The story how I slept with my mother-in-law

I slept with my mother-in-law, 10 years ago, my wife and I sold our house and moved into my in-law’s house until our new place was built. We stayed upstairs, in the main part of the house and my in-laws spent a lot of their time in the finished basement. One night, my wife called out of work sick. She was very nauseous, pale and she had a fever. She asked me to go get her mother to see if she knew of any Italian home remedies to settle her stomach and make her feel better. I did as she asked. I went downstairs, opened the door to the basement and when I walked in, I saw my father in law on top of my naked mother in law, pumping her pussy on the couch in the corner of the room. They didn’t seem to notice me and I managed to walk out without them realizing I was even there. I tiptoed up the stairs, stopped at the fridge to grab a bottle of water and then went back to our bedroom and told my wife her parents were sleeping. I gave her the water and told her to drink it and to try to get some sleep. She did as I recommended. I got undressed, turned off the lights and climbed into bed to go to sleep.

As I lay in bed, I couldn’t get the image of what I had just seen out of my head. I kept visualizing my mother-in-law on her back with her legs up, getting her hairy pussy fucked. From this day on, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about my mother- in- law.

I have a fetish for hairy pussy and I became obsessed with her. I wanted to have her. The idea of ravishing her became a huge turn on, not only because I wanted to bury my face in her hairy hole, but because it was a forbidden fantasy, a taboo of sorts. I knew I should not have been fantasizing about my wife’s mother like that, but I couldn’t help it. As my obsession with my mother-in-law grew, I began thinking of subtle ways for her to see me naked, just to see how she reacted. I would wear shorts with no underwear to see if she would notice the bulge shifting around under the cotton fabric when I walked around the house. Occasionally, I would see her glimpse down and then look away. I also started hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek every morning when I saw her. I made sure to press my crotch into her so she could feel my bulge. She never pushed away, so I kept doing it. It got to the point where she would see me in the morning and she would come over to me to hug and kiss me.

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After a short time, I started doing more daring things to push the envelope a little more. One evening, after dinner, I was sitting at my desk in the bedroom and I heard my mother-in-law come up the stairs to go into her bedroom. Our bedroom was right across from hers and an idea popped into my head. I turned my desk chair so that I faced my bedroom door and put my feet up on the bed with my knees bent. Then I leaned back on the chair with my legs spread a little. I pulled the left side of my shorts up my thigh so that my testicles were exposed. This way, if my mother-in-law looked into my bedroom, she would get a nice surprise. I turned my head and pretended to watch tv as I heard her footsteps walk down the hall, toward her bedroom. She walked by the bedroom and looked in and her expression was one of shock. She stood there for a few seconds, then said good night and walked into her bedroom. I knew she saw my balls and she didn’t look offended. My father-in-law usually fell asleep on the couch downstairs, while watching tv, so I felt brave enough to continue pushing the envelope.

My wife was a nurse and she worked over night shifts at the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could get my mother-in-law to see me naked, especially with my wife not being home at night. After flashing my mother-in-law my testicles, a new idea popped into my head. I decided to try something more risky.

The next night, after my wife went to work, I wished my in-laws a good night, and went upstairs. It was really warm upstairs, so I decided to take a cold shower and then I went to bed. I usually closed my bedroom door before getting into bed, but on this night, I decided to leave my bedroom door open. I lay down in bed completely nude and left the bed sheets at my feet. This way, if my mother-in-law looked into my bedroom she would see me in my birthday suit. I just prayed my father in law wasn’t the one who saw me. It was a risk I thought I could take because he liked to sleep in the cool basement every night. I tried to stay awake to see if I caught my mother-in-law look in on me when she went to bed, but I fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to my mother-in-law’s voice outside my bedroom door. I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom door closed and my bed sheet over my body. I knew she must have seen me, covered me up and closed my bedroom door. Seconds later, I heard a knock at the door, but I didn’t respond. I turned to my side and pulled the sheet down a bit so my ass was visible. She came into the bedroom and called my name. I pretended to wake up and looked over at her. She was looking at my ass and she had a slight smirk on her face.

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“Anthony, Jennifer is on the phone. She has to work a double.”

“Thanks mom” I replied.

I always called her mom.

“OK, I’m going to the grocery store. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” she said with a smile before she left my bedroom.

When I saw my mother-in- law smile, I knew deep down she liked seeing me without my clothes on. I decided not to do anything else after this. I didn’t want to make what I was doing too obvious.

A couple of weeks later, she came into the bedroom again. I was wearing boxer briefs under the sheets because I had gotten up earlier to go to the bathroom and I had gone back to sleep. I heard her call my name and I started to wake up when out of no where, I felt the sheets fly off of me. My eyes snapped open and I saw her looking down at my boxer briefs, looking disappointed.

