The Young Home For Wayward Girls

Opening his front door, Mr. Young held his arms open wide to the nervous, beautiful, young girl. “Ta daa! Welcome to your new home, Mathilda.”

The small, skinny girl looked around the modestly sized… House?… Cottage? It certainly wasn’t what she had been expecting. She stepped back onto the dirty sidewalk to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. On the outside it looked like an abandoned old building but when she stepped back through the doorway the inside was a cottage exactly like she had always seen in picture books. The living room and kitchen were one large space with a dining room table separating them on hardwood floors. The kitchen looked like it could hold at least two people cooking and the table looked large enough to hold six. The living room had a large sofa, a recliner, and a rocking chair to sit in and a sturdy looking coffee table. It had a large bookcase, an entertainment center and even a fireplace.

Stepping the rest of the way in, Mathilda jumped a little bit when Mr. Young closed the door and then strolled past her. He had her suitcase and duffle bag slung over his shoulder, everything she owned in the world except for the plant she was carrying, and set them down next to the sofa. “So what do you think?” he asked expectantly while smiling warmly.

Staring around in wonder Mathilda’s dark brown eyes finally landed on Mr. Young. He was maybe 5ft 8, not exactly muscular but not fat, with plain brown hair cut simply and he couldn’t stand out less from a crowd if he tried. “You turned an apartment building into cottage?” she asked skeptically.

Mr. Young looked at his new charge in confusion for a moment before smiling again and chuckling. “An apartment building? No, no, that was just the front door. This really is a cottage, take a look outside,” he said gesturing to the window above the kitchen sink. He watched Mathilda walk over to the sink, her dark hair cut into a bob, her eyes wide in fascination, wearing a simple, white tank-top and short shorts covering her teenage body.

“Oh fuck…” Mathilda blurted out as she looked out the window then ran to the two windows in the living room and then ran to the large picture window next to the fireplace. “Is that…?”

“That’s Perdidit Glen’,” Mr. Young said, “It’s where we live. Where the cottage is.”

Mathilda stared at Mr. Young in disbelief. “But we were…” she started before running to the door and throwing it open. Instead of a dirty city street the outside was now a wide open area filled with thick green grass, a bubbling stream that spilled into a brook just possibly big enough to swim in and above that was a blue sky broken by mountains off in the distance.

“How… how are you… What the fuck?” Mathilda stammered.

Mr. Young walked up behind the young girl and patted her affectionately on her head before resting his hand on her shoulder. “The front door leads out to many different places but it always leads back here. It helps me in my work.”

“Your work? Helping girls like me?” Mathilda asked in a reverent whisper.

“Not quite like you,” Mr. Young said. “But, yep. It helps me find troubled girls or let’s them find their way here.”

“Why not like me?” Mathilda asked nervously.

Mr. Young smiled down warmly at his new charge. “The girls will come and go as they need to but you live here now, it’s your home and I’m your guardian. I’ve even got that funny paper work you people are so fond of that says so. You’ll live here with me, assist me helping the girls and if you want, sharing my bed.”

Mathilda looked up at Mr. Young and tried not to let the fear she was feeling show. “Your… your bed?”

Mr. Young chuckled warmly. “Don’t worry, darling. Nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to happen. Now go throw your stuff in the large bedroom and I’ll get us a late supper going,” he said as he gave Mathilda a loving swat in her cute, little rear-end and she ran to put her stuff up.

It had already been late when they had arrived home so their supper was a simple sandwich, soup, and a salad which Mathilda devoured in short form. With her plate and bowls empty she looked up and smiled sheepishly when she saw that Mr. Young was barely half-way through his meal. “Sorry,” she blushed.

“Not a problem,” Mr. Young chuckled. “It’s probably been a while since you’ve had a home… well, not cooked in this case but a home fixed meal at any rate.”

“Yeah,” Mathilda agreed with a blush.

“Why don’t you get yourself cleaned up for bed and I’ll get all this put away,” Mr. Young said as he began picking up.

“OK,” Mathilda said happily as she rushed off to the shower. She was halfway undressed in the restroom before she started to think of everything that “bed” could mean. She slowly finished removing her clothes and started the shower noticing that like most of the house it was a functioning antique with two chains to control the water temperature rather than knobs. She got in and began washing her dark hair and then her slender body and found it strange that the sudsy soap really didn’t smell like anything at all. “Maybe, like, distant flowers,” she thought.

