The Spanking Cab

“It’s Friday night! Where are all the girls?”

Adam drove around through the bar district as he always did on Friday nights. The cameras were off for now, but he always had them at the ready when he picked up the lucky passengers of the night. He always took one set of passengers and they would find their way to his syndicated television program. There were countless tales of girls telling him to go to hell, or worse, and their getting out of the cab before their ride even began. There were just as many stories of young ladies staying for the ride. Some earned a wad of cash. Some left sporting pink or red bottoms for their trouble. Adam didn’t particularly care how it all ended up. It was the sheer sport of it.

Adam had been a photocopier and office equipment salesman for several years and had become increasingly bored with his life. He sold off his late model sedan and turned it in for a comfortable mini van. Escaping his droll sales job, he worked for a regular cab company. One day when a cute blonde twenty-something student of the University of Toronto hopped in his cab, Adam was struck with a brilliant idea. Adam never knew the student’s name, but he still recalls that it was her ride that inspired his game show.

Reading aloud in the back seat, she was obviously stumped on some questions in the text book she had perched on her lap. Adam asked her what she was stuck on. When it became clear that Adam had a few of the answers she sought out about marketing, he began to quiz her on the subject matter. By the end of the ride, the student expressed her gratitude to Adam for helping her navigate through the enigmatic chapter of her course material. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as she paid her fare and exited the cab.

It took many thousands of dollars in savings to outfit his cab with the lighting and cameras. Adam peered back in his mind at the lanky, unwieldy cameras he used in the cab at first. Now, they were all suitably hidden and much less cumbersome. The lights on the ceiling of his cab were flashier now too.

Adam took on any passenger at first. He asked them questions, gave them token monetary rewards for their efforts, or kicked them out of the cab if they earned three strikes. He filmed a few of the funniest fares and took the tapes to a few Canadian networks and pitched the idea of the Cash Cab. That was the modest beginning of the show and it lasted for several seasons. As the show’s popularity skyrocketed, Adam was given a carte blanche to revolutionize the show.

The trouble was Adam couldn’t come up with anything but a few minor adjustments to the rules. Again, it was a young student at the local University that changed the history of the show.

Adam normally only picked up at least two passengers at the time. By doing that, the two passengers could bounce ideas off one another for the questions and answers. On that Friday night, he spotted Kelly on the corner of Bloor and Danforth. It had been pouring down rain all night long. Kelly was obviously drenched and Adam pulled his van over and reached over to let her in the passenger’s door. Kelly was alarmed when she saw Adam’s door open, but plopped her soggy butt down on the comfortable seat. She explained she didn’t have any money for a cab, but thanked Adam for stopping. She had been waiting for an hour for a friend that never showed up to pick her up.

Kelly then recognized Adam from “that cab game show”. She then offered to play, but since she didn’t feel right for taking any money from him after his kind gesture. Kelly agreed that if she got the right answers to Adam’s questions, she’d accept the free ride home. If she didn’t get them right, she suggested that he give her spankings for her failings. Adam was flabbergasted, but quickly warmed to the idea. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Kelly proved up to the challenge. She only got two questions wrong on her entire ride across town. She lived up to her end of the bargain and climbed over Adam’s lap in the back seat. She took fifty swats over her soaking wet jean shorts in that back seat. Leaving behind a wet mark on Adam’s slacks, she gave him a big hug and went inside and out of his life.

Adam still credits Kelly with the idea for what came next.

Adam spotted them. Three girls stood out front of a night club. The sounds of the partying inside were diminishing as last call grew closer. Each of the girls were scantily clad, obviously inebriated beyond belief, and ready to get their cute little butts home to bed. All three would end up with painful hangovers on Saturday morning.

Adam asked the three girls where they were going. Two of them lived on campus and were going to the dorm. Their slightly older friend, a senior at the U of T, was living off campus in her own home. They would be making two stops.

Then the lights on the ceiling went off.

Adam – “You’re on the Cash Cab. It’s a game show that goes on right in my cab. I ask you questions and if you get them right, you get cash. If not, well, I climb in the back seat and spank you for getting them wrong. You get a free ride home and a chance to make some money. Are you in?”

