The wildest dare competition

It was a rainy night in old London town, and Penny was paying the forfeit for her silly actions earlier, she had challenged her husband Todd to a wildest dare competition. The idea was that each person would think up a dare for the other one to carry out and whichever was the wildest dare was the winner. Penny had challenged Todd to go to an adult video store and there he was to go to a video booth he knew would have a glory hole and their he was to suck off another man’s cock, but Todd had won the bet with the dare that he thought even Penny in her wildest dreams would never dare to complete.

He dared Penny to make her way home from a place where he would drop her off in the car and the condition was that she had to be as naked as the day she was born, not only that but she had to shave her cunt before starting and had to collect to lots of spunk on her body but not in her cunt. As soon as she had heard Todd’s dare, Penny had realised that there was no way her dare was going to come close and the prize for winning the dare challenge was not as one would assume the thrill of seeing your partner of 10 years actually doing the dare, oh no the prize was that the losing partner had to submit to the others commands for a whole week.

Now the only way that Penny could avoid losing was to actually do the challenge or to give in and surrender her body to the whim of her husband for one week, having seen the sort of things that Todd would want her to do the last time she lost one of these dares, she was not prepared to go through that again under any circumstances. Previously Todd had won one of these bets; he had hinted at making Penny give a blow job to a dog but had thankfully never actually made her do it.

Penny vowed that in all her 32 years, she would never submit to animal sex while ever her 38D tits existed on her 5 foot six frame, having lost the dare part of the bet, she even tried flashing her emerald green eyes and pouting her pretty little nose to try and flutter her way out of the challenge, ignoring her blonde hair and good looks Todd insisted she pay the forfeit. Penny looked up to Todd and called him her usual pet name of monster cuckold, but truthfully she really loved all of his 6 foot to frame and almost pure Aryan appearance and besides she absolutely adored his 8 inch cock.

Back to the night in question, it was 9:30 at night in a rainy part of old London town not far from Camden town, when Todd pulled up in the car and then demanded that Penny undress and prepare for her journey back to Hackney some 5 miles away. As Penny pretended to reluctantly undress, Todd gave her the final rules. He told her that she was not allowed to use her charms to cover up, nor was she to be deliberately seen as this would risk arrest for indecent exposure, but she was to at some point get two different men to actually spunk over her body but she was not allowed to take their cock into her cunt or her arse. He even suggested that if she failed he knew a Great Dane that would be only too happy to help in her penalty.

With one final look at his wife’s naked body and a deliberately slow examination of her cunt, Todd’s announced the challenge was on. He opened the door and out stepped the naked Penny, although it was quite a warm night the rain felt cold and pretty soon Penny was soaking wet. This immediately left her with a problem, how was she going to protect the samples of spunk from being washed off after she had completed the tasks involved in the dare. As she turned back to the car to try to ask Todd about this, she found she was too late as the car pulled away and a smiling Todd left his naked wife to a own devices.

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