The Switch

My friend Bill Bixson and I were having having lunch at The 5 Spot diner, when he said, “Let’s take our wives out tonight, dinner, some dancing, sound good? Miranda said she’d love to go out on another double date night, and if you and Rachel are free tonight, let’s do it.”

I replied, “Yeah, it sounds great, I’ll make sure Rachel hasn’t got something else planned.”

I took out my smartphone, and when my wife Rachel answered, I said, “Baby, no need to make dinner tonight, Bill and I are taking you and Anne out for dinner and dancing.”

“Oh Steven that sounds wonderful. I’m gonna call Miranda over, so we can do each others hair. I am already looking forward to that!”

“So am I baby, see you after work.”

Having Rachel in the clear, I smiled, I was looking forward to our night out, for another reason. Bill’s wife Miranda was a real hot number, she loved to dress to show off her figure, and the last time we’d gone out as a double date, I’d feasted my eyes. Miranda’s charms and assets had certainly kept my motor running, when we got home after the date, I’d hustled Rachel into the bedroom. I had a mental image of Miranda, what she looked like when she was stripped naked and ready for action. With that fresh in my head, I’d ridden Rachel eagerly, the grunts and growls of pleasure she made just added to the heat, and she scratched at my back as she came, her mouth came forward, giving my shoulder a bite, and I’d immediately jetted my load into her.

We decided to go all out, dressed up to the nines. When I got home, Rachel was in the bedroom, she had just gotten out of her clothes, and I let my eyes drink in her nudity, She strode over, grabbed me and gave me a hot, passionate, drawn out smooch. Her hand reached down, giving my rapidly growing prick some stroking.

“A little preview lover man, when we get home, I want your cock, rock hard, pounding me into the mattress!”

The sight of her as she re-dressed kept my cock up. I watched as she slipped on a tiny black lacy set of tanga style panties that barely covered her well trimmed bush. She saw me looking and struck some poses, giving me a private show.

“You like what you see lover?” At my eager nod, she purred, “tonight after we get home, you’re gonna see a lot more. When we get between the sheets, I’m really going to bring the heat!”

Rachel looked very hot, her light blonde hair had been done up in a flower-shaped updo style at the back of her head. She slipped into her figure hugging black gown with a slit up the front, as the dress rose up, it split into a deep V that showed off her beautiful 36 C cleavage to full effect, a ribbon rose up from the top of the dress and went around the back of her neck, the dress left her shoulders and her back, to the bottom of her shoulder blades, bare. Damn she looked amazing, I felt a bit of a stab of guilt, lusting after Miranda when I had a hot wife like Rachel, but what the hell. No harm in looking and fantasizing, right?

With Bill and Miranda living right next door, we went over, so Bill could get the Cadillac out for a drive. When I saw Miranda, I sure checked her out. She was wearing a lime green gown that hugged her figure and came up over her breasts and ended just below the tops of her breasts, where it fit nice and snug. Her breasts had to be at least a 36 D, maybe a double D, and the way her breasts were snugged in her dress, and pushed out the front was a real cock stiffening view.

During dinner, I feasted my eyes as well as my mouth. Miranda looked super hot, the hazel eyes, the up-swept red hair, looked like she was a natural redhead, and the idea of slipping my prick between her red bush, damn. I was hard as a rock.

After dinner, we went to Jerry’s Roadhouse, they had a big dance floor, so we could cut a rug. On the floor, with Rachel in my arms, she pressed tight against me, cooing softly as she felt my cock pressing against her.

When we took a break, Bill asked, “Rachel, would you like to dance the next set with me, is it okay with you Steve?”

I replied, “Of course, no problem.”

They got up, and joined the couples on the dance floor. Bill is a very good dancer, and I could see Rachel smile as they got into the rhythm.

My thoughts were interrupted when Miranda cooed, “Aren’t you going to ask me to dance Steve?”

I looked over at her, saw a glow in those hazel eyes, and a smile. I quickly asked her, and soon we were on the dance floor. A slow number started, and she moved in tight against me. I could feel my cock pressing against her. She made a soft wordless purr, and squirmed her body slightly against mine, oh fuck, I was steel hard. I tried to pull back, but she responded by keeping me tight against her.

