The Youth Group Surprise

My wife runs a mentoring program for kids where the kids will come over and get tutored, learn life lessons, and participate in character building activities. It is pretty cool to see happen. I am not involved with the program myself. I am usually watching my son and the children of the other teachers at that time. But while the kids are arriving, you will typically find me running around and interacting with the kids which is something that I love. It is fun to see how they progress as a result of the program.

My interaction with the kids is something that I try to keep very innocent. Although some of the developing girls are very attractive, I have never acted on my desires to be with any of them until Reagan came along. Now I have known Reagan since she first started coming to the program. Her own dad is not in the picture and many times it felt like she saw me as a strong male role model in her life. So needless to say, we have developed a comfort level with one another. She has actually shared some of her problems with me and the solutions that I gave her did make a difference in her life.

Because of the comfort in our relationship, we also developed a level of playfulness. It was not uncommon to see me chasing her around, horsy playing with her, tickling, etc. Now I want to make this clear, I would do this with all of the other kids as well so she was no different or so I tought.

When Reagan hit the eighth grade, her play became a little different. It felt flirty but I was not very sure until one day my wife said.

“I think that someone has a crush on you.”



“Really, you think so.”

“Oh, I think so.”

Still I logged it in the back of my mind but I continued treating her the same because I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable at all. However, I did notice that her actions toward me started to change. One day I came up from behind her and gave her a hug. Again, something that I had done since she first came to the program. But for the first time, she pressed backwards and rubbed her tight little ass against my cock. She quickly giggled and walked away so I thought nothing of it.

A week later, she was playing games with her classmates so I walked over and was talking to her group. Right then, the person in charge of snacks showed up and this was followed by the usual frenzy of kids trying to get to the snacks. You would think that the parents never feed these kids. It is like watching a pack of lions hovering over a fresh kill.

So while the kids were involved in the frenzied gathering, I sat down in Reagan’s seat and started playing a game called Mille Bourne which is a fun card game. I recommend it. But right as the game was getting going, Reagan came back.

“You are sitting in my seat Mr. Al.”

“Reagan, Brittany and I just started this game, can you sit somewhere else?”

“Sure I can.”

And she plopped right onto my lap.

“Reagan, what are you doing?”

“You told me to sit somewhere else so I am sitting here.”

“Fine.” She was not interfering with the game so I was not worried about it. I got so absorbed in the game that I was not paying any attention to Reagan sitting on my lap until she was sitting flush on my cock. I looked up and Reagan had worked her way back onto my lap to where she was sitting right on top of me.

I did not want to embarrass her so I did not say anything and continued to play the game but trust me, I was very aware of her presence. This was the week that I decided to experiment with wearing boxer briefs. I did have sweats on as well. The reason that I was aware of her was that she was wearing a short little skirt and where she was sitting, no one could tell that it had ridden up and her panties were the only thing keeping her tight young flesh off of me.

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