Therapy Gone Wrong

I first met Helen after undergoing Radiotherapy for throat cancer; she was my post care nurse assigned to me. This meant that for the next 12 months she was my main point of contact with the hospital apart from my outpatient appointments. Helen stood five feet six inches tall with a body best described as BBW; I later found out her breast size was an amazing 40 EE and she loved being dominated.

How did I find this out you may ask? Well it all began on a home visit to my house; I was not expecting her to call and was in the middle of writing a story to be posted on this web site, when the doorbell rang and without thinking I got up and answered the door. Now unable to close down my monitor and Helen breezed past me and into my Living room; she glanced at the bright lit monitor and stood transfixed as she read a paragraph I had just written; “For the last four or five punishments, something strange had been happening to Brenda, she had begun to enjoy the anticipation of being punished and not only enjoy it but also become sexually aroused by it, always the anticipation of the impending spanking started as a tingle in her cunt and caused her to squirm as her cunt became hot and wet. She tried so hard to remain in control of her breathing so as not to give away her excitement and yet both her mother and father must be aware of how shiny the inner thighs of their daughter got recently when spread across her father’s lap awaiting delivery of that first spank.”

Helen blushed redder than a beetroot as she finally turned to face me; I was about to apologise and tried to turn off the monitor when Helen stopped me and asked me my penname, I told her I wrote under either niteowluk99 or niteowluk2003. She suddenly smiled and said I have read some of your work and it is very good. I explained my hobby was to write about some of my sexual experiences and I posted on only four websites, so I asked her which site she had seen my work on.

Again Helen blushed as she told me the website and I asked her what type of story she actually liked reading the most; she coyly replied that all the stories she read were basically stories where sluts were told what to do and punished if it was not done properly. Helen then looked down at the floor as she asked if all my stories were based on actual events; I seized the opportunity to take charge and simply said, “look me in the eye, slut!” instantly she shot her head up and went to defend herself as not being a slut; so vehemently did she protest that I simply stepped forward and lightly slapped her face telling her to be quiet.

Stunned she suddenly stopped speaking and I told her that her reactions since discovering my secret hobby showed me that she was a typical candidate for slut training and if I was wrong then she knew where the door was right now; she could leave and then return in an hour for her proper reason for being here and nothing further would be said about this matter. She took five slow steps towards the front door but before going out of it she stopped and turned back towards me. Calmly now she asked if her agreeing with me would make any difference to her carrying out her duties as a nurse? To which I replied that it would make no difference what so ever and all she had to do was tell me a safe word which she would use to define her visit as a medical one otherwise I would assume she was here to be trained.

Unsurprisingly she chose Radiotherapy as her safe word for this purpose and at my prompting she chose sexy-nurse as her personal safe word. I then told her to enter the room and stand in the middle of the floor in position one; confused she asked what position one was and I quickly explained it was standing with her feet eighteen inches apart her head tilted down so her gaze was about two feet in front of her feet; at the same time I told her that position two was on her knees with her legs about eighteen inches apart and again her gaze 2 foot in front of her, and position three was on her hands and knees with her head pressed to the floor and her butt pushed high in the air.

By :Niteowluk2003

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