The SEx Slave Wives Club

Geoff Brinks loved to have his wife at his beck and call sexually; Sally Brinks loved being used as a whore and the sluttier the better as far as she was concerned; in fact that was part of her attraction to her husband of five years. To maintain the status quo of the home Geoff had been searching new bondage devices and wear on the internet.

A neighbour some five houses away; called Steve Lanarks and his wife of three years; Susie, was also happy with their arrangements as he truly was the master of the house and she was his personal sex slave. He too was searching for BDSM items on the internet. Both Logged into a sex shop in a local town some 100 miles away and both ordered their items.

Geoff and Sally had ordered a latex maids uniform with detachable bra cups; nipple clamps; and static charger sticks. Steve and Susie chose to order a yoke bar; handcuffs; large butt plugs and knotted dildo’s. Now the trouble began when the company mis-routed their orders to the others addresses; all hell broke loose when the irate husbands demanded to know what had happened to their proper order. The hapless flustered salesgirl happened to blurt out to Geoff that his order had gone to a different address just five houses away from his own.

That was bad enough but to compound matters the same hapless girl told Steve his order was at Geoff’s house and gave him that address. For some reason the company then declared that they knew nothing of the mix up and could not verify where the missing orders were.

Now Geoff not being afraid of anything marched round to Steve’s home and politely asked if he had received an incorrect order from an internet company. A shaken Steve blurted out yeah but how the hell did you know. When Geoff explained he had received the order that should have gone to Steve; both of them realised that they shared a common interest and taking a chance Steve invited Geoff into his home.

Susie suddenly appeared at the door way and turned and fled as she was wearing her normal attire for a night at home; namely stockings and little else. Geoff wolf whistled letting out of the bag that he had seen her and suddenly feeling sorry for the distress his whistle had caused Steve he took a risk and invited him and his wife to come over to his home right now.

He hinted he had a great idea which could be to their mutual interest and if all agreed who knew where it could lead to. Steve yelled out to Susie to get some clothes on as they were going ou in five minutes; but Geoff whispered that his own wife Sally would be similarly attired at home why not just get Susie to put on an overcoat and let them meet on mutual grounds; while we discussed the idea the two women could swap experiences and stories.

Intrigued Geoff suddenly called out for Susie not to bother getting dressed and instead just to put an over coat on. Then the three of them walked over to Geoff’s house and both carried the boxed mixed up deliveries. Poor Susie was shocked and could not help but wonder what would befall her when they arrived where they were going; however the fact Geoff had acknowledged seeing her near naked and now this exploit into the unknown, her cunt was bubbling like an open bottle of champagne.

Arriving at Geoff’s home he let himself in without ceremony and Sally wearing her hands in handcuffs behind her back came into the hallway; her naked breasts and cunt clearly on view. Almost running straight into Steve she suddenly panicked and tried to back track but Geoff seizing the authority told her to stand still. Knowing better than to disobey him she froze; Steve turned and introduced Susie by telling her to drop the coat, again knowing punishment would follow her refusing a command she reluctantly dropped the coat where she stood.

By :niteowluk2003

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