Miranda whispered, “Don’t worry Steve, I take your erection as a compliment. I’m sure Rachel is having the same effect on Bill. No harm in getting our husbands warmed up, I know Bill will be very hot and bothered when we get home, and I want you to be just as hot and eager for Rachel. I don’t intend to ever follow through on some hot, nasty fantasies I have, when Bill is fucking me. Just stay close against me, and enjoy.”

Three more slow songs followed, and Miranda kept the contact and the wriggles going, her eyes looked into mine, I could see the heat building.

When the set ended, all four of us were more than warmed up, and when Rachel and I got home, our clothes virtually flew off. We tumbled to the bed, and Rachel was quickly in position, thighs spread wide, the heat of passion rising up.

Rachel ran a finger along her pink trail, and purred, “Ummmm I’s so wet, get that cock over here, I need that hard dick to put out the fire!”

I quickly took position, and felt her hand grasp my cock. She positioned me, moving her hips up and down, making my cockhead slide along her opening. I can feel the warmth of her syrup slick juices coating my cockhead. She set me on a true pussy splitting path, her hips push up, and the tip of my cock pushed inward. With a low moan, she grabbed my ass and pulled hard, driving my cock inward. Her gasp of pleasure as I powered in mixed with my grunt of pleasure, feeling the tight, wet clutching heat parting around my shaft.

“Go deep lover, all the way!”

Fired up, I ram forward, I bottom out, my balls smacking against her ass. Rachel’s loud moan fills the room as she feels my cock hear pressing against her cervix.

“Oh yeah, so deep, fuck me lover, ram my pussy!”

I quickly set the rhythm, Rachel’s sounds of passion applying the spurs. Humping up against my hips, I can feel her warm wet inner muscles milking my cock, eager for the wet spray. My mind went off, the idea that she had felt Bill’s prick against her as they danced had really gotten her hot. Just the way my cock had gotten Miranda primed up. I imagined them in bed, fucking up a storm. Miranda in lust driven cowgirl perhaps, god, the sight of her sexy milk jugs bouncing must be a damn fine sight. Maybe she was under Bill right now, being fucked into the mattress the same way Rachel was.

“Oh yeah, keep fucking my lover, make me cum!”

The sound of Rachel’s voice took me away from the fantasy, and I devoted all of me to her. Her face was full of bliss, mouth open in silent O of passion. Her body was writhing under me, our bodies making a slapping sound as I power fucked her, our bodies bouncing on the mattress. My cock was quickly coming to the brink.

“Keep fucking me hard and deep, oh god you know how to fuck, oh yes, fucking me so hard, fill my right little pussy with your hot spunk! gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk…!”

Rachel’s voice rose up to a shriek as I swelled up, piercing her cervix. Her muscles gripped even tighter as she tumbled, the spasms demanding, and my cock erupted, jetting my load right into her womb. My ejaculation seemed to go on and on, a quick mental vision of my cock exploding in Miranda’s sweet red topped snatch powered me along. The quivering tightness eagerly sucked at me, drawing every drop from me, until our orgasms started to ebb, and we flopped down in a heap.

“Ummmm, oh god that was just what I needed, your hard dick blasting my tight little womb full of hot cream. You were really a tiger lover.”

I replied, “You were damn hot yourself baby.”

She lay back with a satisfied purr, drifting on the afterglow. My mind filled with the imagined images of Miranda getting a solid hard fucking from her husband. My cock grew back to full, as I visualized all the imagined scenes.

I felt a soft hand feeling my cock, and Rachel’s throaty purr, “Ummm, so hard again, I must take care of that sexy hard cock! This time, I wanna get rammed from behind!

Rachel gave me a look of desire, as she positioned herself Rockygy style, her ass cocked up to me. Her hand reached down, and cupping her mound, her fingers parted her lips, giving me look at her luscious rosy pink inner flesh as I took position. She reached down between us, taking my cock, leading me up to her steamy entrance.

“Right there Daddy, give it to me, fuck your tight little daughter!”