As she slowly lathered her young, teenage body, Mathilda ran through a quick pro and con list in her mind and quickly decided that anything was better than the Foster system she had just come from. After her friend Leon’s death she had bounced from house to house and family to family and while most we’re at least OK she had met more than a few perverts. Mr. Young didn’t seem like that really. She knew he was probably going to want sex with her but for some reason she believed him when he said that nothing was going to happen that she didn’t want to so the question was, did she want to?

Mathilda finished washing and rinsed off, staying underneath the warm water as she thought her situation through. Would Mr. Young send her back if she didn’t have sex with him? She was pretty sure that her wouldn’t force himself on her but she couldn’t say why she was certain, she just felt safe with him and his house. Oh, his house! It was… it was magic! There was no other way she could explain it. Deciding that even if he wanted to have sex with her it would be worth it just to be safe in his magic house and her decision was made.

As she ran her hands up her slick sides to her small chest, Mathilda tried to think of the sexiest things she could. Most of her fantasies involved super-model looking men taking her to romantic restaurants or holding hands on the beach at sunset and she cooed to herself a little as she pinched her little pink nipples to hardness. Her small breasts heaved on her chest as she concentrated on her little girl fantasies of romance while she slid her hands down her wet body. Her hands flowed over her soft stomach with the water until they breached the juncture of her coltish legs. Her fantasies turned to concentrating on turning herself on as she started strumming her little clit with one hand and slowly trying to insert her middle finger into her tiny, hairless little pussy.

“Gah!” Mathilda grunted in frustration. It wasn’t working! She was just to nervous. With nothing else to do, nothing to lose, and no where to go, she shut off the water. She dried herself off and dressed in a over sized T-shirt and panties before making her way to Mr. Young’s bedroom.

Mr. Young wasn’t in the dimly lit bedroom yet so Mathilda sat on the edge of his bed and waited patiently, alone with her thoughts. She didn’t have to wait long and in her nervousness laughed when she saw the way he was dressed.

“What?” Mr. Young asked. “Men used to wear dressing gowns all the time,” he said defensively before lighting a old fashioned oil lamp at the bedside table. He sat down next to Mathilda, as close as he could without actually touching her. “Now, you remember when I said nothing was going to happen that you didn’t want?” he asked and she nodded yes without looking at him. “There’s one stipulation ‘tho.”

“Here it comes,” Mathilda thought.

“I want to kiss you, and after that, if you don’t want to do anything else then you don’t have to. I stop right then and there. Agreed?” Mr. Young asked.

“That’s it?” Mathilda asked in disbelief. “You just want a kiss?”

Mr. Young’s warm smile appeared on his face. “No, I want you. All of you. You’re a beautiful girl, Mathilda, and I would be a lucky man indeed if you we’re to share your body with me. I’ve never forced myself on a girl before in all of my long life and I won’t start tonight but I would very much like a kiss.”

Mathilda cocked an inquisitive eyebrow. “How old are you anyway?”

“Oh, well there’s a quite long and boring story,” he chuckled. “How old do you think I am?”

Mathilda chewed her bottom lip as she thought it.over. “Um, forty three?”

“Ha! A good answer. We’ll go with forty three then,” he laughed as he patted the top of Mathilda’s damp head. “Yes, I think I’ll like being forty three.”

Mathilda cocked her eyebrow at Mr. Young. “That doesn’t sound like much of an answer.”

“I suppose we’re both like that with answers,” Mr. Young said with a twinkle in his eye. “Me about my age and you about our kiss.”

Mathilda looked sheepishly at her knobby knees as she shrugged her shoulders. “I guess.”

“You guess what, my dear,” Mr. Young said with a patient voice.

Mathilda shrugged her boney shoulders again, “I guess a kiss wouldn’t be so bad. I guess, if you want, we can kiss,” she said meekly.

“Excellent!” Mr. Young said before bending down and giving Mathilda a quick peck on her cheek.

Mathilda looked up at Mr. Young in astonishment. “That’s it?”

“Well, yes,” Mr. Young said in confusion. “What were you thinking?”

Mathilda shrugged her shoulders again as she said, “I thought you meant, like, with lips and tongues and stuff.”