The three girls looked upon each other with strange looks on their faces. This was always the do or die moment for Adam. Some girls were so freaked out by the idea, they would call him every name in the book, threaten to call the cops, or even resorted to bitch slapping him from the back seat. The obviously older and more mature friend whispered to her friends in a makeshift huddle. Giggling was soon heard from the huddle of the girls.

Girl 1 – “Ok buddy. We’ll take your ride and accept your rules. We’re all students though. We might do pretty well and you’ll be out a lot of cash.”

Adam – “Oh that’s fine. I take in anyone that needs a ride. Maybe you’ll all get home unscathed. Maybe not. Why don’t you introduce yourselves first?”

Girl3- “I’m Tanya.”

Girl2 – “I’m Becka.”

Girl1 – “And I’m Veronica.”

Tanya was a petite girl in her early twenties. She was studying to be an urban planner and was specializing in civil engineering. Tanya was a tiny girl that wore a just as tiny miniskirt and matching blouse. Becka was best described as voluptuous. Her low cut tank top did not nothing to conceal the cleft of her ample breasts. Her tight fitting capris pants exaggerated the curves of her backside. Becka was a music student. Veronica was the pearl of the three. Where Tanya was petite….where Becka was voluptuous….Veronica was petite and voluptuous in all the right places. Wearing a black t shirt and tiny cut off jean shorts, Adam was constantly peeking in the rear view mirror to get a glimpse of her. Adam was surprised when Veronica was often caught looking back to meet his gaze. Veronica studied General Arts and didn’t major in anything particular or specific. She considered herself a ….student of life.

Adam explained the rules. Many simpler questions were first asked that all three of the drunken girls were still able to answer with ease. Adam didn’t expect them to get the capital of Argentina (Buenos Aires), the language of a Pacific Isle (with eight consonants and five vowels – Hawaiian), or the location of the largest building in the world (Dubai, UAE).

He did prove to stump them on a few obscure questions. At one stage, Adam was certain that he spotted a knowing gleam in Veronica’s eyes when she went along with her drunken friends suggestions for answers that proved wrong. When Adam told them they were wrong, Veronica actually winked at Adam in the rear view mirror.

When they finally got to the dorm for Tanya and Becka, the three girls split $300. Not bad for a free cab ride. However, they owed Adam 25 spanks for an incorrect 25 dollar question. They owed Adam 50 spanks for an incorrect 50 dollar question. They owed Adam 200 spanks for TWO incorrect 100 dollar questions both of which Adam was convinced Veronica knew the answer to.

Adam – “You girls aren’t going to back out on this are you?”

Tanya – “I haven’t been spanked since I was six. I dunno.”

Becka – “Yeah it’s kinda embarrassing. I’m drunk, but I’m not THAT drunk. I’m not sure about this now.”

Veronica – “Oh cmon girls. We’re gonna take his three hundred bucks aren’t we? We all know we can use the money. Maybe we’ll go out tomorrow night on his dime. And spanking isn’t all that bad. It’s kinda nice. Charlie used to spank me from time to time. Besides, Adam’s a cutie isn’t he?”

The girls hemmed and hawed for another minute or so, but Veronica was a very persuasive friend. In the end, Tanya agreed to take 20 smacks on her bare bottom from Adam. She was the most reluctant of the three girls and had obviously sobered quite a bit over this predicament. Becka agreed to take forty, but wouldn’t take off her pants. She seemed a bit conscious of her weight, but Adam wasn’t going to turn this opportunity down. Veronica….well Veronica agreed to take the rest. If anything, she seemed eager.

Adam climbed into the back seat and passed Tanya and Veronica in the middle bench seat. He climbed into the back with Becka. She seemed the most skittish of the three hellions and thought it would be best to get that spanking over with.

Adam – “Okie dokie Becka. You first. I think I better give you one last chance to bow out though. You really don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. You’ll miss your chance to get on TV though.”

Adam pointed at the tiny lens in three places in the cab capturing every angle and perspective in the back of the cab.

Becka – “We’re being televised? ON TV, tv? Oh shit. I dunno about this. What if my parents saw this?”

Adam – “That’s up to you. And all of you too. Maybe your parents would just get a good laugh over it though.”

