This Story is about my wife being fucked by two strangers. Once I was very drunk in a bar. I was brought home by two men whom I don’t know. When they rung the door bell my wife opened the door. She was in a nighty as it was night time and she was expecting me. She had no underwear and her nighty just covers her ass. Seeing me in this condition with two strangers. She was a bit worried but she soon over came her worries. And told them please take him to the bedroom upstairs. When the were taking me to the bedroom. Being the fuck hungry slut she is walking in front of them they having full view of her ass. After they settled me on the bed my wife led them downstairs. Now read by her own words what happened downstairs.

I offered them drinks they said not now latter. They started to praise my beauty and my figure between them. For my readers’ information my figure is 36 30 38. I as always started to get horny. They were sitting on a sofa. Then one of them called me to them, when I went near them one of them pulled me. Resulting me falling on them with my buttocks on both men’s thighs. Now they started to feel my boobs and my body. One of them took my nighty off. Now the other one standing infront of me became naked and brought his cock to my mouth. I took it and started to suck, the other one also became naked. They took me to the room and one of them lay on the bed and made me sit on him with his cock in my pussy. Now my ass being up in the air visible to the other one, he went to the kitchen and took the cooking oil bottle. And lubricated my ass hole and his cock. And positioned it at my ass opening and entered my ass, now being fucked up and down I had a very satisfying orgasm. As I cumed on his cock he ejected his cock milk in my pussy. Now after cleaning they wanted to change holes. One who fucked pussy wants ass and vice versa. I was happy to oblige, I had to suck both men to make their limp cock hard. Once hard I took one in pussy and offered the other one my ass hole.

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