My wife wanted to role play, hearing her call me Daddy had my cock steel hard, I needed to feel her slick heat wrapped around my stiff cock again. I mounted her, taking her from behind, powering my bloated, rock hard cock as far up her tight, burning cunt as I could. She squealed with pleasure as my swollen cock opened her up. I gripped her hips tightly, grunting out, “Oh Fuck, yeah!” as I powered my cock deep up her, the feel of the slick heat of her eager sheath wrapping around my hard cock, hearing her grunt of pleasure as I pushed in right to the hilt.

“Yeah, give it to me, Daddy,” she cooed, “Fuck your tight little daughter’s sweet cunt!”

Fired up by her excitement, I was happy to oblige. Gripping her hips tightly, I plunged into her again and again, going right to the balls. She was grunting passionately as I jackhammered my hard cock into her, plowing her most inviting furrow. Her sounds of joy and delight urged me on as I power reamed her steamy depths over and over again.

“Yeah, let it go, Daddy, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood your little girl’s horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!” Rachel gasped.

I could feel her hand reach under and wrap around my balls, giving them a gentle squeezing. Combining that with her hot sexy words, and watching her ass jiggle slightly as I drove my aching cock into her steaming cunt over and over, shoved me over the edge. With a roar of pleasure, I let it go, my cock buried deep up her tight cunt, pulsing wildly, erupting in her, as I shot my hot cum deep inside her tight cunt. As my pulsing cock splattered a thick juicy load against her cervix, filling her womb, she howled with pleasure as her cunt wrenched wildly, her orgasm tearing into her, making her body shake like a leaf in a storm. I could feel my cock, spurting out thick ropes of cum deep inside her, splattering her insides as her pussy, wrapped tightly around my shaft, spasmed wildly, sucking every drop out of me. As our orgasms ebbed, we flopped down in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

Just before sleep took us, I could feel Rachel’s sexy, well fucked body molded against mine, and I fell asleep with a very satisfied smile on my face.

I rose up from sleep, stretched and got out of bed. it was 6 AM, and since it was Saturday, I didn’t need to get ready for work. Bill and I were going to go out and play some golf today, should be a good day.

Getting up at 6 was like setting off an alarm clock for my bladder, I needed to piss. Into the bathroom, I emptied my bladder with a sigh of relief. I looked out of the window, and did I get an eyeful.

Bill and Miranda were out on the balcony that adjoins their bedroom, both of them totally naked. Miranda was standing, facing towards our bathroom window, while Bill was behind her, running his hands up and down her body. I could see her body squirming under his touch, as his hands came up, grabbed her big milk jugs, squeezing them and flicking his fingers over her nipples. I could Miranda’s mouth ovaled in a silent O of bliss as Bill played with her. Miranda had a sleep mask over her eyes, I could see the zebra stripe pattern that was on it. Knowing she could not see me watching, I took the opportunity to drink in the vision, nicely curved waist, long sleek legs, hot damn, her pubic region was waxed totally bald, the sight of her so hair free really got my cock growing. Miranda bent her body forward at a 45 degree angle. She was gripping the balcony railing, wiggling her hips at her husband. Bill came up behind her, nudged against her then powered in his morning hard cock. He gripped her hips tightly as really powered his prick into his wife. Bill looked towards me, grinning, and gave me a nod, I took that to mean keep watching, and I did. He really started to ram Miranda, I could see her milk jugs shaking with every power driven thrust into her. I could Miranda’s mouth open in pleasure as she was power fucked. Damn, such a hot fucking sight, I couldn’t tear my eyes away as their bodies moved faster and faster. Bill kept his eyes right on mine, until he threw his head back, and rammed in, holding it there. Miranda’s body was shaking, their cries and grunts of orgasmic pleasure came faintly through the glass as they climaxed. Bill looked back at me with that grin, and gave me a quick thumbs up. My cock was as hard as steel after watching such hot cock raising views like that.

I needed to really ride Rachel, my balls were aching with a huge morning load after that kind of stimulation. She was still asleep on her belly, perfect. I’ll give her my morning wake up. I slipped a pillow under her hips, and slid between her legs. Looking at Rachel’s well trimmed muff I extended myself up, using my thumbs to gently part her, and slipped my tongue over her pussy lips, licking gently at her. She made a small purr in her sleep as I worked on bringing her up. I heard a slightly louder purr, and her juices started to bubble up. Tasting the juices of her arousal. I couldn’t wait any longer, my cock was so hard it was painful. I lifted up, molding my body against her, and penetrated, grunting as I felt the tight clinch. Rachel was just coming up out of the middle point between sleep and wakefulness, and she let out a long shuddering breath of pleasure.