“Good morning Sweety”, she said as she looked away from my lower body and shifted her eyes up to my face. “Jennifer called and said she had to work another double. I’m headed out to run some errands. Do you need anything?” She asked.

“No, I have to get up soon and head out to work.”

“OK, I will see you tonight.” She said as she pulled the sheets back over me and left my bedroom.

My head started swirling with all sorts of thoughts. Why had she pulled off the sheets? I knew why and I was really enjoying this game. It was time to try some something new. I started coming up with reasons to rub up against her or to get a cheap feel. She also changed her behavior. She started taking showers at night before bed and she would wear a long tee shirt and no bra. Her nipples were always hard and I would just stare at her tits, imagining what they looked like. One day, I walked up to my mother-in law to give her a kiss on the cheek before going to bed (as I did every night). I had my hand on my chest and pretended to scratch an itch. When I leaned in to give her a kiss, I made sure my hand was still scratching my chest. I ‘accidentally’ made contact with her chest and I felt her hard nipple on my finger. I slid my finger up and down over her nipple a couple of times, pretending to scratch. She didn’t say anything.

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The next evening, after her shower, she was bending over at her desk, staring at the computer screen. She had a different nightie on. This one was tighter than the long tee shirt she had on the night before. The white cotton fabric hugged her hour glass figure in all the right places and I noticed there was no panty line visible on her hips. I walked up behind her and pressed my crotch up against her ass as I reached around her to grab a tissue from the desk. I had no underwear on under my shorts. I kept my crotch pressed against her ass for a couple of seconds and she didn’t try to move away. I even shifted my crotch a bit so that the tip of my penis slipped into the crack of her ass. To my surprise, my mother-in-law’s hips pushed back a bit against my cock. I backed away quickly because I started to feel my manhood swell up a bit. When I backed away, she stood up and turned around to face me. I kissed her good night on the cheek and rushed up stairs before she noticed the tent I had begun to pitch in my shorts.

After 6 months of living with my in-laws, our new house was completed and it was time to move into our new home. I really missed the games I played with my mother-in-law after we moved out. It would be a long time before my mother-in-law and I rekindled our fun.

A year after we moved into our new home, my in-laws sold their house and moved to Florida. However, they made sure to visit us a couple of times a year. When they came to visit, they would spend a couple of weeks at out our house. My mother-in-law would make sure to wear semi-revealing night wear after her showers and I made sure to notice and to let her know I noticed. I started flirting with her, telling her the Florida life was good for her. I told her she looked sexy with her bronze skin and I asked if she had any tan lines. She would laugh and say that maybe she would let me find out for myself.

I started to feel brave and one morning, I decided to go for it. At this time, my wife was working morning shifts at the hospital, so she wasn’t home. My father-in-law went out for the day with friends. My mother in law was in the laundry room next to my bedroom. I walked in and told her I was going to take a bath. I made sure to leave my bedroom door open and I closed my bathroom door but didn’t lock it. I filled my tub with water and got in. Then I decided to fake an injury. I was a big fan of wrestling and I loved watching guys get cut open at the head. When the blood mixed with sweat, it got really messy. I took a razor a gave myself a small cut just above my hair line on my forehead. The blood started tricking down and when it mixed with the water from my hair and wet face, it got messy quick. I then proceeded to slam my hand on the vanity and I screamed out loud. I laid down on the floor, grabbed my head and smeared more blood over my face.

My mother-in-law rushed into my bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door asking if I was ok. I said no. I told her I slipped getting out of the tub to get a towel and fell forward and hit my head. I told her I couldn’t get up because I was dizzy and I was bleeding and I needed help. She rushed in and saw me in all my glory on the floor, bleeding from my head. She was shocked. She said she was going to call 911. I told her not to because this was embarrassing and I asked her if she could help me up. She got down and I put my arm around her as she wrapped her arms around me trying to get me to stand up. I pressed my naked body against hers and grabbed her ass as I got up. She was still in her night gown and I knew she had no bra on. I told her I was dizzy and pretending my legs were wobbly.

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When I finally got up, I leaned up against the vanity and stood in front of the vanity door where we kept our towels. I had gotten some of my blood on her night gown and I apologized to her. She said not to worry about it. She had to bend over to the vanity door to get a towel so I took a slight step to the side and faced her so her head was near my cock. I made sure she got a good look. She grabbed 2 towels. One for my head and one for my body. She started to treat my head wound and told me to put pressure on it while she dried me off. She started to wipe the water and blood off my face and chest and started to work her way down as she toweled me off. I apologized again and told her I was so embarrassed. She looked at me and smiled, saying not to worry about it. She still wanted to call 911, but I refused. I asked her not to tell anyone, not even my father-in-law or my wife. I told her I would tell them I slipped and hit my head and thats it. She agreed.

