The Sex Journey of Mine

My wife Penny and I married young. We met attending a vocational school. After graduation she got a job at a beauty salon as a hair stylist. I landed a great job working for a heating and cooling company.

After about three years of renting an apartment we bought our first place. It was a small two bedroom condo bottom floor.

Life was great we were happy. Our sex life was good but could have been better. Penny is gorgeous but was raised very conservatively. She is about 5’6” with reddish auburn colored hair. She is very pretty with amazing green eyes and a slight dusting of freckles that give her that girl next door look.

She has a great body that she keeps very toned with regular workouts. She has medium sized firm breast with flat abs and an ass to die for. I was always in a state of arousal being around her. Unfortunately, sexual spontaneity wasn’t her strong suit.

Sex for us was a nighttime activity with the lights off. We had sex a couple times a week almost in a scripted fashion. I loved giving oral sex, Penny not so much. She would do it a little but nothing more than a few kisses and licks.

I tried to get Penny to drink a little wine to maybe loosen her up a little. But she didn’t want to drink any alcohol.

To make matters worse for the longest time I had always been a voyeur. I can remember spying on my parents having sex. My older sister and a few different boyfriends. I even was able to spy on my neighbors sometime growing. Each instance turned me on and led to some great self pleasuring.

So it wasn’t a stretch for my over active sexual imagination to fantasize about other men fucking my Penny.

I would often point out guys checking her out and she would blow it off. My hopes of getting turned on by it died.

Things began to change after the older lady that lived above us moved away. A short time later a moving truck pulled up.

The new owner was a guy named Tim. He was in his late forties and single. I gave him a hand carrying some of his things up to his place. We shared a couple beers afterwards and I learned he had divorced a few years back.

Penny got home while we were sitting on the stairs. I introduced her to Tim. He stood and shook her hand holding it a little longer than she felt comfortable with.

She quickly welcomed him and went inside to our place. The flush of her cheeks was something new for her when meeting someone else.

After she was inside Tim complimented me on having such a pretty wife. I thanked him and my mind started to wander a little down that familiar path of sexual fantasy.

Tim is taller than I am by at least a half foot. He is about 6’4” with a lean muscular build. He has dark hair wit a touch of grey. I guess you would say he had rugged good looks. Complete with tattoos on his arms and calves.

That night we Penny and I made love and she seemed more turned on than usual. She came a lot sooner than she normally does. I wondered if our new neighbor had anything to do with her heightened state of arousal.

It wasn’t long after Tim moved in he started to entertain lady friends. We would often hear him fucking the hell out of his guests.

When I mentioned to Penny one day that Tim was a regular Cassanova. She snapped that he was just using those women.

I didn’t want to get into an argument but my thought was that those women sure liked being used by the sounds of it.

Our sex life got a little more strained because now Penny would only have sex if Tim was out at night. So we were down to one night a week.

While Tim was fucking two three different woman every week. It was driving me crazy. It was also affecting Penny. Sometimes late at night when Tim was banging out a round two.

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