smiled brightly, striving for innocence.

“You know, John’s cousin? The guy whose marrying the broad who isn’t his twin sister after all?” He pecked his wife on the cheek and pulled the TV Guide out of her hands and turned it around. “Today’s Friday, babe.”

“Well, it’s an important episode.”

“I don’t care if you watch those things, you know that.” He threw his windbreaker onto the recliner. “We got the contract for the new high-rise in Bloomington.”

She launched herself at him, dropping the tenth diet coke of the day onto the carpet and hugged him. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Hey, now, I didn’t have anything to do with it. That’s all those damned engineers doing it. I just get to build it.”

“You’re the best guy for the job, too.”

“Are you ready for the Christmas party, babe? Starts at seven and it’s formal.

“I couldn’t find anyone to watch the kids.” No way was she going to that shark infested party.

“I called Mom this afternoon. She’s taking them for the weekend. Wasn’t that sweet of her?”

“Yeah. Sweet.” She thought she succeeded in not looking dejected.

“C’mon, babe. We’ll put in an appearance, schmooze with the boss for fifteen minutes and be out of there before you know it. Put on that tight little black dress you wore to the class reunion, I love seeing that on you.” He squeezed her generous ass and rubbed against her. “It’s sexy as hell.”

She pecked him on the cheek. There was no way in hell she would wear that, it was too small for her now anyway. “I’ll be ready.”

It wasn’t the black one he liked, but he hadn’t noticed. She had a long red number that made her feel elegant and stunning. He’d come up behind her while she’d been staring in the mirror adjusting things and had whispered dirty things that made her feel like the most gorgeous thing on the planet. It squeezed her waist in and pushed her breasts up. Her waist dipped from her rib cage and smoothed out to her hips with sensuously rounded curves. She had pinned her hair up and left a lock of curls to fall down her shoulder and spill across the bare flesh of her chest and down across the red satin. Beautiful.

“Forget the party, babe. George can blow it out his ear, I wanna stay home and play.”

“It’s important. We’ll go and do what we need to and then come home and play all night. Mom’s keeping them for the weekend.”

“Dear old, Mom. Remind me to thank her.”

She laughed and kissed him. “Let’s go before I let you.”

By :KillerMuffin

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