As she continued to work her way down, she said, “hon, I’m going to dry you off down here ok?”

I said ok. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

She smiled. She took hold of my dick and pulled it to one side and towel dried my shaft slowly and gently. I spread my legs a little so she could get my balls too. My heart started beating so fast in my chest. I could believe my cock and balls where in my mother-in-laws hands. I started to grow in her hand. I felt myself blush as I was embarrassed for real. She smiled and looked at me. I apologized and said I couldn’t help it. She joked saying, now she really had to keep my secret. She kept holding my hard cock in her hand as she toweled off my already dry dick even slower that before, so I knew right there she was getting into this. She finally stopped working my stem and worked her way down to the rest of my lower body, including my ass. Finally, she stood up, slowly. I caught her look right at my cock as she got up. “Let me help you to your bed so you can lay down” she said. She put her arm around my waste and I put my had around her waste just above her ass. I walked slow and unsteady so she wouldn’t catch on to what I was doing. She pulled the comforter back propped up pillows.

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“You need to lay down but you can’t fall asleep.”

I asked her if she would stay with me just in case I closed my eyes. She said yes, but she needed to change out of her bloodied nightgown and wash the blood off her hands. I said ok. She went into the bathroom and grabbed the bloody towel and I watched her leave the bedroom. She kept looking back at me and my hard cock since I was above the bed covers. I heard her go into the next room and I heard the hamper close in the laundry area. I heard her walk back and I closed my eyes to pretend I had fallen asleep. She walked by my door. I couldn’t see her because the door is behind my bed and I had my eyes closed. I heard her go into the other bathroom and I heard the door close. Then the shower went on. About 10 minutes later, I heard her call for me, but I didn’t respond. She called again louder, but I ignored her. She came running into my bedroom. I felt her shake me but I didn’t move. She then tried to lift me. I opened my eyes and saw her in just a towel. I pretended to wake up scared and I grabbed the top of her towel and accidentally pulled on it. She stood up as I held onto her towel and it slipped right off her body. There, standing in all her glory, was my naked mother-in-law. I soaked all her naked-ness in with my eyes and looked at her top to bottom. She asked if I was ok.

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“I guess I fell asleep, but I’m OK.” I said.

She just grabbed me and hugged me as I sat on the bed, pressing my head into her naked breasts. I put my arms around her, but since I was sitting, they went around her ass. It felt so good to put my hands on her bare skin. Her nipples were hard against my cheek and I could feel her pubes on my stomach. I leaned forward a bit so my hard cock pressed up against her leg. She looked down at me saying she was in the shower because the blood and water soaked through her nightgown. She was going to get dressed in her room, but when she called out to me and I didn’t respond, she got worried. I apologized again and she just said she was glad I was ok. I asked her to stay with me incase I fell asleep again. She finally looked down and said she needed to get dressed because she was standing in front of me nude. I just looked at her hairy pussy with a big smile and said I didn’t mind and she had seen me naked too so we were even. She laughed and said she could tell I didn’t mind because of the way I was saluting her and she looked down at my shaft. I smiled back. I laid back down and asked her to sit next to me. She said she would, but she wanted to put a bandaid on my head first. She left and came back and leaned over me, her breasts just inches from my face. I put my arm around her and slid my hand down her ass. She looked down with a smirk and asked what I was doing.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it. Seeing you naked is turning me on sooo much.” I replied.

“Is that right?” She asked as she stood up.

“Yes.” I answered and I squeezed her ass hard.

“MMM” she moaned slightly.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Yes, but I don’t think we should do this. We are both married and I couldn’t do anything to hurt my daughter.”

“I understand.” I said, as I held her ass in my hand.

She didn’t move. Then she looked down at my hardness.

“Are you ever going to get soft?” She asked, never taking her eyes of my erection.

“There is no way I am going soft until I take care of this.” I answered as I grabbed hold of my swollen cock.

“Really?” she asked. “You took a nasty fall, maybe I should help you with that, just this once so you don’t over exert yourself. Would you like that?”

My heart skipped a beat and I just nodded yes. I couldn’t believe what she did next. She climbed onto the bed and swung her leg over me so I had a perfect view of her ass. “I hope you don’t mind, but I need to get comfortable.” I said, “No, I don’t mind at all.” She lowered her body so her hairy muff was just barely above my face. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. My mind flashed back to the day my wife told me her mother needed to shave down there and over 10 years later, my mother-in-law’s hairy pussy was inches from my face.

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