The Queen and her Knight

“You, Serf! Obey your Queen when she speaks to you!” Said the Queen, clad in the richest red silk and black leathers, arranged in a very prestigious dress, intimidating and beautiful in one stroke. She bore an imperial presence, she had a voice which when heard was to be obeyed immediately, those who suffered her whims later spoke that it felt as if you were compelled to do so, magically almost.

She kicked at a young man in what might have been, black polished armor ringed in silver and sapphire, far too fancy to be a serf’s attire, but she wasn’t in the mood to discriminate, a man was to obey her no matter who he was, and those who didn’t, were kicked to the side and forced.

She threatened to kick again, but the man looked up and gazed directly into her ice blue eyes with his own, of steel blue reflecting strength harder than the ice that she was made of herself. She froze and the young man rose to his feet again, always staying in eye contact.

“I am not your Serf yet, Milady. Instead, a Knight from a far off land, seeking amnesty and work under you. But I have this to say, I shall not be kicked, and you cannot boss me around so, I am not your Knight yet, and even then, I am not your Toy.”
The Knight with eyes of Blue told her sternly with a set face, only his eyes twinkled the smile he kept hidden.

“My name is Leon of the Obsidian Knights, once of the Kingdom Griffin, but no longer, the Queen had grown apart, and I refused the abuse.. I seek to enter your service young Queen, I hear you have not yet a Knight, so I pledge myself to you if you will accept my Word.”

The Queen, unused to anyone standing up to her, to anyone coming at her as an Equal.. Parts infuriated, intrigued, and Spellbound.. she snapped out of her trance and stated simply. “I accept.. Knight of my Own, now come to my keep.. There must be some way we can get you; Clean and Satisfied?” She said this last word with more than a hint of amusement, and a great deal of a more carnal thing.. Hunger.

Taking his hand in her own, the Queen took Leon into her luminous castle of the purest marble, blood red banners dripped from the towers, however, giving the appearance as of a predator with great red eyes. Leon ignored this of course, too entranced by his new Queen, his self control wearing down, his resistance to her spell diminishing.

Her blond tresses seemed golden in her hall as she led him beyond the dining room to the baths. Soft light gathered in the recesses of the baths, smoothest stone inset springs, warm water ever bubbling in, the steam, the heat, seemed so inviting.

“Now strip, so that we may… Get you clean.” Said she.
Leon sputtered at this, “Strip I will, but by your hands? Surely some serving maid can assist me, my Queen is too delicate for this work.”
She flashed a wicked smile at the word “delicate” and replied with a chiding tone, “Now now, I will not have my Knight cleaned by any such low wench. Now let’s devoid us of that armor.”

She peeled off his black lacquered armor piece by piece, and later his padded clothes, delighting in every patch of bare skin she uncovered. As she got to his pants however, he stopped her, embarrassed. “Queen, this is not appropiate!” he pleaded.
“Truly, you’re getting in my way, we must have every inch of you clean.”
She ripped off his pants, a little harder than she meant to as they tore at the seam and came off completely. “Oops, now you’ll be lacking pants.. What a shame.” She spoke drolly, laughing lightly, like that of a clear bell, beautiful to behold.

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