The trip to Africa had been truly amazing for whores

The trip to Africa had been truly amazing for Jodi Hayes
and Melissa O’Bannon. Just a couple of years before the
two friends had attended classes together at the
University of Georgia and had shared an interest and a
talent for wildlife photography. The two had taken a
photo-taking vacation each of the past summers, one to
Montana and one to the Everglades.

This trip, financed largely by Melissa’s new boyfriend
far surpassed the other trips. The wild life was
abundant, scenery unsurpassed and “Besides” Jodi stated
“We look cute in these safari outfits.”

That, they did indeed, they were two extremely pretty
girls. The first thing you would notice about Jodi was
her size, the girl was tiny, a gymnast when in college,
she was only 4’10”. She had a firm tanned body with
muscular legs, smallish upturned breasts, French braided
golden blonde hair and large green eyes.

As they arose for coffee that morning, Jodi wore a pair
of rolled up khaki shorts and a green Banana Republic t-
shirt. White socks and short hiking boots completed the
“safari look.”

Melissa was a blue-eyed red head, flashier than Jodi.
Melissa stood about 5’5″ and had a fair complexion (now
sporting colonies of freckles) and a stunning figure.
She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a buttoned up
safari style shirt. Due to the heat-she and Jodi both
had soon dispensed with wearing bras and Melissa’s heavy
tit flesh strained at the material of her shirt.

They were camped on the on the Savannah near edge of a
river and some dense rainforest. Jeff Spencer, Melissa’s
current beau was a very successful attorney in Atlanta
and a self-proclaimed expert on everything. Today he was
in a particularly foul mood. His native guide had warned
him about going any farther near the jungle areas.

“Bad peoples live there, people go, in not come out.”
the battered guide had said.

“Bullshit!” he spat, “look buddy I’ve been saddled with
Melissa and her little friend for a week while they take
pictures! We may as well as went to Myrtle Beach for all
the action I’ve seen. I want to do some hunting in the
wild! THIS-(indicating the river and tree line) is the

“Yes, Mister Jeff…but…but…”

“But Nothing,” I’m spending a shit load of money on this
trip and I want some ME time.” He picked up his new 3030
Remington rifle. “I can take care of things any way.” He
stood up. “NOW–get your skinny ass in gear.”

“What about the Missies?” the guide asked.

“Shit!” they can take care of themselves–“Look around,
there’s nothing here, Nobody!! No ‘bad peoples.” He
chuckled to himself.

“But if it makes you feel better I’ll tell the girls
to keep a gun handy and stay here and fix lunch or

“That would be better Mr. Jeff” he said, a little
relieved. “OK go get the stuff, I’ll tell them not to
wander off.”

Thinking to himself ‘this guy is full of shit, he just
wants a bigger tip’, Jeff decided not to scare the
girls too bad.

Hey girls and I know you won’t like this. I am going to
go do a little shooting with Malcolm. He says he doesn’t
know the interior so don’t go over there. You can take
your little pictures out here and rustle up some lunch.”

Melissa tipped down here Revo sunglasses. She did not
want to fight but hated being condescended. “OK, honey –
see if you can find a vacuum cleaner and we’ll clean
house when you get back.”

“No ya’ll just go have fun, Jeff. We’ll be all right.”
Jodi the peacemaker chimed in.

“Whatever” he shrugged. He wasn’t sure about Jodi.
Sweet, too sweet. She was teaching school back home in
Waycross. She was engaged to her hometown sweetheart.
She was according to Melissa, still a virgin. “Damn
pity, I’d like to give that little bod a ‘twirl’. Saving
it for some Clem Cadiddlehopper from south Georgia.”

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