The wedding night

Tyler and his new bride Melissa approached the door of the Honeymoon suite. He unlocked the door and carried her over the threshold. Melissa giggled as she was lifted up and carried over.

“Ummm, now we can enjoy the best part of our wedding, the wedding night.” Melissa cooed.

Tyler was more than ready, the sight of his bride clad in her wedding finery had got him going. Now, he was going to see her naked for the first time. On their dates, they’d always engaged in petting, going from light to heavy, but even though he’d been able to slide his finger into her pussy and bring her off, they’d never been naked. The always kept clothes on, moving just enough aside to get at each other, and doing it in the dark. No full on sex, Melissa was still a virgin, and wanted to wait and have it all come together for their wedding night. It had been quite an arduous 6 months, but now, he was going to see it all.

“Hey lover, can you let me get all ready for you in private, so you can see what’s under all this wedding finery, in one fell swoop?”

Since it was a two room suite, Tyler replied, “Sure baby, I’ll just go into the other room, and close the door.”

Melissa gave him a big smile, and cooed, “Thanks lover, you’re the greatest.”

When the door to the other part of the suite closed, Melissa stripped, she left her wedding night lingerie in place. Snow white stockings, a similar snow white garter belt, snow white crotchless panties framed her neatly trimmed muff of red pubic hair, and a snow white demi bra. One more thing was left, and she went over to the large closet.

She looked around once everything was in place, perfect, and she called out, “Tyler, come and get it!”

Tyler eagerly stepped through the door, took a look and stopped dead. There was his bride, dressed in the sexiest undies he’d ever seen. His eyes grew wide as he saw she was not alone. Flanking her on the left was Lisa Curlow, her maid of honor, on her right was Carma Mellot, her bridesmaid. Both of them were totally nude, and his eyes drank in the sight, amazed at the sexy shapes displayed for him.

Lisa was a blonde haired beauty, firm, upright grapefruit sized mounds, he saw her nipples jutting up, her pubic region was bare except for a neatly trimmed landing strip of blonde pubic curls, her hips had a sexy curve.

Carma was a black haired beauty, she had perky boobs, about the same size as his bride, about the size of large oranges, topped with cherry tipped nipples. She was waxed totally bare and smooth, god, the sight of her hair free pubes was amazing.

Melissa purred, “Since I made you wait, and you never tried to force me beyond my boundary, this is my wedding night present for you lover.”

Lisa and Carma approached, both with big smiles. He watched, breathless as they stripped him down, both took to their knees, and he felt his cock get encased in a hot, swirling mouth as Lisa started, sliding down until his balls bounced against her chin. Tyler looked down, watching the head of blonde hair bobbing back and forth as she rode his pole, oh yeah, she knew what she was doing, mmmm, as Lisa molded her lips around his prick, and let the tight cocksucker grip work him over.

He looked over, saw Melissa, her eyes bright, she had her fingers stroking gently at her pussy as she watched him get blown by another woman on their wedding night. Melissa had been running fantasies, this was the first one, mmmm, it was so hot to watch her wedding attendants sucking him off.

Lisa gave way so Carma could get some. She eagerly took him in, nursing at his prick and swallowing it down in one gulp. His grunts of pleasure urged her on, she sucked and slurped at his prick as her mouth rode wetly up and down his pole, damn that felt so good, he never knew that her wedding attendants were first class cocksuckers.

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