The Vampire Fuck

Since I was a little girl, I had always been an attraction and left a lasting impression on people. From when I was born, people found me an uncanny beauty and no one failed to tell so. I had a head of full jet black curly hair and sparkling mysterious large grey eyes that held their fair share of secrets. My skin was somewhat pale, and in contrast, were my lips which were blood red. I know, this sounds like I’m like part of the Addams family or some sort of goth person but I’m really not. My looks are just far different from others but that’s what adds to my beauty. My eyelashes were long, full, dark and curled just slightly at the ends. On my pale skin were a few tiny beauty spots which enhanced my outstanding beauty. At 13, my chest began to sprout little mountains of breasts. Compared to everyone else my age, my breasts were pretty big and when I wore my little extra small t-shirts to school, my breasts automatically became enhanced as they stuck out for the world to see. By the time I was 13, I had figured out my beauty and the power I had over people. I could get whatever I wanted just by batting my eyelashes, flirting a little bit, and exposing just enough skin to send any man running wild. I was possibly the most dangerous young woman in my small town. It was a game to me…and I was winning. All men were my pawns.

By 16, my breasts had developed to a size 32DD and thanks to my cursed genetics, I was sometimes lactating. My breasts were firm enough not to sag but still soft to the touch; they were attractive to everyone, including myself. I loved to fondle the soft firm breasts that attracted people far and wide. My areolas were large and my nipples were extremely puffy and very sensitive. I spent hours exercising and I had developed the perfect body, a flat stomach (with just a small swell at the bottom) with small belly button ring that hung on my navel. To the right of my navel was a tattoo of a butterfly. My legs were long, sexy, and I loved teasing people with them. My ass had to be the worst of my features though. My ass was not flat, it was curvy and moderate sized. By the time I was in high school, I’d figured out how to cheat and slut my way to getting the marks I wanted without actually having to have sex. I never had to pay for anything. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I paid for something. I easily got accepted to the best universities in the country simply by teasing. I had a PhD in seduction even before I got to university. I was a temptress, a provocateur, and I was dangerous. Once in college though, things began to get hard and I discovered that I couldn’t slut my way with most teachers, some of them were actually “honest”. For once in my life, I had to do this thing called work…and I had to do a lot of it. The workload for too much so I decided that it would be easier to take my courses during the night that way I wouldn’t waste my life partying, and could focus more on school. That’s when I met him.

He was different from all the other guys I’d met. Much older. He had jet black hair with a few silver specks, dark eyes and extremely pale skin like he’d never seen the sun in his life. His body was well built with the muscles in the proper places to make him look so attractive. He was always dressed completely in black expensive brand name clothing and never talked, but the most interesting thing about his, were his teeth which were white, extremely straight and very wolfish. At each side of his mouth were fang like teeth and when he smiled, his fangs glittered into the night. He looked just like the perfect vampire. He was so dark and mysterious, I was instantly attracted to him and all I could think about was him fucking me intensely. I had never felt this type of attraction towards any man before. The type where you just want to rip off your clothes in the middle of class and lay on the table saying “fuck me now”. The type where you would do anything to get their attention. Usually, men chased me…now I was the hunter…I wanted him and I was determined to have him because I always win. I tried to attract him in every way possible. I wore tight leather tops with plunging cleavages and short miniskirts which rode up my butt to reveal sexy panties, but not once did he ever look my way. To him, I was invisible…and I hated it. As fate would have it, we got stuck together for a project and I was happy because I would automatically get an A because he appeared to be very intelligent, mature, and wise. He refused to work during the day time claiming that the doctor told him the sun was detrimental to his health so instead we worked at night. I remember the feeling I got whenever I was around him, one of pure sexual lust.

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