Mr. Young looked as if he were thinking it over. “Hmmm, well, that does sound pleasant. Let’s try your idea then,” he said before bending down over the small girl.

Without even thinking about it, Mathilda leaned up, Mr. Young’s strong hand cupping her face as their lips met. The kiss was soft and warm and she felt herself relaxing into it as he held her. His warm, wet tongue caressed her lips and she opened her mouth to let him in. The kiss turned slowly more passionate as his tongue explored her inviting mouth, her pink tongue peeking out to meet his with no hesitation.

Mr. Young broke the kiss and released Mathilda as he sat back up. “Oh my. Your way was indeed much better.”

Mathilda blushed and looked at her feet as they dangled off the bed. “Thanks,” she giggled meekly.

“Hmmm, I wonder…” Mr. Young began.

“Yes?” Mathilda asked expectantly as she looked up at him with wide, hopeful eyes.

“Well, we had our kiss, and it was an excellent kiss, so I was wondering…” he began as he looked down at Mathilda and slid a hand through her damp hair, “I know we’ve already had the agreed upon kiss and I’d hate to seem forward or bold…”

“Yes?” Mathilda asked again, her feet swinging back and forth excitedly.

“Might we have another?”

“Yes please,” Mathilda said hopefully as she bent her head up expectantly.

Once again Mr. Young cupped Mathilda’s sweet face and bent down until his lips met her. Their tongues met tentatively and he waited for her to begin caressing his tongue with her’s before placing his hand on her soft tummy. He left his hand there as they continued their kiss and then began moving it back and forth softly. When she didn’t object he slid his hand slowly up, almost to her chest, resting there as they kissed deeply, When the young girl didn’t move or shy away from him his hand crept slowly up to her small chest and he rested his palm on one of her tender tits and she finally broke the kiss.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Matilda asked worriedly.

Mr. Young once again smiled warmly down at the scared girl. “I would very much like for you to share your beautiful body with me, Mathilda, but I told you, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. You are free to stop me anytime you want,” he said, never removing his hand from over her budding breast.

Mathilda thought it over for a moment, asking him to remove his hand never occurring to her. “And you’ll stop?”

“Of course,” Mr. Young reassured her, “Anytime you want. Do you want me to continue? I promise I won’t do anything you won’t enjoy.”

Mathilda chewed her lip thoughtfully before nodding her head and leaning up to kiss Mr. Young again. She’d already decided to do whatever was necessary to stay in this wonderful house and everything he had done she really had enjoyed so far. He bent down and she opened her mouth poking out her tongue to meet his.

Mr. Young slid his thumb over Mathilda’s hard nipple through her T-shirt. The little girl moaned with pleasure into his mouth as he slid his hand back down and slipped it inside of her shirt. His hand flowed up her silky soft skin until her reached her tender tits again and softly caressed and stroked her sensitive flesh and toyed with her nipples until she was panting with need and desire, making him smile through their kiss.

“Let’s get rid of this,” Mr. Young said as he broke the kiss and grasped the hem of Mathilda’s T-shirt. She nodded numbly and helped him remove her top, leaving they young girl in only her panties. “You have lovely breasts,” he told her as he ruffled her hair playfully.

Mathilda rolled her eyes in condescension at Mr. Young. “They’re too small,” she said.

“Small, yes,” Mr. Young said in all seriousness as he bent down, “But lovely nonetheless.” He kissed one of Mathilda’s small, firm breasts as he lovingly stroked the other bringing a surprised squeak to her lips. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked, looking up at her from the odd angle.

“I… I don’t know,” Mathilda said, “It happened really quick.”

“I’ll just have to go slower,” Mr. Young said before giving Mathilda’s hard little nipple a long, drawn out lick that had her moaning in desire. Her nipples were a strange mix of light pink and brown, hard with desire and as her voice rose as he continued licking at her tender tit until it was covered in his saliva before switching to the other. He sucked the second nipple into his mouth and slowly lashed it with his tongue until the young girl was gasping in desire and need.

Mr. Young went to suck at Mathilda’s other breast as his fingertips played with her now free nipple. She moaned louder and louder as she leaned back on the bed until she was laying flat, her delicate hands gripping his hair to hold him at her chest. He switched back to the second tit and began slowly tracing his fingers down off of her chest, lower onto her abdomen, down her soft, fluttering stomach to the top of her little panties.

