The Strange way things turn out?

My son, tom and his current Girlfriend, frequently shared my home; by that I mean that my son despite being 32 was still living at home and although his girlfriend Jenny had bought her own home he chose to remain in my home. This meant that on a few occasions Tom and Jenny shared his bedroom and bed but the strange thing was that on three of those occasions Jenny had stumbled into my bedroom in the middle of the night, stark naked. The third of these occurrence I decided not to do my usual and tell her she was in the wrong bedroom that is until she actually cocked her shapely leg over my prone nude body.

At this point I spoke out and she quietly without saying a word climbed back off the bed and went to Tom’s room. After all three occasions of her coming to my room I would mention it at the following breakfast and she would blush and simply apologise saying she must had been more the worse for drink than she had realised.

Now Jenny was a healthy girl and to many I would say she was attractive but for me to take advantage of her 38 24 32 figure would have been betraying my son, but things took a sudden turn when Tom announced that he and Jenny had decided to take a break from each other; which I gather was the modern day youthful expression of them finishing. So you can probably understand my confusion when Jenny approached me and asked if I could help her.

I had always gotten along with Jenny so I said if I could help I would; she asked me quite openly if I knew why my son was interested in anal sex. I coughed and spluttered a bit suggesting this was not something easily discussed with his dad; but I reversed the question and asked her why she disliked it so much for it to become a problem. She told me a previous boyfriend had tried it and hurt her so much she had bled for a long while afterwards.

I told her it was a shame because young people should enjoy sex in any form and for her to be stigmatised by a bad experience was not really fair. I jokingly told her that if I had been that boyfriend I would have ensured she enjoyed the experience rather than take my own pleasure first. Suddenly out of the blue she asked if I would do just that and then she could decide if anal sex was right for her or not.

I tried to explain that it would look really strange if suddenly after she had gone out with my son for more than a year she suddenly started going out with his father. She said who would know if we met at her house until I had finished teaching her. I could not argue with that but I did say that if she was going to be serious about this then there were a few ground rules to be ironed out first. She simply said I will agree to anything you choose to put in place as a ground rule.

I advised he to listen first before jumping in; I said if I was going to teach her about anal sex then I would insist on teaching her about all aspects of sex and she would be expected to obey my demands and wishes. Instantly she responded I know you would not simply take advantage of me so I agree to everything. With that we arranged to meet at her house the following night, of course without Tom’s knowledge.

I carefully prepared a black flight case with things I wanted to introduce Jenny to and see if she had tried them before. I had a plan for the night running through my head which meant that the day seemed to really drag, until finally it was time to leave to go to Jenny’s house.
Tom popped his head round the door and asked if I was going to be around for tea and told him genuinely that I was going to be out visiting a mutual friend. Such is the trust between Tom and myself he never even asked who.

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