Becka – “Or maybe they’ll cut off my tuition for the year if they found out I’m getting drunk on Friday nights and getting spanked by strangers in their cab?”

Adam – “That’s up to you Becka. Tell you what. I’ll close my eyes. If I hear the door open and you girls leave, then so be it. If you’re still here though, you’re all getting what’s coming to you.”

Adam sat back in the bench seat. He raised his arms and put his hands behind his head. He waited patiently. Adam could feel Becka lean forward and first thought she was getting out right then and there. She made no move to leave, however, and he heard the muted whispers of the three girls talking amongst themselves.

Moments of grueling silence ensued and Adam just smiled mischievously to himself. He knew they weren’t going to leave him high and dry. At least, he hoped they wouldn’t.

Adam suddenly felt someone lying over his lap. Becka had crawled over him and rested her body over his lap.

Adam – “Want me to keep my eyes shut?”

Becka giggled and told him no.

Becka – “Besides you might miss and hit something the wrong way. Maybe my tail bone.”

Adam reached out and grasped her rounded cheeks through the tight fitting, skin tight Capris pants. He patted the bulbous cheeks and gave them a good squeeze.

Adam – “I have impeccable aim.”

Becka laughed out loud and her previous hesitation seemed to evaporate. Adam wondered if Veronica had convinced her friends to live up to their end of the bargain.

Adam raised his hand and came down with a series of four love patts on Becka’s ample bottom. Adam could swear he witnessed a visible bounce through the very tight cotton pants. In this light, he wasn’t sure. Surely, it wasn’t possible was it?

Becka stayed still and said nothing. From his vantage point, he couldn’t see the ear to ear grin slowly curling on the face of the voluptuous student.

Becka – “You can do better than that, cantcha? You aren’t a wimp are you Adam?”

Adam was alarmed, yet encouraged, by the previously reluctant Becka.

Adam – “A wimp am I? Perhaps we should get those pants down and I’ll show you how much of a wimp I am.”

Becka – “Hmm….not yet. Show me what you can do through those pants first.”

Adam wound up and let his hand come down in a series of four more thunderous claps. This time he was convinced he saw the ebb and flow of Becka’s bountiful buttocks. It was quite a vision and one he would treasure for years to come.

Becka – “Yesss. Now I think we’re getting our money’s worth! And here I thought you were a wimp. I guess I was ALL wrong.”

Adam – “You ain’t seen nuthin yet toots. Shall we just do the whole thing and get it over with now? Seems you were in a hurry to get upstairs and sleep this one off.”

Becka – “Maybe I’m not in as much of a hurry as I once thought. Maybe I have had second thoughts.”

Adam – “Second thoughts about what Becka?”

Becka – “Second thoughts about not being fair about this spanking. Maybe I’m getting away with something the other girls aren’t going to. I mean Veronica’s in deep shit here when you get your hands on her.”

Adam – “She can always back out too. This is a voluntary opportunity.”

Becka – “Then….I think it’s only fair that I volunteer to do this.”

With that, Becka reached back and under herself. Removing the clasp at the front of her tight pants, Adam knew what was supposed to happen next. While Becka pulled her hands up and under her head and rested on her hands piled on top of one another, Adam worked the tight fitting pants over her generous bottom.

Adam was in awe as he soon realized the naughty girl wasn’t wearing anything but a tiny black satin thong. The sheer material barely covered her privatest of private parts and Becka wiggled her larger than average bottom invitingly over Adam’s lap.

“What an infernal brat,” Adam thought, “and here I thought she was the one that was going to bring an end to all of this.”

Adam decided to spare no mercy on this wanton minx. He raised his large palm in the air and let it come down on her bottom for the remainder of her sentence. Adam made sure he covered every heavenly inch of her bottom in the course of the remaining swats. He unwittingly licked his lips as his strong hand firmly landed on Becka’s bouncy bum another thirty or more times. Adam lost count, but Becka didn’t seem to mind a few extra swats between them. While she wiggled and squirmed and shouted out a few profane objections, Adam was certain much of the feigned act was simply entertainment.

Adam was entertained too as she reached back and tugged her tight fitting capris pants over her bottom. Becka winced as she closed the clasp of her skin tight pants and pulled herself up on his lap. Giving Adam a big hug, she landed her now sore bottom on the seat beside him. Adam turned his gaze to the petite Tanya.

