The teacher and the teenagers

Hello. My name is Jennifer Henderson, I have been a teacher in High school
for about ten years, I’m 32 years old, and blond, and recently divorced with
a teenage daughter who lives with her father.

About a year ago I was fired due to some illegal activities I am not about
to talk about, for reasons you will soon understand. The High school chose
not to press charges and to get rid of the evidence because of my earlier
loyalty there. I have always considered myself a reasonable teacher, if you
didn’t put up the work , you didn’t pass, where I live theres a lot of
spoiled kids who cut classes and expects to pass, not on my watch, I had a
high percentage of failings in my class and fought parents and teenagers
Dailey. I was about to learn that my way of dealing with the kids would be
my downfall.

Since I lost my job I am now living on social support, it’s not much but it
pays the bills and I have enough to eat. The 15th of every month I receive
my check, so the 15th I went out to get it when I noticed another letter, it
was signed from Hailey Masterson, a girl who got straight A`s in every class
but mine, I went inside and opened it. I immediately felt sick, the letter
contained copies of all the evidence against me, documents, videos,
pictures, it also contained a note from Hailey, saying that she really
wanted to destroy me by sending everything to the cops, but that she was
offering me a deal. To become her slave for the rest of my life or jail. She
needed to know by 10 next morning. If I chose slavery I were to tape a white
paper in my window and wait for her arrival. I ran to the bathroom and cried
and threw up. I didn’t sleep at all that night, I ran over my options all
night. Prison scared the hell out of me, I had heard some pretty messed up
stories about female prisons, I did not want that at all, but than again
being a “Slave” to a stuck up brat didn’t sound like a picnic either. Around
nine o clock I made my decision, really confused I taped a white paper in my
window, and sat down on my couch. My stomach was fighting me and I didn’t
know what to think. About a hour later there was a knock on the door, I
walked over and opened up the door, it was Hailey, and without a word she
punched me right in my face, hard. I fell on the floor and started to cry,
Hailey laughed and closed the door and sat down on the couch before she
calmly said

-” Okay, bitch! Here’s the deal. I don’t want to waste a lot of time getting
you to fully understand the dimensions of this deal, so I’ll just cut to the
chase.” She crossed her legs and continued

-” I hate you” she said looking directly in to my eyes, I just sat there in
disbelief watching this teenager telling me how my decision would affect
me -” I can’t wait to start abusing you, but just because you have agreed on
paper doesn’t mean that the cops are out of the picture”

she was so arrogant -” I will destroy you one way or the other, so just to
keep you motivated I have decided that as long as you do what your told,
when your told, your activities will be our little secret, but the second
you slip up, everything goes straight to the cops, and I will make it my
personal mission to make your stay a hell”

I couldn’t believe my ears , I didn’t have any choice, one way or the other
this girl was going to destroy me.

She then smiled and said excitedly -” So lets begin! You can start by
cleaning my shoe”

I didn’t really know what she meant so I was about to get up to get
something to clean it with, when she screamed out -” With your tongue you
stupid bitch!!!”, I reluctantly stuck out my tongue and touched the bottom
of her shoe, it was disgusting, the shoes actually had dirty spots on them,
all the while I licked she constantly told me how to do it, where to lick
and where to suck, I was told to swallow everything I got of, and not to
stop until the bottom was clean. It took me about five minutes, she then
inspected it, and casually crossed her legs and told me to clean the second
one. It took at least five minutes to clean it. When I was done I was told
to run and rinse my mouth and run back and resume the position. She meant
business so I actually ran and rinsed my mouth in the kitchen sink and ran
back , and sat down on my knees, she had removed her shoes and sat with her
feet resting on my living room table, both feet facing me.

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