The Switch

My friend Bill Bixson and I were having having lunch at The 5 Spot diner, when he said, “Let’s take our wives out tonight, dinner, some dancing, sound good? Miranda said she’d love to go out on another double date night, and if you and Rachel are free tonight, let’s do it.”

I replied, “Yeah, it sounds great, I’ll make sure Rachel hasn’t got something else planned.”

I took out my smartphone, and when my wife Rachel answered, I said, “Baby, no need to make dinner tonight, Bill and I are taking you and Anne out for dinner and dancing.”

“Oh Steven that sounds wonderful. I’m gonna call Miranda over, so we can do each others hair. I am already looking forward to that!”

“So am I baby, see you after work.”

Having Rachel in the clear, I smiled, I was looking forward to our night out, for another reason. Bill’s wife Miranda was a real hot number, she loved to dress to show off her figure, and the last time we’d gone out as a double date, I’d feasted my eyes. Miranda’s charms and assets had certainly kept my motor running, when we got home after the date, I’d hustled Rachel into the bedroom. I had a mental image of Miranda, what she looked like when she was stripped naked and ready for action. With that fresh in my head, I’d ridden Rachel eagerly, the grunts and growls of pleasure she made just added to the heat, and she scratched at my back as she came, her mouth came forward, giving my shoulder a bite, and I’d immediately jetted my load into her.

We decided to go all out, dressed up to the nines. When I got home, Rachel was in the bedroom, she had just gotten out of her clothes, and I let my eyes drink in her nudity, She strode over, grabbed me and gave me a hot, passionate, drawn out smooch. Her hand reached down, giving my rapidly growing prick some stroking.

“A little preview lover man, when we get home, I want your cock, rock hard, pounding me into the mattress!”

The sight of her as she re-dressed kept my cock up. I watched as she slipped on a tiny black lacy set of tanga style panties that barely covered her well trimmed bush. She saw me looking and struck some poses, giving me a private show.

“You like what you see lover?” At my eager nod, she purred, “tonight after we get home, you’re gonna see a lot more. When we get between the sheets, I’m really going to bring the heat!”

Rachel looked very hot, her light blonde hair had been done up in a flower-shaped updo style at the back of her head. She slipped into her figure hugging black gown with a slit up the front, as the dress rose up, it split into a deep V that showed off her beautiful 36 C cleavage to full effect, a ribbon rose up from the top of the dress and went around the back of her neck, the dress left her shoulders and her back, to the bottom of her shoulder blades, bare. Damn she looked amazing, I felt a bit of a stab of guilt, lusting after Miranda when I had a hot wife like Rachel, but what the hell. No harm in looking and fantasizing, right?

With Bill and Miranda living right next door, we went over, so Bill could get the Cadillac out for a drive. When I saw Miranda, I sure checked her out. She was wearing a lime green gown that hugged her figure and came up over her breasts and ended just below the tops of her breasts, where it fit nice and snug. Her breasts had to be at least a 36 D, maybe a double D, and the way her breasts were snugged in her dress, and pushed out the front was a real cock stiffening view.

During dinner, I feasted my eyes as well as my mouth. Miranda looked super hot, the hazel eyes, the up-swept red hair, looked like she was a natural redhead, and the idea of slipping my prick between her red bush, damn. I was hard as a rock.

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