Tanya bit her lip as she saw Adam move around the bench and sit between the two girls positioned there.

Adam – “Last chance Tanya. Want to be on tv?”

Tanya – “I’d be a real bitch if I didn’t go through with it now. For my friend’s sake alone. Look what you did to Becka.”

Adam – “Doesn’t mean you still don’t have a choice.”

Tanya – “A promise is a promise. I’ll do it.”

With that, the delicate girl climbed over Adam’s lap. When she reached out, Veronica clasped Tanya’s hands in her own. Adam was promised a bare bottom punishment of twenty swats. Reaching down, he lifted up the mini skirt and exposed her beautiful heart shaped bottom. Adam smiled as he peeked at her pink “Hello Kitty” panties. Tanya was overdoing the “cute” perhaps, but he was enamored with the effectiveness of her ensemble. Tanya bashfully squirmed on his lap knowing he knew that secret about her. Her blushing commenced as Adam wiggled his fingers under the waist band of her pink panties and slowly eased them over her perfect bottom.

Adam marveled at the perfection of the female form. He’d seen a lot of bottoms, perhaps dozens, in the last year or so. Tanya’s was one of the best. Adam was always a bit concerned about hurting such a delicate girl as Tanya though. She simply had very little meat to her bottom. He would have to be very careful in his aim during the next twenty swats of delight.

Adam looked up to the camera and smiled hungrily. Winking into the lens, he lifted his hand.

With each stroke of his palm on the slight bottom of Tanya, Adam paused a moment to rub out the agony of the spank. And with every spank, a mouse-like squeak came from the petite girl. Both Adam and Veronica giggled for the first few swats when Tanya let out the adorable sound. Adam’s gaze was diverted from the perfect bottom perched on his lap as he collided with Veronica. Veronica held onto Tanya’s hands tightly as each swat filled the cab with the sound of punishment.

Adam was quickly convincing himself that Veronica didn’t see this as punishment. When it came down to it, none of the girls probably did. Adam surely didn’t. It was fun, if not ludicrous, in this day and age. It was mischief, and good mischief, but for Veronica it was something more than that. She squirmed in her seat as she watched Adam spank her mini-friend. Adam saw the bead of perspiration appear on the brow of the older student sitting beside him. He saw the glimmer in her eye sending him a secret message.

Veronica had mentioned a Charlie, in the past tense, and Adam let an image of a young student spanking Veronica in the buff. He imagined the red bottom of Veronica. He imagined the lovemaking that must have ensued after the brief interlude of spanking. Adam imagined this was a form of passionate foreplay for Veronica. Maybe he was right.

With the twentieth swat on Tanya’s bare bum, she looked up at Veronica. Craning her neck so she could meet her friend’s eyes, she almost whispered.

Tanya – “I could take a few more so you aren’t so sore Via. It wasn’t so bad after all.”

Tanya’s awkward smile up at her friend was legendary. Adam would never forget that. It was captured in his brain and his lustful memory forever.

Veronica – “Nah. A deal is a deal. Adam will give me a ride home and I’ll make due for the rest. We’ll see if he is as good as Charlie was.”

Veronica let go of Tanya’s hands. Tanya pouted. She actually POUTED. It was such a beautiful curve of her lips. Both Adam and Veronica wanted to give in to the manipulative waif of a girl, but Veronica wouldn’t have it. Veronica squeezed over Adam’s lap and landed in Tanya’s still bare lap. Giving her a big hug, she planted a kiss on Tanya’s lips.

Adam sat there slack jawed as the two students put on a show for the cab driver. Their lips met and moved apart several times in the thirty seconds of the surreal moment that stood still. Veronica and Tanya closed their eyes as their tongues tickled each other and their hands roamed up and down each other’s backs.

As they pulled away, both of the girls giggled as they caught the stare of the dazed cab driver. Adam pulled himself out of the mesmerizing spell and attempted to save face to no avail.

Becka – “What am I chopped liver? Don’t I get a good night kiss too?”

Veronica – “Of course you do sweet cheeks. I’m sure Adam doesn’t mind does he?”

Adam – “uhhhhh…”

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