The Spanking Cab

“It’s Friday night! Where are all the girls?”

Adam drove around through the bar district as he always did on Friday nights. The cameras were off for now, but he always had them at the ready when he picked up the lucky passengers of the night. He always took one set of passengers and they would find their way to his syndicated television program. There were countless tales of girls telling him to go to hell, or worse, and their getting out of the cab before their ride even began. There were just as many stories of young ladies staying for the ride. Some earned a wad of cash. Some left sporting pink or red bottoms for their trouble. Adam didn’t particularly care how it all ended up. It was the sheer sport of it.

Adam had been a photocopier and office equipment salesman for several years and had become increasingly bored with his life. He sold off his late model sedan and turned it in for a comfortable mini van. Escaping his droll sales job, he worked for a regular cab company. One day when a cute blonde twenty-something student of the University of Toronto hopped in his cab, Adam was struck with a brilliant idea. Adam never knew the student’s name, but he still recalls that it was her ride that inspired his game show.

Reading aloud in the back seat, she was obviously stumped on some questions in the text book she had perched on her lap. Adam asked her what she was stuck on. When it became clear that Adam had a few of the answers she sought out about marketing, he began to quiz her on the subject matter. By the end of the ride, the student expressed her gratitude to Adam for helping her navigate through the enigmatic chapter of her course material. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as she paid her fare and exited the cab.

It took many thousands of dollars in savings to outfit his cab with the lighting and cameras. Adam peered back in his mind at the lanky, unwieldy cameras he used in the cab at first. Now, they were all suitably hidden and much less cumbersome. The lights on the ceiling of his cab were flashier now too.

Adam took on any passenger at first. He asked them questions, gave them token monetary rewards for their efforts, or kicked them out of the cab if they earned three strikes. He filmed a few of the funniest fares and took the tapes to a few Canadian networks and pitched the idea of the Cash Cab. That was the modest beginning of the show and it lasted for several seasons. As the show’s popularity skyrocketed, Adam was given a carte blanche to revolutionize the show.

The trouble was Adam couldn’t come up with anything but a few minor adjustments to the rules. Again, it was a young student at the local University that changed the history of the show.

Adam normally only picked up at least two passengers at the time. By doing that, the two passengers could bounce ideas off one another for the questions and answers. On that Friday night, he spotted Kelly on the corner of Bloor and Danforth. It had been pouring down rain all night long. Kelly was obviously drenched and Adam pulled his van over and reached over to let her in the passenger’s door. Kelly was alarmed when she saw Adam’s door open, but plopped her soggy butt down on the comfortable seat. She explained she didn’t have any money for a cab, but thanked Adam for stopping. She had been waiting for an hour for a friend that never showed up to pick her up.

Kelly then recognized Adam from “that cab game show”. She then offered to play, but since she didn’t feel right for taking any money from him after his kind gesture. Kelly agreed that if she got the right answers to Adam’s questions, she’d accept the free ride home. If she didn’t get them right, she suggested that he give her spankings for her failings. Adam was flabbergasted, but quickly warmed to the idea. I mean, who wouldn’t?

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