Her voice, a bit blurred as she shook off sleep, purred, “Ummm, what a nice way to wake me up. Such a hard, eager husband, take my tight little pussy lover, take what is yours!”

I was happy to do so, using the remembered visions of Bill and Miranda in a hot fuck to power me along. I rose up quickly, and flooded Rachel with a huge rush. Even after dumping my load, I used the fantasy of fucking Miranda, how it would feel to lick her smooth, hairless pussy, how she’d suck my cock, and how it would feel to power into her tight, sexy cunt, painting her cervix with a white rush. Damn, just those thoughts made my balls churn, keeping me hard enough to ram Rachel’s sweet box until she shrieked out in orgasmic joy, bringing me to another orgasm, powering a much smaller load into my wife’s eagerly milking fuck-hole.


“So, how did you like this morning’s view?”

“I liked it very much.”

“Did you go and fuck your wife’s sweet pussy after watching?”

“What do you think?”

Bill took a swig of his beer and grinned. We had just sat down to a beer in the clubhouse after our golfing, and Bill had cut right through the wondering of what to say.

“Miranda likes to fuck outside, It gives her a thrill to think that somebody might even get a glimpse of us fucking in public. She also likes to be blindfolded, she said that having one of her senses taken away heightens the orgasmic rush for her.”

“When I saw you watching, I thought that you would appreciate the view. When she’s in the grip of her full on sex hungry needs, I think she might let any man fuck her. Any man at all.”

Bill paused to let that sink in. All of a sudden the idea of watching was morphing into more.

I said quietly, “I think that with that great view you shared, I want to do the same for you.”

Bill replied quietly, “That would be mighty neighborly of you. What do you have in mind Steve?”

“How about if we set it up so I’ll let you slip into the house just after Rachel’s gone up to bed? Her and I will have a make out session in the living room, when she heads upstairs, her sweet pussy will be steaming for my prick. I’ll text you, come over quickly so you can follow me up the stairs, and I’ll leave the bedroom door ajar, so you can watch.”

Bill replied, “Oh yeah, that’d be real good. If Miranda is still up, I’ll just tell her that I’m going over to help you with an electrical problem, and I won’t be gone long.”

“Lets do it tonight then, no reason to wait.”


“Squeeze my tits baby, you know how much I love it.”

Rachel was spread out on the living room carpet, her blouse wide open, her bra tossed aside, skirt hiked up to her waist, and her panties were hanging off her ankle. She had my shirt unbuttoned, pants undone , her hands stroking and caressing my throbbing cock. She wriggled against me, her hot panting breath in my mouth, as I ran my hands over her luscious mounds, squeezing and groping them. I slid my fingers along the slick, creamy lips of her pussy.

She purred, “Let’s go upstairs lover, I want to get rammed, I need a good hard fucking.”

I watched her awesome ass wiggling as she climbed the stairs, and I quickly got Bill on my smartphone. All I had to say was now, and he was at the door in less than a minute. When I let him in, Rachel’s voice floated down to me, “Hurry up lover, my pussy is sizzling!”

Bill and I shared a grin, and we glided up the carpeted stairs, and down the hallway. I was grateful that we had no hardwood floors, the noise of two sets of footsteps was effectively squelched.

I whispered “Enjoy the view” then I went into the bedroom. Rachel was ready, hot and naked, she had dialed down the overhead light to a dim glow, and she looked at me like a hungry lioness.

“Come over here lover, on your back, let me mount up and ride you.”

Knowing that Bill was going to see Rachel in heat really had me bone hard, and Rachel smiled as she saw my prick, more that ready for action. I quickly dumped what clothes I was still wearing, and lay back on the bed. I locked my eyes on the exciting view of Rachel swinging into position, taking my cock and slipping up and down her lips, letting her juices lube it up. Her hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock was now nudged against her warm, wet opening. Rachel let out a low moan as she pushed down hard, rotating her hips, corkscrewing me into the hot wet clutch. My grunt mixed in as she took me into the hilt, my cock now buried in her tight, wet pussy.

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