Mr. Young didn’t ask permission as he slid his middle finger down the outside of Mathilda’s dampening panties, he could hear, see and smell how turned on she was, trusting him to take care of her needs. He traced his finger up and down the outside of her wet slit and she responded by raising her hips up to meet his exploring finger. He slid his digit up and down more firmly until she was gasping for air before sliding his finger up farther, dipping into her wet panties and sliding his finger delicately between her moist pussy-lips.

Mathilda’s eyes were screwed tightly shut as she enjoyed everything Mr. Young was doing to her. She’d had men touch her where he was touching her, their mouths where his was, doing the things he was doing, but none of them felt like Mr. Young. She felt oddly ashamed of herself for not trusting him sooner, trusting him more. Of course all he wanted to do was take care of her, make her feel good, she was pretty sure that it was what he was made for. And he was sooo good at it she could tell that she was already about to have her first orgasm caused by somebody besides herself and she knew without a shadow of a doubt it would be better than anything she had accomplished on her own.

Swiftly but softly, Mr. Young slid down the bed, kneeling between Mathilda’s outstretched, coltish legs and slightly startling her. “It’s o.k., sweetie,” he said warmly as he stared up her slender body while she peered down at him with wide, brown eyes, “Just trust me. If you’ve liked anything I’ve done so far then you’re going to love this.” After a few moments she nodded her head before laying it back down as he reached up and grasped her damp panties.

Mr. Young pulled Mathilda’s panties down slowly, wanting to savor the sight as they slid down her slender hips and thighs to reveal her bald, sweet, wet pussy. Her hairless, dewy little slit looked delicious and his mouth watered as she held her skinny legs up so he could slide the last bit of material covering her body. He hoisted her legs over his shoulders as he bent down and leaned forward, holding her hips as he extended his tongue.

Sliding his tongue lightly over her wet slit, Mr. Young could feel her body shudder. He dipped his tongue just barely past her labia to just inside of her wet hole and heard her gasp as a shiver ran through her slender body. He circled her small, hard clit and heard her groan as her body began shaking. He slid his tongue down and dabbled it against her small, puckered little ass and heard her moan deep in her chest as her hips jerked up. And then he slid his tongue into her gushing cunt as far as he could and heard her yell out as she came, her young body thrashing around on the bed.

Nuzzling against the young girl’s drooling cunt, Mr. Young lapped lightly at Mathilda’s tangy juices as she came down from her sexual high, her back arched and her tiny breasts pushed out.

Mathilda’s gripped the sheets as her body spammed and twitched and fireworks exploded behind her eyes. Her breath came in jagged gasps as she slowly started to relax, her slender body feeling like it was melting into the bed. She had never felt anything like what Mr. Young had done to her and as far as she was concerned it, like the house, was pure magic. Her wide eyes slowly began to refocus as she looked down her slender body to Mr. Young peering up at her from between her legs. “That… That was… That was amazing!” she said before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

“That’s because that’s what happens when two people care about each other and want to make each other feel good,” Mr. Young explained. “Would you like to try it on me?”

“And it will feel that good for you?” Mathilda asked with a bit of trepidation.

“Oh yes,” Mr. Young reassured her from between her coltish legs, “If, and only if, you want too.”

Mathilda thought it over for a moment before eagerly nodding her head. After everything he had done for her, and was doing to her, she wanted him to feel as good as she did. He stood up from between her legs, somehow completely naked even through she hadn’t seen him take his dressing gown off and his erect penis seemed to point straight at her. The downside of living in the foster system since Leon died was that she had seen far more dicks than a girl her age should have but for the first time she was actually glad for the experience the Foster Care system had given her.

Reaching out without hesitation, Mathilda grabbed the base of Mr. Young’s cock, squeezing it firmly in her dainty hand for a moment before slowly tugging on it. It was the first uncircumcised penis she had ever seen and she giggled as she thought that it looked like a snake coming out of it’s hole to wink at her. Pulling the skin back until the tip was fully exposed, she bent forward and licked the sensitive tip, tasting the salty pre-cum already there. Taking the tip into her mouth, her lips stretched tight around his girth as she sucked him in, caressing his thick shaft with her warm, wet, pink tongue.

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